8 Jaw-Dropping E-Commerce Web Design Examples to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
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8 Jaw-Dropping E-Commerce Web Design Examples to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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On average, it takes e-commerce shoppers 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. If they like it, they’ll explore. If not, they’ll leave. It’s really that simple.

This data shows why having great e-commerce web design is so vitally important. Of course, the word “great” is subjective and open to interpretation.

So, rather than trying to articulate it myself, it would be more effective to show you what it looks like.

On that note, here are eight jaw-dropping e-commerce web design examples from outstanding brands, along with the specific elements that make them so great.

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Table of Contents

1. Judy

2. Drunk Elephant

3. KNC Beauty

4. Bearaby

5. Bliss

6. Eliqs

7. Our Place

8. Windmill

1. Judy

When it comes to bold aesthetics that “pop,” it doesn’t get much better than Judy—“a collection of ready-kits with everything needed to prepare for natural disasters and home emergencies.”

The visuals on this website instantly grab your attention with the bold orange, and Judy definitely distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack.

There’s a super conspicuous CTA that quickly gets shoppers to the product selection.

Or, if they scroll down just a bit, they see the same products conveniently listed below.

I love how they naturally inject social proof, mentioning acknowledgements they’ve received from massive brands like People Magazine and The New York Times.

And I also love this section which features exactly what’s inside their emergency kits.

Judy does an amazing job of:

  • Using brilliant visuals that cohesively tie their site together
  • Seamlessly providing shoppers with the information needed to make an informed choice
  • Weaving in great social proof
  • Making it easy to buy their products

So, if you’re looking for e-commerce web design with the “it factor,” this is a good example of that.

What a name! Another brand that incorporates dazzling visuals is Drunk Elephant—a biocompatible skincare company that intentionally avoids using six ingredients that have been known to cause skin issues.

2. Drunk Elephant

Take one look at their homepage, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It features a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors to showcase their products, which is a theme shoppers see throughout the rest of their site.

Scroll down, and there’s this section featuring their “Biome Builder” with a nice purple and yellow contrast…

…as well as their full line of skincare products.

Drunk Elephant’s e-commerce web design has a one-of-a-kind feel to it and is an absolute pleasure to view. The visuals alone entice shoppers to explore. But it doesn’t stop there.

They also do a fantastic job of presenting shoppers with product information, including a breakdown of “the suspicious six” ingredients they feel causes skin issues for many people.

They also seamlessly work in customer testimonials

…and include some info on their founder, Tiffany Masterson, so shoppers can put a face behind the name.

There are a ton of practical takeaways you can get from this example.

And if you’re looking to inject plenty of color into your site, this is a good template to borrow from.

3. KNC Beauty

An equally impressive skincare brand is KNC Beauty, which specializes in eye masks, lip masks, and lip balm. Their website has a crisp, clean feel to it with visual elements that cater perfectly to their demographic.

The second shoppers land on it, they can see some of KNC Beauty’s products to give them a better idea of the company’s offerings. Below that, the brand elaborates, using razor sharp copy, saying “If it’s cute…babe, we go you. “Whether it’s with an eye mask, a lip mask, or a lip scrub, we’re all about keeping you naturally cute and effortlessly fresh.”

This section also includes convenient links to their products. And below that, shoppers can actually see the products in action with models trying them out.

Notice how vivid the pictures are and how they give KNC Beauty’s site such a professional vibe.

As the old saying goes, “Perception is reality,” so keeping your image standards high like this is essential for winning over leads and motivating them to seriously consider a purchase.

One last thing I’d like to point out is how this brand weaves in social proof with this recommendation.

Everything flows together smoothly and creates an impeccable e-commerce shopping experience.

4. Bearaby

I’m a sucker for minimalism. And this example from Bearaby, a brand that sells a “weighted blanket made without artificial fillers or synthetic fabrics” hits all the right notes for me.

It’s subtle and isn’t as vibrant as the other websites I’ve mentioned so far. But that’s not what Bearaby is going for, as their brand identity aims for more of an earthy, natural feel.

Instantly, shoppers know what they’re selling with a slider in the header featuring their best-selling products. I also love the copy they use here saying, “Wrap up in velvety softness. Made by transforming plastic bottles into luxurious gem-tone coziness.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds insanely appealing to me. A bit further down, shoppers can learn more about Bearaby’s products and get pricing information.

And knowing that not everyone will understand the full benefits right off the bat, Bearaby includes a breakdown of what distinguishes their products from the competition. They have a brief video and bullet points.

They also provide a quick overview of the science behind their products, with this easily digestible section…

…as well as this section that outlines Bearaby’s philosophy and values.

And check this out. At the bottom, they throw in some recent posts from their Instagram feed, complete with their own spin on the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme that blew up the internet.

This example illustrates perfectly how to use a design that meshes with your brand identity and how to get creative with it.

