If you want to boost your newsletter subscriptions, you should definitely read this post. We are going to show you how you can generate email subscribers and create more revenue!

As you may already know, email is an efficient marketing channel. According to Direct Marketing Association, email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. So now you have a really good reason to read this post and learn how you can get more email leads through your shop.

Today, we are going to show you our best results from using opt-in forms, which is a system used when someone provides their email in order to receive a newsletter or some other type of information.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s have a look at what you can expect.

If you are short on time, you can jump to the stuff you find most important…

What do you want to offer your visitors?

We understand that ecommerce sites have different types of visitors and customers with a wide array of needs.
I will, in the following, present some questions you must ask yourself when you implement an opt-in form on your site.

Is it relevant for your visitors? Would you subscribe to it yourself? Yeah… No!
Then change the content until your answer is a clear YES – and yes, you have to yell it!
It’s important to make sure your visitors know what they get for subscribing to your newsletter.

»Newsletters should be considered, created, and sent using the same business rigor we use for other marketing tactics.«

Joanna Wiebe, CopyHackers

It is also possible to produce higher conversion rates if you offer some kind of welcome gift or the chance to win a product.

This generates more attention and interest, which means you will get more email subscribers. This will also add relevant subscribers to your newsletter list.

If you are offering a gift card, then find a value that matches the price level in your shop, so you make sure the visitors actually can see the potential win. This way your opt-in form will also get more attention.

You can also offer a guide or ebook about your core competencies. Uberflip has made this great 5 minute guide to eBooks and even offers free templates to get started.

The reason why it is important to build your email list is because people have already shown interest in your site by visiting it, and when you offer them information about a topic they like, they are more likely to sign up.

»Always aim to highlight the benefits that your products/services can offer clients and put them on the forefront of any marketing materials. Ultimately this is what they’re most interested in.«

Cliff Findlay, Latitude Solutions

It’s important that you have the above in your mind when you set up a Sleeknote and want your visitors to subscribe your newsletter.

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Different forms for different needs

Organizations do not want to send the same style of message. That’s why it’s necessary to have different forms for different needs. We have made forms including ones you can use to optimize forms for newsletters, promote offers, and contact with your visitors.
In the following section, I will run through many possibilities about how to grow your email list. 

Slide-in form

Let’s start with the slide-in form. A slide-in form is simply a variant of the opt-in that slides nice and slowly onto the screen after someone has spent a certain amount of time on your website. You can position it in the corners, so it won’t fill the whole screen, which means your visitors can keep looking on your site without having to close the form.

You are also in total control of the design, which includes the ability to choose the size of the form so that it fits the page.

Slide-in examples…


The slide-in makes it possible for your to convert visitors into customers with an unintrusive form.

»Don’t hide your opt-in box in your sidebar; put it in a prominent place, so your visitors can’t miss it.«

Jayson DeMers, AudienceBloom

The Teaser

This tool is an introduction to the opt-in form itself. We developed it to generate more interest and introduce the opt-in before it slides in. It’s effective because it introduces your visitors to a bit of your message.

It’s the same concept as a trailer. It is supposed to make you wanna see the movie. That’s the reason why you should have a teaser for your opt-in form. Your visitors get the possibility to see the full form with your offer when they are ready for it.

The teaser is a bit smaller than the form itself, which means that it isn’t intrusive at all. Instead, your visitors also get the chance to return to your form later on when they are looking at your site.

When people first come to your site, you’re not sure if they are interested in your offer, but after they have spent some time there, they will often become curious. Here, the teaser really does its job. After people have looked at the content they originally came for, they attentively open the teaser and the opt-in form.

»They have logical placement. Eyes move in paths, not jumps. Put it where it will be seen.«

Jeremy Smith

The teaser could look like this …

The first step is to actively use the teaser. You should also try spicing it up a little.

Put in an image to draw attention to what you are offering; it should be something you know your visitors want. It’s also important to have a CTA text that gets noticed. Your message should make your visitors anxious to sign up.

»Constructing a sense of subtle urgency in your call to action buttons can yield some impressive click-through rates.«

Megan Marrs, WordStream

Here are some things to consider when you want to make your visitors aware of what you are offering, so you can grow your email list.

  • Are you doing your marketing wrong?
  • Launch – to get your personal discount
  • Limited time offer right here
  • Become a VIP
  • Last call – save 50 %
  • Are you looking for …
  • Grab a free guide here

For more inspiration and know how about Call-to-Action check out this post, 7 Invaluable Call-to-action Tips.

Now let’s move on to another opt-in form.


