We’ve all heard the stats on video marketing. It’s the magic elixir that will boost your email click-through-rates and optimize your landing page conversions.

Using a video on an eCommerce site can increase the likelihood of a product purchase in 64% of users. 9 out of 10 users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process. And so on.

It seems like the verdict is in! This is the year of video marketing — or is it?

The popularity of video is not exactly new. Video has been a successful form of mass marketing since the early days of television.

From the era of the silent films like The Birth of a Nation (which grossed over $20 million back in 1915) to modern blockbusters that routinely break $100 million, humans have always loved watching video. Silent. Black and white. Colour. 2D or 3D. Virtual reality. Let’s face it, we are hardwired to consume video content!

What’s new about video are its modern applications. In digital marketing, video can be positioned to augment a range of different initiatives and video’s best friend is email marketing. Video loves to help email lists grow.

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Come for the video, stay for the story


How many times have you found yourself partway through a video that you never intended to watch? You’re not the only one… On-demand video through websites like Netflix means that everyone is intimately acquainted with the modern phenomenon of ‘binge watching’. Just one more episode. Just one more cat video. Just one more, just one more…

As consumers, we fall into these patterns unconsciously whenever we see video advertising. Whether it’s a link in our social media feeds or a screenshot in our email inbox, we can’t help ourselves from clicking. Over the years, we’ve noticed that our clients routinely get the highest CTRs on videos in their email newsletters.

Our campaign for The Ostic Group offers a great example of this. We started producing videos for The Ostic Group to highlight “local heroes”; clients who benefit from their insurance services in unique or noteworthy ways.

This particular newsletter was opened by approximately 30% of their list of 4,500+ recipients, with a CTR of over 5%—which is triple Mailchimp’s reported industry average for insurance.


Out of everyone who clicked on links in the newsletter, one third chose the Mrs. Mitchell’s video interview—with another third clicking on a jetski fail video.

People respond to video as entertainment. That’s why video can provide a great ‘initial hook’ for getting users engaged with your content.

After that, you need to create valuable content that will keep people watching. The key is to craft a story that will engage your target audience. Remember that people don’t buy what you do or how you do it.

People buy WHY you do it — they get invested in the story of your organization. If a video does a good job of showcasing the story of your organization, it can establish an emotional connection with your audience. Video gives people a reason to stay engaged with your business.

Watch the Mrs. Mitchell’s video to see how we did this for The Ostic Group.

Pro tips on using video in email

  • Call out your video content in the email subject line. People will be more likely to open an email if they have a reason. For example: “See Our Latest Local Hero Video”.
  • Make sure readers know it’s a video. In the above example, we grabbed a screenshot from Youtube — so people would immediately recognize what they’re clicking on.
  • Add a colourful button with a clear CTA like “Watch the Video Here”. This will ensure you’re getting the best possible CTR on your email marketing content.

Ensure you can track the behaviour of your viewers. Create a unique tracking code using Google’s URL Builder tool, so you can monitor how people are responding to your video and what they’re doing afterwards.

Video marketing is a marathon, not a sprint

When you build a marketing strategy, it is important to understand that great marketing requires long-term thinking. Most visitors won’t make a purchase on their first visit to your website — according to Kissmetrics, up to 96% of first-time visitors are not ready to buy. That’s why it’s important to keep them coming back.


There are many marketing initiatives that can help you generate website traffic.Your chosen medium should depend on your industry, your audience demographics and a variety of other factors. That being said, one of the top performers across the board continues to be email marketing.

What’s the Big Picture for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not dead — we have the stats to prove it.

Your email marketing objective should be to maintain long-term engagement with your audience. For every business, there are certain buying situations that put consumers in the mindset to make a purchase.

This buying situation might be a new home that needs furnishing, an upcoming wedding, or a shortage of dress socks. Whatever the catalyst for your product or service, you want to be the first option to spring to mind when your moment comes!

Email gives you a way to keep people engaged with your business.

Sending email newsletters on a monthly basis is a great way to stay top-of-mind for people and keep them updated with new products or special offers. Well-executed drip campaigns can help guide visitors along the journey from ‘interested’ to ‘active customer’. There are so many options for using email.

