We know – Life is busy. Staying on top of the latest tips and tricks in e-commerce can be strenuous and take a lot of time – time you could spend on improving your e-commerce.

Each month, we visit a ton of websites in our search for the best tips, tricks, and hacks related to the e-commerce world. To help you save some time, we’ve gathered the best and most helpful articles about e-commerce we’ve seen this month.

Take a short break from your daily work and get inspired by the best e-commerce articles out there. Who knows? Maybe there’s an idea or two that you can implement in your business.

8 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Descriptions for Your Website

Having an e-commerce store isn’t very different from having a physical store. In both cases, you need to make sure your store is welcoming and presents your products in an appealing way to your visitors.

One of the main differences, however, is that physical stores have a human touch which makes it possible to describe their products and answer questions from their visitors immediately. So how does an e-commerce store compete with this? Through brilliant product descriptions!

This article at Convert blog is a perfect piece about this. In this article, Simon Walker, E-commerce consultant at Magento, gives 8 in-depth tips about how to write stunning product descriptions that’ll appeal to your visitors and make sure you don’t lose in the battle against physical stores.

Read: 8 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Descriptions for Your Website.

Using Content for Customer Marketing (And How We Do It)

Today, people don’t trust companies the same way they did years ago. Social media and review sites have made it possible for customers to share their experience with other consumers, and people tend to read these reviews before they buy anything. This means that a few bad reviews can result in the loss of thousands of new potential customers.

You can prevent this from happening by building strong customer relationships. As we all know, the best customers you’ll ever get are those who keep coming back. Not only do they place new orders, they’ll also become advocates for your business.

At Überflip they know how important this is. They believe that content is the most effective way to ignite meaningful relationships and in this article, they tell you how they’ve succeeded with this.

This article will surely inspire you and help you improve your customer marketing.

Read: Using Content for Customer Marketing (And How We Do It).

Build Your Business with Facebook Ads that Actually Convert

Back In November, we released a guide about how you create jaw-dropping Facebook lead ads that convert. Lead ads are definitely one of the best ways to capture new leads and customers through Facebook but normal Facebook ads can be just as effective.

With Facebook Ads, you grab the attention of someone who isn’t specifically searching for your product or service. You reach out to people at the very top of the sales funnel and increase your brand awareness.

In this article, Techwyse shows you how to take full advantage of everything Facebook Ads have to offer. You’ll learn how to target your potential customers, use the right type of pictures and time your ads so they show up when your audience is online.

Read: Build Your Business with Facebook Ads that Actually Convert.

Mobile Trends to Help Your Site for 2017

Mobile search has become more important than ever. Thus, it’s essential that you keep up with this fast-paced device to ensure your e-commerce shop stays ahead of the game.

In this article by Ricemedia, you’ll learn what they think will be the mobile trends in 2017.

Among other trends, Ricemedia thinks that voice search will become more popular than ever in the new year which is why you have to ensure that your content is laid out so it can be picked up for direct answer cards.
Read about this and all the other interesting considerations they have about mobile marketing in this article.

Read: Mobile Trends to Help Your Site for 2017.

Empathy: The Secret Ingredient to Business Success

So, what does empathy have to do with the success of your business you might ask? Only everything, according to this article.

When businesses release a new product or service they tend to fall into a pitfall where they only focus on presenting it the way they want it themselves, and not the way their customers actually want and need it.

To understand your customers and figure out what they want and need you have to get inside their head. A well-known way to do this is by using an empathy map.

Read why (and how) you should focus more on incorporating empathy into your branding and business planning in this excellent article by Freshbooks.

Read: Empathy: The Secret Ingredient to Business Success.

Bonus: +200 Digital Marketing Conferences

A new year has arrived which also means it’s time to visit new exciting digital marketing conferences. If you’re just a bit like me, finding out which conferences to attend can be a confusing and time-consuming process.

Luckily, Sean ORourke, publisher of marketingterms.com, has made a huge list of digital marketing conferences sorted by dates, category, location, and price that will save you loads of time.

Key differentiators for this list are updates during the year, exclusive discounts, and a companion spreadsheet where it’s possible to copy and manipulate the data any way you want.

Maybe you’ve already planned which conferences to attend but in case you haven’t, this list is worth a pot of gold.

Read: +200 Digital Marketing Conferences.

Wrap up

This was what we found for you this month – 5 of the best and most helpful articles about e-commerce in January. Are you craving more e-commerce tips and tricks?

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