If you don’t want to put the Sleeknote in a corner, or if you have already tried it and just want to experiment with something new, you also have the option to position it as a lightbox popup.

Are they obtrusive? They can be.

So let me give you some good advice about how not to irritate your potential customers, so they will not leave your site.

First of all, it’s the same principle as in the Slide-in form – make it relevant and good looking!

»The denouncement of pop-ups has become an availability cascade; people love to point out why they “won’t work” despite the fact that the data shows most people aren’t really (all that) averse to pop-ups.«

Help Scout

If you know your visitors’ mindset, then use that knowledge and put it in your form. Offer them things that you know will cause them to interact with your page.

We can also recommend Hubspot’s tool for generating catchy headlines for your forms. You can find inspiration for your headlines right here.

In addition, here are some examples of things an ecommerce store could offer…

  • Get free shipping on your next order
  • Win a year’s supply of X
  • Get 15 % discount on everything this weekend
  • Get our best beauty tips and recommendations
  • Win a pair of X’s new running shoes

Here are some consulting benefits you could offer…

  • Give them a taste of your expertise—offer a guide or ebook
  • Let us call you with an offer on…
  • Running a campaign on a special consultant package.

And here are some other ideas…

  • Get the best tips and tricks for X
  • Free travelling guide right here
  • See our new menus and get a special offer
  • Need a new phone? Win it here!
  • New collections in store
  • Last chance save X on your next order
  • Join our customer club and get exclusive offers!

You can always send us an email with info about your site, and we gladly help you with new ideas of how to build your email list.

In addition, you should give them some time; don’t throw the pop-up at them the moment they come to your site. We recommend that your visitors be able look around on your site for 7 seconds before you trigger the opt-in.

We have seen really good result with waiting 7 or more seconds before you show them the form. This has been split tested several times, and normal KPI’s back this up.

So start out with the 7 seconds, and if you feel like it, try testing the time activation later on.

Another important thing is to make sure that the close button is visible, so they don’t have to look for a way to close it if they aren’t interested in your offer.

»You’ve no doubt encountered those nasty pop-ups that don’t allow you to get away from a page. Don’t ever use them, because people will never come back.«

Mauro D’Andrea, Blog Growth

It’s really just a tip to make sure your visitors don’t get irritated and bounce if they aren’t interested in your offer.

Just an example…


If you are still worried about your visitors bouncing, then start out with an A/B Split test, and test whether your visitors like a Slide-in or a Pop-up. You can do this with our integrated Split testing tool.

»The Lightbox sign up form is a GREAT way to grab emails.«

Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

And now let’s wrap up pop-ups with some good looking examples popup_imagepopup_desing_Ed1

Contact form – I need help please

I bet you already know that consumers’ expectations have changed a lot when it comes to customer support. Your visitors and customers need to have their needs addressed as quickly as possible; therefore, it’s important for you have channels where your customers can reach you.

You probably already have support via email, phone, and livechat.

While these methods of support are great, I’m going to give you an extra tip to make your customer support even better.

You can add a contact form to your site, so your visitors and customers don’t have to be on hold for your service; no one wants to be on hold.

This works because you don’t leave the initiative up to the visitor, and you catch those who need a little help to become customer at your shop.

A report from Zendesk shows that 75 % of customers will return to companies with excellent service.

Add a Contact Sleeknote to interact with your visitors and give them a better customer experience. Using a Contact Sleeknote invites your visitors to send suggestions, report problems, or ask questions, and you provide them with a much easier way to contact you.

The contact form is an effective way to capture your visitor’s emerging issues. It is also important to note that 99 Robots has published an article that provides you with 8 tips for improving your Contact Form conversion rate.

You can offer them a direct contact with you, your sales division or customer service and specify when to expect a reply. You can set it up so that your customer service gets a notification when people have requested an offer or have questions regarding an order.

A way to use a contact form is with Exit intent then you are most certain to lower your bounce-rate and increase time spent on your site. This way, the form will not only be shown on every page when they are about to leave, but also on your contact site.  

Display a Contact form for visitors who are about to leave or on every page, and let them contact you with problems or questions. It enhances the chances that your visitors will fill out your contact form.

»7 out of 15 recent contact form submissions came from contact forms on other pages.«

Marvel Russell, MySiteAuditor

How many fields and what input fields you need to provide for a better customer service is depending on what kind of webshop or site you have.

Neil Patel, the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics, recommends that you keep the number of fields down to three and make the phone field optional if needed. Here are some more tips that will help you optimize your contact form conversion.

Here is an example on a contact Sleeknote to give you some inspiration

We have already started on the contact Sleeknote for you, so all you need to do is personalise it and start inviting your visitors to contact you!

