How to Best Use the Unlinking Elements Feature

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • How does style inheritance work.
  • How to unlink element between mobile and desktop SleekBoxes in our editor.
  • How unlinking elements looks in practice.

How to Best Use the Unlinking Elements Feature

Do you have a running SleekBox for desktop, and want to adapt it to mobile with small changes without having to create a new campaign from scratch? No problem!

We make this process easy for you. You can make changes between the devices by unlinking elements in the editor and breaking the link between element styles.

In this article, I will show you how this is done in the editor.

Style Inheritance

When working with desktop SleekBoxes, elements will automatically inherit styles onto the related elements on mobile. This means that if you change the background element on your desktop SleekBox, it will automatically be changed on mobile as well.

In many cases, long texts and pictures from desktop SleekBoxes do not work well on mobile. Therefore we give you the option of unlinking elements and adapting your SleekBox for mobile in a better way.

Let me show you how this can be done on one of our templates. This is desktop SleekBox for collecting leads.

Style Inheritance

Imagine that you want to make the message on mobile shorter. First, you click on the text element and then drag your mouse to the top right corner. Simply press on the unlink button and style changes will only be applied to the currently active element.

Style Inheritance 2

You can change the content of the text message to fit your mobile campaign, while still keeping the base from your desktop SleekBox.

Once the element is unlinked and adjusted, the changes only apply to where they have been done. You can see that the text on the mobile SleekBox is now shorter than on desktop.

Style Inheritance 2

Unlinking Elements in Practice

This the desktop SleekBox of a car retailer ALD carmarket. You can see that is is quite rich with the elements.

Unlinking Elements in Practice

They have decided to slightly change the message to mobile, to better fit the smaller screen space. Therefore, the background image has been deleted and the container has been unlinked.

Unlinking Elements in Practice 2

We allow you to unlink any element, which gives you the freedom to best implement the campaign or SleekBox on your website.

If you want to delete an element which is used on both desktop and mobile SleekBox, you will have to make sure to delete them separately.

If the message differs greatly from desktop to mobile, we encourage you to create separate SleekBoxes for both. This will make it easier to keep track of which message is working.

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Before activating your SleekBoxes we always encourage you to go over the design of both your desktop and mobile SleekBox. Make sure they look exactly the way you imagined them to. This will help to avoid any unwanted elements appearing on one or the other.

That was quite easy, wasn’t it? We try to make the editor as user-friendly as possible and give you space to create truly original SleekBoxes for both desktop and mobile.

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