Pro Tips on Using Email

  • Create segmented lists to deliver tailored content to your audience. Lists can be divided using geography, service/product interests, or other demographic data.
  • Build content-rich drip campaigns to target each interest segment. When a visitor opts in via your website, set up your email marketing tool to automatically run the drip.

Craft email content that adds value to your customers. For example, if you have a segment for people interested in email marketing, link to one of your blogs comparing Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor to help them make a decision! (For comparisons of different email service providers, check out this article by Bryan Harris.)

The art of the lead capture

While video and email marketing may be the perfect match, they have difficulty meeting in the middle. They’re like those two friends who’ve been trying to get together for coffee — but can’t figure out a way to coordinate their schedules!

Video gives people the reason to stay engaged, while email gives people the way to do it.

To help these two powerful tools meet, you need to ensure that the people who’ve watched your videos — and already have a reason to stay engaged — are given a way to do this. That’s where lead capture tools can have a powerful effect on the results of your marketing campaign.

With a lead capture tool like Sleeknote, you can target users who have completed a certain action on your website, such as:

  • Scrolled a certain percentage of your blog post.
  • Followed a specific URL sequence.
  • Spent a certain amount of time watching our video.
  • And many other options.


Good lead capture strategies leverage the impact of existing marketing efforts, like video or content marketing. Rather than disrupting your user’s experience with a pop-up, they enhance their on-site experience by giving them the opportunity to stay connected — if their behaviour suggests that they would be interested. They help people do something they already have a reason to do.

To create a good lead capture strategy, two things are important:

  1. Understand the journey that visitors take on your website. What behaviour indicates a certain level of interest? How do you position lead captures along this journey in an unobtrusive way?
  2. Use a lead capture tool that will enhance this journey. Does your lead capture tool have the functionality to meet your objectives? Will it continue to deliver a friendly user experience for your website visitors?

Want More List Building Strategies?

Growing your email list beyond video marketing is TOUGH. To help, we’ve put together a list building toolkit, including 100+ list building strategies (ranked), an email marketing ROI calculator to measure your campaigns’ effectiveness, plus a few other goodies (updated once a month).

Free Downloadable Bonus:
Get access to our free list building toolkit and turbocharge your email list today (include resources not included in the blog post).

Bring it all together

Figuring out a good strategy to grow your email list may not happen overnight. If you want to build an engaged community of email subscribers, you need to understand what they want and how you can add value to their lives.

While video content can drive engagement in your email campaigns, everything starts with your lead capture strategy. Take the time to understand your customers. Target people who have a reason to stay engaged. Create content that will keep them coming back, by showcasing the WHY of your business.

Having trouble formulating a lead capture strategy for your website? Share your story below and we’ll see if we can help you with a solution.

Alex Hamilton
Alex is a writer, digital marketing junkie & self-professed nerd. Born and raised in Canada, he currently resides in the city of Guelph, where he is part of the copywriting & social media team at Intrigue Media. When he’s not crafting blogs, Alex likes to spend his free time traveling, staying active and reading the latest and greatest in fiction.

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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for this very in depth look at the importance of email marketing in conjunction with video. Growing an email list is definitely no easy task. It’s so true when you say marketing (in general) is a marathon not a spirit. It definitely requires lots of tools and tactics to keep getting the results we all want to see and staying focused for the long haul. I recently started using video for myself and my clients (mostly local businesses like crossfit gyms and small restaurants). I started with creating the videos with different tools (I tried Explainify (explainify.com) and Promo by Slidely (slide.ly/promo). I ended up sticking with Promo because it provides footage…anyways) and posting them on social. I then added a branding video (one I made with Promo) to an email, popped the word email in the subject line, and hit sent. I was shocked to see that we definitely had a 10% higher open rate. So, for all of you reading this article and comment, I definitely think jumping into video is worth the plunge. It does take some initial investment and lots of planning, but it’s definitely accessible and valuable. Sorry to babble on here, I just wanted to share my story. Thanks again, for this insight, Alex.

    • Hi Valerie, really appreciate the comment! Did you mean that you put the word ‘video’ in the subject line? Not sure if putting the word ’email’ in the subject line would help haha… 🙂 But I get what you’re saying and I completely agree — even a simple change can cause a big jump in your open rates!


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