How to Set up a Content Upgrade

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • What are content upgrade campaigns.
  • What are content upgrade campaigns beneficial for.
  • How to set up a content upgrade with Sleeknote.

How to Set up a Content Upgrade

Do you ever feel like having a basic signup campaign for your visitors is just simply not enough? With content upgrade campaigns you can give your visitors much more than a newsletter sign up.

In order for visitors to engage with your content upgrade campaign, you need to make sure you will be providing sufficiently valuable content. To give you a better idea of how the content upgrades work, I will show you a couple of e-commerce examples and also go through how this can be set up with Sleeknote.

Content Upgrade – Phrasebook

Browsing for travel trips online is a very common way of choosing a vacation. A travel agency called Signatours wants to give their visitors something more than just their newsletter. They have made a page specific SleekBox, which targets their visitors searching for vacations in Italy.

On top of great travel destinations in Italy, they give their visitors something extra. By filling out the campaign they are offered a free Italian phrasebook to make their travels easier.

Content Upgrade – Phrasebook

Isn’t it more fun knowing basic phrases when traveling to a destination that speaks a different language? I for sure think so.

Getting a phrasebook gives the visitors a much bigger incentive and more value in exchange for entering their personal information to sign up for your newsletter.

Content Upgrade – Buyer’s Guide

The second example we will go through in this lesson is an electric bike retailer. Electric bikes are not convenience goods. Choosing the right electric bike for what you need, at the right price is not an overnight purchase. People making such purchases most likely do some type of research on what is the best value for them.

This campaign is giving the visitors an electric bike buyers guide if one signs up. The guide gives advice on what to look for when purchasing such an item.

Content Upgrade – Buyer’s Guide

This way the company is not nudging the visitors to purchase their bikes, but giving them the time to research the products and the industry. This gives the audience time to make sure they know as much information as possible, before making the purchase of their electric bike.

Getting Your Content Upgrade Set Up

Content upgrade campaigns follow the same principle as a regular campaign creation. First, you need to decide on what your aim is. Are you using a content upgrade to collect information about your leads or do you just want to connect with your visitors? Once you select a goal that matches the purpose of your campaign, you simply continue your journey with the design steps in our editor.

Our customers often think that you need to have a blog on your site in order to use content upgrade campaigns. That is however not the case! The only thing that matters is that your content upgrade offers enough value to your visitors, so they will want to give you their email address in exchange.

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No matter what your company promotes, a content upgrade can be anything from free ebooks, recipes, DIY tutorials and much more!

Giving something extra to your visitors can strengthen your relationship with them. Getting them to know more about the field you are active in or giving them valuable advice and tutorials can make them more interested in the products and services you are promoting.

If you are interested in more information about content upgrade campaigns, our marketing department has written a blog explaining how Sleeknote implemented content upgrades to our site. I advise you to read it.

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