We know – Life is busy. Staying on top of the latest tips and tricks in e-commerce can be strenuous and take a lot of time – time you could spend on improving your e-commerce.

Each month, we visit a ton of websites in our search for the best tips, tricks, and hacks related to the e-commerce world. To help you save some time, we’ve gathered the best and most helpful articles about e-commerce we’ve seen this month.

Take a short break from your daily work and get inspired by the best e-commerce articles out there. Who knows? Maybe there’s an idea or two that you can implement in your business.

How Many Variations Can You Have in an A/B/n Test?

Alex Birkett, who is a growth marketer at ConversionXL, has made a killer post about how many variations you should test when you A/B split test.

In this post, Alex analyzes what has the best ROI: Testing as many variations as possible? Or limiting the scope and maybe moving on to the next text faster?

By reading this post, you’ll get armed with a ton of good arguments next time you’re going to make a strategic decision about A/B split testing.

Read it here: How Many Variations Can You Have in an A/B/n Test?

20 Smartphone Apps to Manage Your Business on the Go

As an e-commerce, your business is online 24/7, and you never know when you have to change something on your online store. Does that mean you can’t leave the office and your computer? Fortunately not.

Richard Lazazzera, who is the founder of A Better Lemonade Stand, has revealed what his 20 favorite apps for managing his business on the go are. With these apps you can stay updated on your business in real-time, which means there are no excuses for saying no to a coffee date, missing the train or not hitting the gym.

Check the list out here: 20 Smartphone Apps to Manage Your Business on the Go

14 Of The Best Product Page Design Examples We’ve Ever Seen

The ultimate goal for e-commerce businesses is to sell products and by that increase revenue. The way you present your products in your online store affects how much your customers purchase – exactly like in a physical store.

Lindsay Kolowich, content marketing manager at Hubspot, has made a list with 14 remarkable product landing page designs, that will blow the customers’ mind. Are you ready to work on your product page?

Get inspired by these examples that will definitely increase your customers’ willingness to buy your products: 14 Of The Best Product Page Design Examples We’ve Ever Seen

How to Use User-Generated Content to Drive Sales

What do you think is most valuable for your e-commerce: The content you create or the content your customers create?

According to this study by Reevoo, “70% of consumers place peer recommendations and reviews above professionally written content”, and that’s why you should encourage your customers to generate quality content for your company. Luckily for you, co-founder of Web Profits, Sujan Patel, has made a complete guide on how you motivate your customers to create content and how you drive sales from it.

Read the guide and learn: How to Use User-Generated Content to Drive Sales 

Be Prepared for Negative SEO and How to Protect Your Website

This might get a bit nerdy, but nevertheless, negative SEO is a threat you have to be aware of and ready to protect your e-commerce from. If you are in a competitive business niche and get attacked by negative SEO, your ranking on Google will drop dramatically – and by that, your revenue too.

Kasia Perzyńska, Online Marketing Manager at Positionly, has made a brilliant post with 9 tips you should know, in order to defend your website from negative SEO attacks. This post is useful both if you are new to SEO and if you are a skilled SEO expert.

This is not a post with the intent to scare you, but having basic knowledge on negative SEO won’t hurt anyone.

Read: Be Prepared for Negative SEO and How to Protect Your Website

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This was what we found for you this month – 5 of the best and most helpful articles about e-commerce in October. Are you craving more e-commerce tips and tricks?

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