5. Bliss

If you’ve been following the Sleeknote blog for a while, this is a brand you’ve heard us talk about time and time again. And for good reason. Skincare and beauty company, Bliss crushes it in pretty much every aspect of e-commerce.

They’re branding is rock solid. They’re amazing at social media. And they generally create an electrifying experience for their shoppers. So it should come as no surprise that their e-commerce web design is a thing of beauty.

Just look at how the colors pop on their above-the-fold content. Shoppers’ eyeballs can’t help but gravitate to the image, and they’ve got killer copy to match.

Scroll down, and the pattern continues with more stunning visuals, which make their website look more like artwork than a landing page.

I like how they incorporate some of their bestsellers further down the page so shoppers can conveniently find them and get pricing information.

They include their new arrivals, which gets shoppers up-to-speed on recent offerings.

I also like how they work in the latest posts from their Instagram page at the very bottom.

Bliss uses a brilliant color scheme that’s all their own and infuses it throughout their e-commerce web design. And that’s integral to grabbing shoppers’ attention and compelling them to check out your products in detail.

6. Eliqs

Eliqs is a brand that “creates personalized, custom brands of beer for corporate events, weddings, bars, restaurants, and hotels.” It’s a pretty cool concept, and their website does a fantastic job of showing off their products and appealing to shoppers.

The current Valentine’s Day above-the-fold content is an attention grabber that quickly gives shoppers an idea of what they’re selling and how their products look.

Beneath that, there’s this section that succinctly outlines what they do and features sharp copywriting and quick links to help get shoppers started.

Then there’s this section, which showcases some of Eliqs’ current selections, including “The Great Outdoors” and “Welcome to 2021.”

After that, they let shoppers know exactly what the finished product looks like by placing a customer’s image on one of their cans of beer.

And at the bottom, there’s this section displaying some other epic designs, along with customer testimonials.

Given that Eliqs’ entire brand identity hinges upon visuals, it was critical that they nailed their e-commerce web design.

I’d say they knocked it out of the ballpark. It has the professional aesthetics their shoppers are looking for and seamlessly shows off their personalized beer cans, while simultaneously weaving in plenty of helpful information.

7. Our Place

Here’s a company that specializes in essential cookware and dinnerware—a niche that admittedly is difficult to get most people excited about. But that’s exactly what Our Place does on their website.

While it by no means reinvents the wheel, it definitely checks all of the boxes and has an ultra professional look that pulls visitors in. Right out of the gate, shoppers know what’s being offered and can see firsthand the quality craftsmanship that goes into the products.

Just as they scroll down from the above-the-fold section, they see this high powered social proof from the likes of Bon Appetit, The New York Times,

And this is followed by an overview of what Our Place is all about, which clearly highlights their UVP and philosophy.

In their own words, “Our collections are new heirlooms from the cultures and places that make up the fabric of the modern multi-ethnic kitchen. We design thoughtfully, source ethically, and produce sustainably because what we make is connected to one another and the earth we share.”

I think the section below is really cool. It breaks down the individual components of their bestseller, “The Always Pan.”

I also like that shoppers can change the color of the pan by clicking here.

This is something you commonly see on product pages, but you don’t usually see it on a homepage, and I thought it was a nice touch. Down further, Our Place features some of their other top products, including pricing information and the option to see all color options.

And finally, they include a link to their Instagram page with a slider of their most recent posts.

Some words that come to mind when I see this e-commerce web design example are professional, classy, and informative, and it’s definitely a store you can learn a lot from.

8. Windmill

This final web design example from eco-friendly smart air condition unit, Windmill, literally takes you on a journey. One that’s smooth, fluid, and very satisfying.

As shoppers scroll down, it seamlessly glides from section to section, walking them through the details of the product, while highlighting the amazing benefits and answering their questions along the way.

Rather than just jumping from image to image, the Windmill air conditioner actually moves along with shoppers and syncs with their scrolling.

Check it out yourself to see exactly what I’m talking about.

As for aesthetics, I absolutely love them.

This web design has an ultra clean feel to it and jives perfectly with the look of the product.

The more shoppers scroll down, the more they learn, with the information being presented clearly and in a way that’s easy to absorb.

Windmill also points out that their product is eco-friendly—something that’s huge right now amidst global warming concerns.

And toward the bottom, there are some well-placed customer testimonials that give the product an even bigger boost in its brand perception.

In terms of being completely unique, on brand, and having “the cool factor,” there’s so much to take away from Windmill.

And this example shows how big of an impact small details can make.

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Like I said before, perception is reality, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to go all in on your e-commerce web design. It’s all about making an awesome first impression to A) get shoppers to take you seriously and B) compel them to fully explore your store.

The e-commerce web design examples above are all absolute knockouts and illustrate some of the different directions you can go. Hopefully they’ve given you some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing so you can make your store equally as amazing.

How long does it take you to form an impression of an e-commerce site?

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