Are Your Sleeknote Campaigns Affecting Your Page Load?

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • Why is a fast page load important.
  • What Sleeknote does for faster page load.
  • What you can do to make your campaigns load faster.

 Are Your Sleeknote Campaigns Affecting Your Page Load?

New customers joining Sleeknote are often skeptical of the campaigns adding extra load time to their websites.

According to research conducted by Nielsen Norman Group, advertisement tools that affect the page load are perceived as one of the most negative attributes to websites.

We understand that this is a REALLY BIG deal and therefore take a strict stand in this situation. To start this lesson clearly – we at Sleeknote do everything in our power to minimize the effect of the page load of your website.

How can we make you confident in that? Let’s have a closer look.

Sleeknote Ensuring Fast Page Load

We use four different features to make sure your Sleeknote campaigns do NOT add unnecessary load time to your websites. Those are:

  1. Asynchronous and delayed loading
  2. Content Delivery Network
  3. Minified CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  4. We serve our content with HTTP/2, which is more efficient than its previous version

We at Sleeknote, know that the website itself is the most important thing, therefore we delay loading our scripts until the website itself is done loading. Asynchronous loading makes sure that when your Sleeknote campaign loads, it will never block anything else from loading.

A content delivery network is a network of servers from multiple data centers all around the world. When using these servers, a cached version of the website’s content is stored in multiple geographical locations around the world. This allows the script of your Sleeknote campaigns to load faster no matter where in the world you operate.

If you are active in Asia, the content will be loaded from an Asian server, if you are in Europe it will be loaded from a European server and so on.

Now we get to the third feature – minified CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. In order to explain how the minified version of these languages works, I chose to tell you about CSS. CSS is a language that describes the style of an HTML. It usually contains spacing, indentation, lines, and comments. The minified version of this language removes exactly those elements from the CSS file. The same principle applies to minified HTML and Javascript. This action also contributes to the faster loading of the content on the website.

Finally, we utilize the newest version of the HTTP protocol to serve our content, called HTTP/2 The main goal of this new version of a cornerstone of the internet was to increase the load speed of websites by eliminating overhead. In short, HTTP/2 has been implemented in all browsers since early 2016.

Sleeknote and Google PageSpeed Insights

But hold on Katarina…. How come that I ran my page through Google PageSpeed Insights and the name Sleeknote is appearing?

Don’t worry there is an explanation for that! Google PageSpeed and similar tools cannot always discern how a particular command is used. Document.write, for instance, shouldn’t be used to place javascript on your site, but our use of it to place HTML and CSS in the Sleekboxes iframe is another case entirely. They simply see the command and therefore, false positives can occur.

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There are a couple more things you can do to make your load time faster. A good idea would be to not implement multiple images to your campaign. We also recommend the image size to be maximum of 250kb.

We understand how important the loading speed of the content on your website is. So one more time! We do everything possible to make sure that Sleeknote does negatively affect the load time of your website.

We use asynchronous loading, content delivery network, minified CSS, HTML and JavaScript, and we serve our content with HTTP/2 to ensure that your campaign is implemented to your website as smooth as possible.

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