How to Create Campaigns with Discount Codes

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • Why are discount codes beneficial?
  • How can discount codes be implemented in your campaigns.
  • How to approach your visitors with discount codes.

How to Create Campaigns with Discount Codes

One of the most common reasons why customers use Sleeknote campaigns is to collect information regarding their leads. Personal information is however very valuable. Therefore, incentives are often used as an exchange for the visitor’s personal information.

One of the factors to motivate your visitors to engage with your campaign are discount codes. In today’s lesson, we will look precisely at how to best implement them to your campaigns.

The Ways of Implementing Discount Codes

You can give a discount code to your visitors that interact with your Sleeknote campaign in multiple ways. The most common way is by sending them a welcome email with the discount code. Another way is to provide the discount code to your visitors directly during their campaign engagement. This gives them easier access to the promotional code, as they don’t have to go back and forth in between your website and their email account. And this is exactly the technique we will have a closer look at today!

You can implement a discount code directly to your campaign in two ways. The first and easiest way is to just add it to the content of your campaign.

The Ways of Implementing Discount Codes

So let’s see how that can look in practice. By Ravn has added their promotional code right under the header on the SleekBox. The pitfall of this technique is the fact that the code is available for anyone who sees the campaign, without giving personal information in exchange.

The other way of providing a promotional tool is by implementing it to the success step of your campaign. The success step is most often used for saying a thank you to the visitors for submitting their information, for confirming a subscription or in our case today, giving the visitors a promo code. One of our customers using this technique is called House of Kids.

With this use, the visitor will be given the code after the input fields your campaign contains are filled out and submitted. Once the click to action is pressed, the visitor will be welcomed with your promotional code.

The Ways of Implementing Discount Codes 2

The last thing we will go through today is to briefly show you how to set this up in our editor.

Setting Up a Discount Code in the Editor

Let’s imagine that I have an email collecting campaign running on my website. I have chosen one of our Sleeknote templates and adapted it to my needs and the design of my company.

Setting Up a Discount Code in the Editor

Instead of sending out an email to my visitors with the discount code, I want to give them the access to it right after filling out their name and email information.

So after finalizing my campaign design, I move on to the success step.

Setting Up a Discount Code in the Editor 2

I simply add a text field with the active code and voila! We are good to go!

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From our experience, we know that using incentives is a great way to nudge your visitors into filling out their personal information.

Discount code is of course, not the only form of motivation for your visitors, there are many ways to go around this. A discount code can, however, be considered a fast benefit, as it is given to the user the moment they interact with your campaign and can be immediately used when making a purchase.

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