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Dennis Yu is the CTO at BlitzMetrics, a company he founded 10 years ago. Dennis describes BlitzMetrics like this: “We amplify business results; if they want more engagement or more sales, there are different techniques to achieve these results.”

He shares a different perspective on social selling and the power of video content. Study his advice to start rocking at video marketing. You can retarget and increase your sales at a minimum cost, so what’s not to love?

Here are the major takeaways from the Dennis Yu interview:

  • Social proof is by far the most effective way of leading people into your sales funnel. The proof could be reviews from masses of people, a friend’s recommendation of a certain product, or maybe a celebrity’s statement about how your product helped him or her overcome a problem.
  • Posting videos on social media is a powerful way to generate sales. E-commerce players must do more videos and understand the different ways of using videos.
  • Facebook is more of a data platform than a social media platform. It allows you to set up advanced triggers to target exact audiences.

Prepared to set up triggers? Ready to sell more? Willing to earn more than what you pay? Of course you are. Read on; Dennis Yu has some invaluable lessons for you.

Fundamentals of social advertisement

Ask yourself: How do you make word of mouth work for you? If someone wants to buy a product they could zoom in on the product and research before they decide to buy. Or you could make a better shopping cart, among other tactical things.

Strategically, if you know a product has great reviews and social proof and you can see how many have bought it and liked it, you are more willing to buy it. Listen to why Dennis Yu doesn’t think his method is traditional advertising and where he thinks E-commerce players get it wrong.

As an example, Dennis mentioned a crème that relieves joint pain. They talk a lot about how you can resolve issues when working out and how to get rid of pain in the joints without ever talking about the product. The result is great word of mouth.

This helps them build their email marketing lists, which increase sales. However, this happens over time, so they have to be able to track it to measure the results.

A great example of a successful sales funnel

Now, you have the chance to get your hands on what Dennis Yu calls a great funnel based on three principles. This information is available for you right here – and even better: it is free. Download this awesome funnel approach and get inspired:

Free Downloadable Bonus
Download Dennis Yu’s amazing example of a successful sales funnel and start selling today.

Rethink what you thought you knew about social media

Dennis Yu has an interesting approach to social media – at BlitzMetrics, they actually see Facebook as a data platform instead of just a forum where people get in touch. Facebook has four of the top 5 apps in the app store as they own Messenger, Whats’app, Instagram, and Facebook. You can use that as a targeting platform.

Once you get to the bottom of the funnel (which you can download for free in this blog post), you want to drive conversion. You want to see a good ROI, in order to justify the spending of money.

Dennis advises you to start with remarketing to drive sales by presenting simple pieces of content that are designed for that specific audience – the customers who have already been to your site and have looked at a few products. Listen to Dennis Yu’s incredible example and learn how to rock at remarketing.

This is where we see social advertisement going. Because social media allows you more data to be able to set up triggers. The more triggers you have, the more you will be able to deliver personalized content based on their behaviors, across all channels. You can apply your segmentation from your emails on Google, called Customer Match, or on Facebook, which is called customer matching.

That is where everything is going —  a sophisticated funnel with all of these triggers. See it as a big flow chart. Do not start out doing mass untargeted content. Sequence out your efforts and replicate how you would build up a relationship with your customers. Think in ‘if’s’ and ‘then’s.’

Why videos rock (Yes, they do)

E-commerce players are so used to images, SEO, and landing pages, etc., that they rarely think of using a video. Think about this: for every piece of content you have that converts, whether it’s an email, a Google ad, or any kind of content, there’s always an equivalent video piece.

Let’s say you have a product detail page; instead of just the shots of the product, you can have a video of customers talking about one or two ways they use the product and presenting their stories about how the product has helped them. A video allows you to show this in the best way. Listen to Dennis Yu tell you how to get social selling right by creating videos.

Allow the product details to be told through the voices of experts, customers, or anyone other than you to avoid that ‘buy my stuff’ image. It needs to have social etiquette.

Dennis Yu and BlitzMetrics have found that video is the key to selling products. It converts better, it is educational, and you can create many combinations of audiences (Have they watched the beginning, half, or all of it?) and re-engage with that audience. You might not get the sale at first contact, but if you contact them again, you are close to hitting home.

One advanced tip for video marketing for ecommerce

Facebook is the king of video — beyond YouTube! On Facebook, there are five kinds of videos you need to know, as they have different business objectives. You need to know these five types, as you are going to run ads on them:

  • Video view – Get people to watch the video.
  • Video carousel – You can show up to 20 items.
  • Instant articles – This shows immediately in the news feed.
  • Canvas – You can have different combinations of things, like a story where certain things in the image or video are moving.
  • Lead ads – E-commerce players aren’t doing this but need to. Hear Dennis Yu explain why lead ads are great and how they work. Remember, though, that your content must be great. If it is not inspirational, relevant, or simply boring, you are not going to move anywhere with your videos.

Where is social selling heading in the future?

Bot platforms are coming – robots are getting smarter! Robots are nothing more than delivery vehicles, Dennis claims. Just equip them with the ‘if’-‘then’ logic. IF this customer does this and this, THEN you present them with this piece of content.

The future is that if you can load up these combinations, and you have your targeting, your combinations, your content, and all of the data together, why shouldn’t it follow you around on your phone, Twitter, Snapchat, and Skype?

Things that humans usually do will be done by advanced robots. If this will also make you wonder whether you are talking to a human or a helpful, intelligent robot, then things would be great. Robots should be intelligent, helpful and relevant. That is where social selling is headed in the next few years.

Free Downloadable Bonus
Download Dennis Yu’s amazing example of a successful sales funnel and start selling today.

Wrap up

It surprised me how Dennis thinks that robots taking over human jobs are a good thing, as long as, according to him, this can be done in an intelligent, genuine and realistic way. Besides that, his insights on the sales funnel and video marketing really gave me food for thought. What do you think of video marketing and do you have any tips for others? Share them here!

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