What Goals Should You Set up with Your Sleeknote Campaigns

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • Why should you set up goals for you Sleeknote campaigns.
  • How goals can be set up with Sleeknote.
  • How you should read your goal tracking information.

What Goals Should You Set up with Your Sleeknote Campaigns

When we perform an activity, we like to know how well we did. Measuring performance in advertising and promotion is the key to improvement. Therefore we created a feature to do exactly that in our editor – it is called goal tracking.

Goal tracking helps you to track how your campaign affects your visitors in relation to specific goals you set up for your website.

Your goals can be anything from measuring how many of your visitors reached the success page in your checkout and made a purchase, to how many visitors reached a certain landing page or created a login. In essence, the setup can collect data on whether your visitors entered a specific URL on the same domain.

Your goals can vary from site to site, depending on what your aim is. So let’s have a look at how you can add goals to your Sleeknote campaign.

Setting up Your Goals with Sleeknote

Designing your campaign to attract the visitor to click on it is, of course, important for the user interaction, but getting to know how many visitors actually engage with the site after the click is essential.

So let’s have a look at how goals are set up in our editor. There are two ways you can set up a goal. One is in the settings part of your campaign creation. Look for an animation of a flag and click on set up goal tracking.

Here you can create a new goal. Let’s imagine that I am running a campaign where I give my visitors a discount code when they sign up for my newsletter.

Setting up Your Goals with Sleeknote

My goal is to know how many visitors actually made a purchase after signing up for the campaign. First, I give my goal a relevant name, which in this case would be for example Purchase Goal and then fill out the goal URL. Once both of these fields are filled out simply press the blue button and create your goal.

An important point to remember is that a goal is specific for a domain and not for a campaign. This means that you can use the same goal for several campaigns which are using the same URL.

The second way to set up a goal is to go through your dashboard by clicking on goals. Here you can see all of your existing goals and also create new ones.

Setting up Your Goals with Sleeknote 2

Goal Tracking Evaluation

Below you can find an example of how your tracking information would look like. This company has been running a campaign with a goal connected to their check out page. The goal statistics will show you two conversion rates. The first one (11,639%) is the percentage of all visitors that have seen the SleekBox and made a purchase regardless of whether they have signed up to the campaign or not. The second number (36,052%) illustrates only the number of users who signed up in the SleekBox and then made a purchase.

Goal Tracking Evaluation

This shows that the campaign is really making a difference for the overall business performance, getting way more visitors to actually make a purchase after signing up with a SleekBox.

The goal statistics also show you your top referrals. These are the websites that refer to your company with their content.

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Using goals is a great tool for keeping track of the actions your visitors do after engaging with your campaign. The first part of a successful campaign is to get your visitors to click and interact with it, another even more important step is that they further engage with the site. Goal tracking gives you insights on how many users accomplished the whole journey you intend them to do with your campaign. This would for, example be, to make a purchase with the promotional code your campaign is offering, as I mentioned earlier in this lesson.

Based on the numbers the goal tracker gives you, you get an overview of how well your campaign is performing and what impact does it have on your business.

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