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Content marketing can be a tough nut to crack—at least for me; I have learnt that the hard way. It seems to be the ultimate and most fantastic thing to do—but how? I decided to seek out the man with the answers—Neil Patel.

Neil has done work for massive companies such as Google and NBC, helping them out, marketing-wise. What makes Neil even cooler is that he likes to help small businesses grow. He agreed to have a chat with me to teach me a lot more about content marketing.

Even though developing a content marketing strategy can seem like an overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be. If you set yourself a specific goal and follow Neil Patel’s advice, you’ll be on your way to creating awesome content in no time.

In this interview, you’ll learn all the nifty little tips and tricks that will help you succeed with your content marketing.

First of all, I wanted to know about Neil’s everyday life. Does he just hang around the pool? Is he at the office all day? At home? It turns out that he spends most of his days answering endless emails—THOUSANDS of emails, to be exact.

Besides that, he attends meetings and answers countless phone calls (apparently, I am not the only one keen to speak to him).

Here are the major takeaways from the Neil Patel interview:

  • Link building is still important. Focus on the high-quality links and collect the links manually. Nothing beats a personal email.
  • Get creative. You are never going to make an impact with your content if it has been seen before. Think about what you would find fun or inspiring – and create just that.
  • Practice makes perfect. Keep going, champ.

So, if you’re looking to sell more products through content marketing (and turn content into traffic and customers for your ecommerce business), then you’ll love this interview. Let’s dive right in…

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How to spice up your content marketing strategy

Neil’s favorite content marketing strategy can be described in one word – creative.

So what does he mean by that?

He told me that he would teach others how to use his products. As an example, if he was selling Coca-Cola, he would create videos or images of the numerous fresh ways to have fun with it – not just the old mint-in-the-bottle-trick but how to build sculptures, cool experiments, and so on.

He seems to get ideas from everywhere because he told me that among some of the sexiest and coolest content marketing is a company, BlendTec. BlendTec has done videos, showing their amazingly powerful blenders, blending bricks, iPhones, and several other unexpected things. Again, the key phrase here seems to be – get creative.

How to get people to engage with your content

What’s good content without engagement? Nothing, probably. When people engage with your content, it means they liked what you did, and they will probably tell others about it. You might also get some great ideas and inputs to your next post from them.

How do you get people to engage?

If you take a quick look at Neil’s blog, you’ll notice how hundreds of people respond to his posts. Hear how he gets people to engage with everything he produces:

Where to find trending topics to write about

According to Neil, great content educates and helps. If you were to sell clothes, create content that shows what to wear on the beach, what clothes to combine, what to wear for going out, and so on.

The information you’re providing your readers has to be valuable. So, if you want to find out what your content or blog should be about, Neil recommended the tool buzzsumo, where you can enter keywords and find trending topics.

How to get started writing content

Once you have found out what you want to write about, you need a headline.

  • Keep it short
  • Use adjectives
  • Consider referring to lists or how-to guides

“But how do I get started writing the actual text?” you might ask. Well, I did. The answer is simple: start out writing the headline, write an excellent intro, and then write down your main points and the conclusion. That’s the skeleton; once that is settled, then you can fill out everything else.

(Note: Neil has written a guide called the “Advanced Guide to Content Marketing,” which breaks down the steps of creating relevant content.)

Performance anxiety – is it normal?

Neil made it very clear (how comforting that might sound) that you are going to suck at creating content to begin with – which is perfectly fine. Use family or friends to proofread your material and just keep practicing.

You will eventually get better. If you are absolutely stuck, you can use the Hemingway app to really enrich and perfect your language. When you do write the content, don’t adapt the content to SEO; do it the other way around. Neil himself does that too. That is how you ensure relevant and meaningful content that will help your readers out and not just please the search engine.

How to get those invaluable links and shares

You want people to link to your content, and you want others to share it everywhere too. But what is the best way to get what you want? Automated processes are definitely an option, but according to Neil, they aren’t as effective.

As he says, he begs for links by sending out hundreds of emails every day to people, who could potentially give him the links he wants. Write the emails one by one, making them as personalized as possible. A personal email will always be more efficient than a standardized one. Right now, Neil has more than 1000 shares on various posts. He has shared his best tips for ecommerce sites on how to get more links and shares using these cool tools and methods:

How to handle content upgrades

Neil pointed out that there is no right or wrong way to do content marketing. It all depends on your product, your site, and your audience – and you are writing to your audience, which means you have to find out what they want, and what they like and give it to them. Just test it out, ask for a response and you will learn more.

When it comes to content upgrades, Neil called it his favorite way to collect emails. Why?

He explained to me that he sees a content upgrade as the most effective way to collect emails – and the more relevant the upgrades, the more emails you get. As an example, if you are writing a post about ten hacks, do a content upgrade promising ten BONUS hacks.

You can use email flows to send them out – as email flows are a fantastic thing too. The tricky thing is to come up with a good template – Neil recommends that you create sequences and test multiple sequences.

Using a freelancer – go or no-go?

I wanted to know if freelancers are an absolute no-go – which they aren’t, fear not, but it turns out there is a best-practice on how to ensure you get the most out of your freelancers.

Neil has loads of experience using freelancers, as they can be a valuable asset to the company. Find out what you can do to make cooperating with a freelancer work in your favour, including what to look out for:

Want More Growth Marketing Strategies?

Building your brand beyond content marketing is TOUGH. To help, we’ve put together a free growth marketing toolkit, including 100+ growth marketing strategies we’re using to grow Sleeknote (ranked for your convenience).

Free Downloadable Bonus
Get access to our free growth marketing toolkit and turbocharge your website traffic today (include resources not included in the blog post).

Wrap up

Throughout the entire interview, Neil made the power of doing everything manually very clear. He sends thousands of personal emails to others, begging for links, he writes his own content, and he measures the effect and amount of shares of everything he does. Even though it may be the hard way, it’s the best way. From the interview, I was impressed, inspired, and incredibly keen to rethink my entire content marketing strategy.

That was all from Neil Patel – but the show is not over yet! If you have anything to ask Neil, he’s happy to answer your questions. Simply comment below, and he’ll get back to you. Also, sharing is caring, so let us know your favorite content marketing strategy or tell us how you get links and shares on your content.

Emil Kristensen
Emil is the CMO and co-founder of Sleeknote. When he’s not busy with writing awesome content and building the Sleeknote brand, he spends his time reading and watching vlogs on YouTube (big fan Gary V). Fun fact: between the co-founders he is the fencing champ.

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