How to Show the Right Message to the Right Audience

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • How to best segment your audience.
  • What types of audience segmentation do we offer.
  • How to implement audience segmentation to your campaigns.

How to Show the Right Message to the Right Audience

How can you increase the likelihood that your visitors will act when they see your SleekBox? It is all about contextual relevance.

The key is to target the right audience and to create a personalized experience for your visitors. To make sure this happens, we give you different possibilities for audience segmentation. This article will take you through which ones they are and show you how to use them.

All of the segmentation processes can be easily chosen in the settings part of your SleekBox creation. You can choose anything from

  1. The Device the Visitor Is Using
  2. Whether They Are New or Returning Visitor
  3. Geo-Targeting
  4. Or UTM Campaigns

Choosing of the Device: Desktop vs. Mobile

People search for information from different platforms. Depending on the market your company operates in, the searching preference differs. For example items such as automobiles and furniture are more likely to be searched for on a desktop, whereas apparel and beauty are more popular on a mobile device.

Choosing the device your visitors enter your website from is the first step of the targeting rules section. You can easily define which devices your SleekBox should be shown on, with a simple checkbox.

Choosing of the Device Desktop vs Mobile

If you only want one of the devices to be used, simply uncheck the irrelevant one. When you do this, consider where your traffic is coming from, and who do you want to target.

Many might think that mobile SleekBoxes are intrusive. However, if most of your traffic is coming from a mobile device, you do not want to lose those conversions. We at Sleeknote aim to create small hidden gems, which do not disturb your visitors. This topic has already been covered in a previous lesson: “Why Should You Focus Your SleekBox Design for Mobile?”

New or Returning Visitors

The other segmentations are done with conditions. They allow you to set up rules with conditions that are interdependent; meaning that all of them must be obeyed for the SleekBox to appear.

You can target your audience based on whether they are a new or a returning visitor. This gives you the opportunity to target your new visitors and create a unique first impression.

New or Returning Visitors

With a personalized SleekBox you can help your new visitors get over some of the initial doubts they might have. You can catch their attention with a promotion or make their experience easier by navigating them on your site.

So how does this work? When a visitor first enters your site, we place a cookie in their browser. This way we can track new and returning visitors and hide or show the campaigns based on that.


You can also choose a specific geographic location for your campaign. This segmentation is especially useful if your company performs in different countries and you have to adapt your campaign to specific languages.


Kähler Design shows SleekBoxes in different languages, depending on the country you are entering their website from. These are essentially the same SleekBoxes, that has been adapted to the different countries they perform in.

Geo-Targeting 2

The design and layout of the SleekBoxes are exactly the same, but the language changes. This way all Kähler Design customers from different places in the world are approached with a personalized campaign in their own language.

Geographic location can also be used for promoting day-to-day delivery in certain postal numbers, physical stores in certain areas, or anything else you find is relevant.

UTM Campaigns

UTM campaigns enable you to target your visitors coming from a specific campaign, website or newsletter. This will be set with parameters that will either hide or show your campaign.

Let’s imagine that you are running a campaign and want to target only visitors coming to your site from Facebook. You should go to the settings in our editor and choose UTM campaign. Here we give you the options to fill out the campaign source, medium and the name of the campaign. If the conditions hold true, the SleekBox will be visible only to individuals coming from Facebook.

UTM Campaigns

TripX is using a UTM campaign targeting leads arriving from Handelsbanken. When you look at the URL it contains the medium information.

UTM Campaigns 2
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There are indeed many ways to make sure you are sending the right message to the right audience. To wrap up the options, you can:

  1. Decide If Your Sleekbox Should Show on Desktop, Mobile or Both
  2. The Geographic Location It Should Show In
  3. Whether It Should Be Visible for New or Returning Visitors
  4. Or Lastly, Use UTM Campaigns

I hope that you have a better idea of how to best target your audience now, and you are ready for implementing it for your SleekBoxes.

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