How and Why Should You Use an Integration

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Have you read the email service that you are using in the list I just mentioned? Then it’s easy peasy!

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Why is email integration important.

Which email integrations does Sleeknote operate with.

How to implement an email integration to your campaign.

How and Why Should You Use an Integration

Email integration allows your company to combine your email system to Sleeknote. This will give you the opportunity to synchronize data collected through your Sleeknote campaigns, with your email system.

The main benefit that email integration gives you is in regards to automation. It will make any email automation you have more efficient and it will save you a lot of manual work.

So let’s have a look at how email integration can be set up with your campaigns.

Integration with Sleeknote

Once you are all done with your campaign design, the integration with your favorite email software can be set up in the setting part of the campaign creation.

Sleeknote gives you different integration options. These are Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Smartweb, Apsis, HeyLoyalty, Peytz, Ubivox, and eMailPlatform. If you don’t use any of these, a custom integration can typically be made to whatever system you might be using.

Have you read the email service that you are using in the list I just mentioned? Then it’s easy peasy!

Setting up Your Integration

We will go step by step on how an integration can be arranged in the settings. Imagine that you are using MailChimp as your email software and you want to integrate it with your campaign. You simply click on the MailChimp icon.

Here you can fill out the MailChimp API key, and voila! Your integration is loaded.

Pretty easy right? No matter if you work with HubSpot, Apsis, Campaign Monitor or any other email system that we operate with, you will follow the same principle.

Storing of Your Data

For security reasons, we only store data regarding your leads for three months. In this period, you can at any point download a CSV file with this data. However, storing data in such a way is not a very efficient way of working. Automation is much less effective if you do not use an integration, and I bet you don’t want to spend your time constantly downloading files and having a bunch of CSV files with your leads stored in your computer. So it is truly important to set up some type of email integration.

Custom Integration

If you use a different email service provider, you can select a custom integration. To set up a custom integration, you need to define what data you want to send and which system you want to send the data to.

This is done by filling up two fields – entering customer integration URL and the POST or GET request.

Another way around this is to go through Zapier. Zapier is a service that will integrate your web applications together. It is in a way the “middleman” between your applications. But this is an important topic to discuss in detail, so I will create a separate lesson on how to integrate with Zapier.


Using email integration brings a lot of benefits to your company, and makes it much easier to keep track of your leads. Having a set database with personal data of your subscribers will also help many security issues.

Email services also take care of tasks such as removing unsubscribed leads and creating a statistical performance of your email campaigns.

I hope that you know how to integrate your email system to Sleeknote, and see the importance of this task.

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