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Sleeknote Product Update: Smart Triggers (April 2018)

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I’m excited to tell you about two big new features today: Smart Triggers and Drop-Downs.

If you want to make your SleekBoxes look more inviting and increase their conversion rates—you’ll love these features.

Smart Triggers

I’ve been counting the days until I was allowed to reveal this feature to you all and now the day has finally come (yay!).

Watch this short video and learn how to increase your SleekBoxes’ conversion rates by finding the optimal trigger with Smart Triggers.

If you’re like most e-commerce managers, chances are you spend a ton of time optimizing across multiple tools and systems every day.

I’m happy to tell you our new feature will shave a good amount of hours off of your workload (and make it way easier for you to create awesome high-converting SleekBoxes).

“And how is that?”, you might ask.

Well, if you’re already using Sleeknote, chances are, at some point, you’ve asked yourself these questions (or similar):

  • Did I choose the right trigger for my SleekBox?
  • Would changing the time activation from 5 to 10 seconds get me more conversions?
  • Would the scroll trigger be a better choice than the exit-intent trigger?

If you have, you’re not alone. Granted, it can be difficult knowing what trigger to choose for a SleekBox…

…until now.

Knowing the importance of using personalized data in your marketing (read: your data), we’ve been working round the clock for the past 6-months to create a feature that will help you choose the optimal trigger for your SleekBoxes (without bankrupting your time).

The result is Smart Triggers:

Sleeknote Smart Triggers

Based on more than five billion sessions (that’s not a typo), we’ve developed an algorithm that continuously tests different triggers based on our best practice to find the ideal trigger with the highest conversion rate specifically for your website.

The best part? You won’t have to lift a finger (no more trying out different triggers and split testing them).

John Travolta Unbelievable

Well, you’ll have to lift it once to activate the feature, but that’s all—I promise!

When the feature is enabled, the algorithm will automatically keep testing what works best specifically for your visitors and automatically make sure your SleekBox has the highest-converting trigger at all times.

This means that every time a trigger is found to outperform the others, this trigger is used until another trigger outperforms it, and so on.

And now to the really “smart” part of the feature:

The longer Smart Triggers is activated, the more intelligent it becomes.

This is due to the fact that it will base its tests on a constantly increasing amount of data.

It’s also important to emphasize that the feature will never be too aggressive and hurt the user experience on your site.

On the contrary—it will keep adjusting its choice of trigger to your website, its design, your visitors, and more.

As you can see, using Smart Triggers will help you go to bed at night knowing you’re constantly increasing your conversion rate.

It’s easy to activate Smart Triggers, but if you want to learn how to do it, step-by-step, check out this how-to guide.

Let’s move on to the next new feature.

Drop-downs in SleekBoxes

You can now add beautiful drop-downs to your SleekBoxes.

Watch this short video and learn how to make your SleekBoxes look more inviting and how you can get a more engaged email list by using drop-downs:

It’s only your imagination that sets the limits for what you can use drop-downs for, but I’ll give you some examples.

If, for example, you would like to send more targeted emails to your subscribers, adding a drop-down to your SleekBox can help you.

Let’s say you’re running an e-commerce store but you also have brick-and-mortar shops. Further, you would like to update your subscribers on new arrivals and discounts online but also in the physical store nearest them.

You can achieve this by making new subscribers choose the physical store they want updates from when signing up to your newsletter through your SleekBox.

Presenting these options (physical stores) with radio buttons or checkboxes will make your SleekBox look confusing if you have many physical stores:

Sleeknote Radio Buttons

This is where drop-downs come into play.

While radio buttons are perfect for simple choices (man/woman), this SleekBox would benefit from using a drop-down instead of adding a ton of radio buttons.

Add all the options for the drop-down in the editor and your SleekBox will look more inviting:

Drop-down in sleeknote

Your visitors will now see the drop-down with a call-to-action (“Choose your favorite physical store”) and the different options will only be presented to them when clicking the drop-down:

Sleeknote Drop-Down Options

Now, you can segment your email list based on physical stores and send targeted emails with news and discounts to your subscribers.

Pro Tip: Drop-downs can be mapped to your email service provider (ESP) and you can add endless options.

For another example, I’ll use the Sleeknote e-commerce blog.

We write about conversion rate optimization (CRO), list building, email marketing, and work culture.

We could give new subscribers the possibility of choosing which topic they want to subscribe to by adding a drop-down with the different topics to a sign-up SleekBox:

Sleeknote Drop-Down Example

Again, the different options will only show when you click on the drop-down:

Sleeknote Drop-Down Options 2

Now, we’re able to segment our email list based on our subscribers’ preferred topic and send targeted emails to them regarding this topic only.

If you do the same, you’ll increase the chance of having an engaged email list as your subscribers will only receive emails they’re really interested in.

Pro tip: If you want to give visitors the possibility of choosing more than one option, use checkboxes.

These were just some examples, but as a rule of thumb, drop-downs are the perfect choice if you want to add multiple options to your SleekBox but still want it to have a simple look without too many details and buttons.

For a more detailed explanation of how to use drop-downs in your SleekBoxes, read this how-to guide.

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