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There are a great number of different approaches to content marketing out there. All of them include continuously producing relevant content, which isn’t wrong at all. However, what if there was another way to do things? What if content marketing could be done in a much simpler (and more time-efficient) way?

I had a chat with Kane Jamison, the founder of Content Harmony, a company based in Seattle. Content Harmony does the full range of content marketing from the strategy to creating and promoting the content. Kane told me about a different approach to content marketing that I haven’t heard many people talk about—and it is just brilliant!

To set the scene, Kane started by explaining how e-commercers can benefit from content marketing. The way he put it, e-commerce companies have a number of content marketing opportunities, including product conversion and helping buyers make the right choice and informing them. The other area is content related to lifestyle, so it is not necessarily for your goods and pushing a purchase, but it ties into you brand with a broader message.

If you are selling products to gardeners, tell readers how to be successful gardeners or inspire people to do more gardening.

Here are the major takeaways from the Kane Jamison interview

  • Evergreen content is incredible. Create a piece of content that will stay relevant and useful for a long time, so you only have to update it yearly.
  • Analyse you audience’s needs and your competitors’ Find out what they want and create content that tops everything else out there.
  • Promote your content in every way possible – in the media you own, the media you have earned, and the media you pay for.

Want to make successful content promotion? Here’s how!

Promoting your content right is a big part of content marketing. Kane Jamison has years of experience with identifying the most effective ways of content promotion. Get them here and start right now!

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What content marketing strategy is the way to go?

According to Kane, the ideal content marketing strategy is a large format piece of content with multiple pages, maybe a printable section, and most importantly: content that can be updated once a year and still be relevant. It should tie in with conversion and what the company is selling but still be informative and entertaining.

As an example, check out AirBnB’s neighbourhood guide. Here, you can read about multiple areas, check out photos from different locations, and read notes or recommendations. That content is super useful and done better than similar companies. You can keep using and benefit from the guide – and it all ties in with the product: hotels and places to stay.


The magic of evergreen content

Evergreen content is amazing because it is always relevant, and you don’t have to keep creating new content – just update your existing information. Kane said that it is a matter of finding a balance and focusing on things that are long lasting – fashion keeps changing over the years, so that is a bit harder but, still, not impossible.

A prime example of evergreen content is Blue Nile’s guide to buying an engagement ring. As you have probably figured, Blue Nile is a jeweller, so they are obviously selling wedding rings. The guide is a great idea because people will always buy wedding rings, it will keep happening, and it is always going to be a challenging task with a lot of things to consider. This guide helps couples through choosing the design, the sizing, talking about the budget, and so forth.

Great content – what is it?

It is obvious that your content has to be great – but what is great content? Kane has experienced that the word gets thrown around a lot, but it is never really described. At conferences and events, everyone keeps talking about ‘the great content’ but no one ever gets into details about it. Luckily, Kane did – listen to his definition of great content:


Be the best

So, once you have your content marketing strategy clear, the next step is to look outwards. Who is doing the same? How can you be significantly better than them? How can you top Blue Nile’s guide? Maybe you could change up the media, be more interactive, more graphics, or maybe just do the same thing with a fresh design and new angles or a fresh twist.

Your content should tick off a long list of boxes such as:

  • Good content formatting
  • Clean and good layout
  • High audio/visual quality
  • Easy to read on multiple devices

You’re in luck because Kane has done a presentation called 30 Ways To Move Beyond Basic Content, with more things to consider, when creating content.

Trends: To follow or not to follow

Kane recommends you to stay away from trends. Whenever he notices a trend, he tries to go in the opposite direction. You should just analyse the competitors and find out what you can do differently than them. Kane has summed up the things you shouldn’t do, as he has seen ecommercers try all of the following things without much success. Find out what to be aware of:

On top of the things Kane mentioned above, it is quite common for bloggers, especially, to do very short formed content at around 200-300 words, with no images, and nothing special to it. It can work okay for FAQ content, but it just isn’t good enough for blog posts. It should be longer than that and ideally include useful graphics and images. An example of a high-quality blog post is this article by SmartMail.


Make your content pop

The content you create is going to stand out when you go beyond simple keywords searches and instead investigate what your customers actually want and what your audience is looking for. It is much more exciting to find out what they aren’t looking for! You can find out by doing surveys to get even more personal.

You can also make your content shine by working on the promotional aspect. As Kane said, there are hundreds of excellent blogs on nearly every topic, and if you aren’t already the dominant publisher, you can become that by doing aggressive promotions. On Facebook, you can target hyper-specific audiences – for example, women aged 50-60, gluten allergies, income, online shoppers, and so forth – based on the users’ data.

Catch the possible audience for your particular topic, and get them to subscribe. Do everything you can to get them on your blog, maybe by offering them a free voucher for their first buy. The proactive promotion is the element that people are often missing.

Want to make successful content promotion? Here’s how!

Promoting your content right is a big part of content marketing. Kane Jamison has years of experience with identifying the most effective ways of content promotion. Get them here and start right now!

Free Downloadable Bonus
Download Kane Jamison’s guide to successful content promotion.

No comments = failure?

There are always topics about which people are inspired to talk and share experiences. On the other hand, there are areas of content that won’t get any comments. Kane said that if you are in a space where it just isn’t happening, close down the comment section and write, at the end of your content, that if the readers want to comment, they can go to this or that other site.

On the social side, there are little things you can do to get more engagement.

To-die-for tools

These are some of the tools Kane recommended. They are super useful and incredibly easy to use.

  1. Shakr: Create short video clips, add you own text and music, and put your logo in; this tool is perfect for Facebook ads and content announcements
  2. Autopilot: For marketing automation
  3. Problogger: Find freelancers to help you with the writing process. Tell them what you need and find the one with expertise on the subject matter

Freelancer tip: Content Harmony works a lot with freelancers. Hear Kane’s best tips on how to work with freelancers and how to pay them:

Free Downloadable Bonus
Download Kane Jamison’s guide to successful content promotion.

Wrap up

When reading this, it is very clear that there is still hope for everyone who doesn’t feel like their content has made it just yet, or who has a hard time being dominant in a market. The key is to find out exactly what the audience wants and give it to them in the best way possible. Kane thinks that ecommercers should keep investigating the readers’ needs – otherwise, the content isn’t going to work.

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Emil Kristensen
Emil is the CMO and co-founder of Sleeknote. When he’s not busy with writing awesome content and building the Sleeknote brand, he spends his time reading and watching vlogs on YouTube (big fan Gary V). Fun fact: between the co-founders he is the fencing champ.

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