How to Choose the Best Fitting Template for Your Campaign

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • How to choose the most optimal template for your campaign.
  • Which templates can you start your campaign with.
  • How to work with Sleeknote templates in the editor.
  • How much freedom do you have regarding your campaign design.

How to Choose the Best Fitting Template for Your Campaign

Having an exact vision of how your campaign should be designed is not as simple as one thinks. One can have an idea of what the campaign should contain, however when it comes to design it is always nice to see some previous pieces of work for inspiration.

We understand that starting a new campaign may be overwhelming, therefore we have prepared many templates for you to get your journey started as smoothly as possible. So let’s look into those!

Choosing a Template Based on Your Aim

After choosing the aim of your campaign in our editor you will be welcomed by our many templates. These templates are ready to be implemented to your website or can be used as an inspiration for the creation of your own template.

It all depends on how much time you have for the design.

Let’s, for example, imagine that the Easter holidays are approaching and I want to increase my product sales. I am new to Sleeknote and am not exactly sure how I want my campaign to look. Since I know my aim, I choose the megaphone icon representing increasing product sales.

Choosing a Template Based on Your Aim

Here, I can find 30+ templates as a starting point for my campaign creation. They come in different sizes, shapes, elements, colors, with background or regular images and much more.

Themed Templates

After browsing through them I have two options. I can either choose one of the templates as my starting point or start from scratch with my own.

Themed Templates

If I choose one of the already existing templates I will still be able to customize any element on it. Let’s imagine that I like how the spring template is structured but I want to add my own picture to it and change its color. No problem! You can do all the adjustments you need and change or add any new elements that our editor provides. We at Sleeknote give you all the freedom to come up with your own content creation.

Blank Templates

Another way how you can start your campaign design is to choose one of the blank templates. This is your blank canvas. We provide the basic structure of Sleekboxes for you but it is completely up to you to start your campaign from scratch. After choosing one of these templates, you will be given guidance on where to put which elements.

Blank Templates

No matter whether you choose to work with one of our existing templates or decide to go with the blank template, you have all the freedom to unleash the creative you.

With all four goal categories, you are able to adjust both the SleekBox and the teaser of your campaign. If your goal is to collect leads, you are also given the option of a multistep campaign.

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Remember to first think about the aim of your campaign. Depending on what you want to achieve, the content on the templates and the layout of the elements will vary.

Navigation campaigns will probably ask for a more simple design, whereas newsletter promotions can be more advanced to give the users a better deal.

It is completely up to your imagination how your campaign will look, you are allowed to change pretty much anything your heart desires.

If you find yourself in the situation where you just simply don’t have the time for designing and maintaining your campaigns, but still want to implement Sleeknote to your site, no worries at all! For those of you that are short on time, we provide managed solution, where we do all the work for you! Feel free to contact us if you want more information regarding our help.

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