How to Engage with Your Visitors in the Success Step

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • Why it is important to engage with your visitors after they fill out your campaign.
  • How the success step works in practice.
  • How to adjust the success step in our editor.

How to Engage with Your Visitors in the Success Step

Having a well designed SleekBox to catch the interest of your visitors is not the whole magic. It is important to keep in mind that the engagement of your audience does not stop with a call-to-action button.

Actions beyond that need to take the engagement one step further. People, in general, like to see some type of confirmation that an action has been done correctly. When it comes to call-to-action buttons, it can be done with a sound – or in our case, the success step.

After the visitors engage with your SleekBox you can bring your relationship further with different notions such as:

  • Saying thank you to your visitors.
  • Giving your visitors a discount code.
  • Linking your visitors to a product.

Or perhaps you can do something else you feel is relevant to your campaign. This article will paint you a picture of how the success step looks in practice.

The Success Step in Practice

The first example I will present to you is a SleekBox by Djurs Sommerland. They are running a competition to win entry tickets to the amusement park. In order to participate, the visitor’s e-mail address and postal code should be filled out.

The Success Step in Practice

Once this is done, the visitor gets to the success step of a SleekBox. The most common success form that our partners use is a thank you form. This simply shows appreciation for the time your visitors spend engaging with your campaign and gives the new subscribers more information.

The Success Step in Practice 2

Djurs Sommerland gives guidance on confirming their subscription. You can also tell your visitors how often they will be receiving the newsletter, or tell them more about your company and your products.

The Social Media Link

Connecting the success step with social media platforms is no problem for us. As one of our templates suggests, you can link your visitors to your social media, by adding a link button. In this case, the SleekBox is sharing their Facebook account in the success step.

The Social Media Link

The Discount Code

The discount code example will be presented with a SleekBox of a clothing company called Modstöm. They are running a campaign to give their visitors a discount on their online purchases. Incentives are often used by companies to turn their visitors into subscribers.

The Discount Code

Once personal information is filled out and sent, the subscriber is in this case engaged with a different notion. The success step is the discount code itself.

The Discount Code 2

The campaign should however always say thank you for their information, and further navigate them on how to use the code.

The Success Step in Our Editor

It always sounds easy when explained in an example, but when faced with the editor, confusion might appear. So let’s go step by step with one of our templates, to show you how you can set up a promotion of a campaign you might be running on your website.

When you are all set with your form you should go to the bottom of the page and click on success. Here you can choose between the different success actions and edit whatever your visitors should see once they have been converted.


You can easily add any element you find is relevant for this step. In this case, I added an image and a link button, linking to the campaign that I would like to make my visitors aware of.


This is a simple, easy, yet effective way of creating some extra awareness around my campaign and engaging further with my visitors.

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How you engage with your customers on the success step is completely up to you. We do not tie your hands. You have all the freedom you need to personalize this step as well.

Just remember, show appreciation for your customers time and make a good impression.

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