We’re proud to present yet another new feature in our Sleeknote editor – Goal tracking.

With our new goal feature, you can set up a specific goal for your e-commerce, and track how many of your visitors reach that goal through your SleekBoxes.

We’ve always said that adding a SleekBox to your website doesn’t have any negative effect on your user experience and whether or not your visitors reach your set goal. Now you can see it for yourself.

So how does it work?

You set up a goal for your SleekBoxes under “settings” let’s say your main goal is to convert your visitors into customers. Then your target URL is your receipt page because it is the one page only customers will land on.

Once you’ve set your goal, we track how many of your visitors see that SleekBox and reach your set goal, and how many visitors sign up through that SleekBox and reach the goal.

If you want to add your goal to new or existing SleekBoxes, you don’t have to set new goals every time, you simply just activate your already set goal on those SleekBoxes.

We’ve made a short video guide to show you how easy it is to set up a new goal.


Why should you use goal tracking?

Converting your visitors into customers is one of the (if not the single) most important conversions you can get.

Tracking what effect your SleekBoxes have on visitors reaching this goal will give you a much better insight into the user experience on your site, and how much your SleekBoxes help visitors reach your goal.

You can also see where visitors who reach your goal come from. For instance, if they come from Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other sources.

When you’ve set your goal you can immediately see the data. We’ve always collected this data for you, so you won’t have to wait two weeks to see results. The goal feature just enables you to actually see the data.

Rikke Thomsen
Rikke is Head of Email Marketing here at Sleeknote. Her expertise lies within copywriting, content marketing, and email marketing. When she’s not busy wearing down the keys on her keyboard, she loves getting creative in the kitchen, binging on Netflix series, and skiing in the Alps.

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