How to Implement Smart Triggers to Your Sleeknote Campaigns

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • What are smart triggers?
  • How to implement smart triggers in your campaigns.
  • How smart triggers can benefit your campaign performance.

How to Implement Smart Triggers to Your Sleeknote Campaigns

Choosing the right trigger for your audience may be quite challenging. There hasn’t been much research on which trigger is the most effective for which audience. But worry not, we got your back.

We have developed an algorithm that continuously tests different triggers for your campaigns to find the perfect trigger for your audience. This is called smart triggers. So let’s get into how it works!

The Perfect Trigger for Your Campaign

With smart triggers you know your campaign has the highest converting trigger at all times.

But how does the system know which trigger is performing the best? Quite simple actually. Every time a trigger is found to outperform other triggers, this trigger is used until another trigger outperforms it, and so on. The first two weeks the trigger is running it is just for testing, as it needs to collect enough data to draw conclusions on what works the best for your site.

Enabling Smart Triggers in the Editor

To enable this trigger you need to go to the settings part in your Sleeknote editor.

Enabling Smart Triggers in the Editor

Under choose a trigger, find smart triggers. It is located on the top of the list. Simply press enable, and then enable smart triggers.

And voila! You are on your way to give your audience a highly optimized user experience.

As the smart trigger in itself is a constantly running test, it is not possible to match it with A/B testing. Therefore if you have a campaign that is being split tested you have to deactivate it before implementing a smart trigger.

Let’s look at a real-life example of how smart trigger can benefit your business.

The Results of Smart Triggers

These are the insights from one of our customers. It shows a comparison of a campaign performance before and after implementing the smart trigger.

The Results of Smart Triggers

The bottom report shows the numbers of leads collected with a manually set up trigger. The ones above are the results of a smart trigger. Based on these numbers you can see just how much you can gain from a couple of clicks. Because hey… you remember that it only took us two clicks to get the smart trigger up and running.

Are you convinced now?

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The longer you run smart triggers, the more data it will collect and the more intelligent it will become.

So let’s wrap up what smart triggers do again. They will keep adjusting its choice of the trigger to your website, its design, your visitors.

By using smart triggers you can ensure the best user experience on your site!

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