The Best Practices of the Newsletter Subscriber Condition

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • How to best use the newsletter subscriber condition.
  • What benefit does the newsletter subscriber condition bring to you.
  • Why should you use the newsletter subscriber condition.

The Best Practices of the Newsletter Subscriber Condition

If you wish to target a specific audience on your website, our conditions help you to achieve this. Sharing the right message with the relevant audience is one of the keys to success. In order to make sure this is achievable, we provide a newsletter subscriber condition for you, which we will take a closer look at in this lesson.

Whether you are running a campaign for collecting leads, promoting a product or connecting with your visitors in any other way, it is important that you target the relevant audience. With some of your campaigns the goal is, of course, to gain new leads, but with some, it is not just about that. By targeting the already subscribed visitors, you get beyond just using Sleeknote for collecting new subscribers.

Implementing the Condition

The newsletter subscriber condition will filter your already existing subscribers, and personalize it to show it to the ones already subscribed, or vice versa.

You can identify your newsletter subscribers in two ways:

  1. If a visitor has previously signed up to your newsletter using a Sleeknote campaign
  2. Or you can add ?SNSubscribed=true to any given URL in your newsletter

The hide or show condition for your campaign can be set in the targeting rules section in the settings. You simply choose the option you prefer and save it to your SleekBox.

Implementing the Condition

If most of your subscriber’s list has historically been collected through Sleeknote, it’s most likely going to be very easy to use this rule, as we already know who your subscribers are.

This means that you can use the newsletter subscriber condition to segment your audience and show relevant messages both to your subscribers and those who did not convert yet.

If your implementations of your Sleeknote is more recent, there are a few things you can do to help us identify who is subscribed and who is not.

You can add the parameter SNSubscribed=true to the links in your newsletter, which will tell us if they are coming from your newsletter. If you already have a parameter in your newsletter links that you would like to use instead of ours, simply insert that instead.

Implementing the Condition 2

No matter whether your visitors signed up through a SleekBox or came in through one of your newsletter links, we will place a cookie that tells us if they are subscribed or not.

Bringing the Condition to Practice

This is a SleekBox that TakeOffer is running on their website. It navigates their visitors to an article, where they can get 20 inspirations for the fall holiday.

Bringing the Condition to Practice

This campaign is only visible to their already subscribed visitors. As the company already has their personal information, they are engaging with their visitors in a different way. TakeOffer is using their SleekBox to promote a specific piece of content on their side, which is important for their sales.

Benefits of the Newsletter Subscriber Condition

With the newsletter subscriber condition, you can also create a stronger relationship with your visitors by implementing SleekBoxes which gives them promotional codes, discounts or navigate them to products and offers. This gives you the opportunity to reward your customers and create a different conversion.

Engaging with the two groups: the ones already subscribed and the ones not yet subscribed will create a personalized experience for your visitors.

It will help you maintain your relationship with your customers and give them something extra. Personalized SleekBoxes have the potential to increase the satisfaction of your customers with your company, and help spread the word about you.

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There are truly many benefits that the newsletter condition brings to you. Not only does it help you to segment your audience and create a more personal experience for your visitors, but it helps you build a stronger relationship with them.

I hope you can see the advantage of the newsletter subscriber condition and are ready to implement it in your campaigns.

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