You can find it under “Create Sleeknote – Choose Template.”

It’s usually a good idea to add an image or avatar in order to make your message more personal so that your visitors are more likely to interact. Fruzsina Markocsany, a Brand Community Specialist at iAdvize, has created this guide for you so that you are better able to choose the right avatar that matches your brand.

By initiating contact under the visit on your site you increase the chances that the visitor actually turns into a customer. A Contact form on your site makes you proactive in engaging your visitors.

Blank template – promote your best offer

Not all of your visitors go directly to your home page and see all your banners with special offers, “new in store,” or “free shipping this month,” and that is exactly why you should use the blank Sleeknote.

Using the blank CTA gives you the opportunity to promote your special offers on your subpages.

Don’t let visitors or customers miss out on your great offers just because they didn’t land on your homepage.

»Convince them that the clock is ticking and delaying would result in missing the opportunity.«

Vaibhav Kakkar, RankWatch

The best part of the blank Sleeknote, with or without CTA-button, is that you have unlimited ways to design the form like you want it, and it also lets us give you a hint in the right direction.

Here are some amazing blank CTA’s that gain attention:

  • Show your limited offers such as “2 for 1,” “10 % off your next purchase,” “Get 1 month free subscription,” or “Become a member of our club and get limited offers and discounts.”
  • Promote that you offer “Free Shipping” this month or week.
  • Make visitors aware of your presence on other platforms – “Download our App.”
  • If you have a size guide, promote it with a blank Sleeknote.
  • Use it to promote your Instagram or Snapchat profile – if you are showing “behind the scenes” content, promote it and gain traffic on your social media sites.
  • Display blank CTA’s on specific pages to make it more relevant and gain a higher conversion rate. Fx set up a blank to display when your visitors come from Adwords.
  • Use a blank Sleeknote for shopping cart abandonment; set up the Sleeknote with exit intent, and then offer them a discount on their purchase if they are trying to leave.

And some of the examples could look like this …soedahl_BlankctaBlankCTA

If you are running campaigns for a limited period, use the time activation feature and automate your Sleeknotes. This way you don’t need to remember when to activate or deactivate them.

You find the feature under Settings, right here:

2 -- time activation

Every webshop or site should have something special to offer and Blank Sleeknotes help you spread the word on your website and market your best offers.

Survey – Understand your customers needs

Sleeknote is not only about collecting sign ups for your newsletters, but you can also use it to create a dialog with your customers.

If you want to understand your customers needs and opinions about your shop, why not simply ask them?

That’s why you should use Sleeknote for making a survey.

It’s simple to set up, and it helps you make your marketing more relevant. When you get your customers perspectives on a purchase or use of your site, you get feedback with high value for your business.

This enables you to make engaging offers and produce content that fits the needs of your visitors, which leads to more loyal customers who might also recommend you to others.

Dave Charest from Constant Contact have made this great 8 step guide for how to make the proper survey. Check it out so that you can get started without making any of the common mistakes.

Some of our customers wanted to reach their customers more effectively and made this brilliant survey, which is given to visitors who have made a purchase in their shop.


The above survey performs perfectly and has a conversion rate of 36.6 %  

Want to try it out yourself? Here is a quick recipe for the setup:

  • Make a contact Sleeknote positioned as a popup.
  • Make it relevant for your customers and use a rhetoric that invites people to fill out the survey. This is very important in order to make sure you get a high response rate.
  • Furthermore, use radio buttons, so your customers can rate how they have experienced their purchase. Customers can rate their experience as “Bad experience,” “Okay experience,” “Good experience,” or “Really good experience.” There is also a feedback field, so they can describe their experience more accurately.
  • In the last step, “Settings,” they have used specific pages, so the Sleeknote only gets shown in the last step when visitors are purchasing.

Wrap up – Different forms for different needs

Just to sum up the differents forms and their possibilities.

  • Make sure the content is relevant; give them something you know they want.
  • Position your newsletter form so that it fits your message and visitors’ needs.
  • Catch your visitors’ interest with the teaser.
  • A Contact form on your site makes you proactive in engaging your visitors.
  • Blank forms helps you spread the word on your site and market your best offers.
  • Better understand your customers needs’ by using a survey form on your site.

Content – Best practices

The idea is to catch the eye and make sure that your visitors notice the opt-in form while making sure that it doesn’t affect your key numbers negatively.

In order to do this, I’m gonna go through some of the most important elements when designing a form for your site.

First, we start out with the Call To Action button.

Call To Action (CTA)

We want your visitors to cross the finish line and submit to your newsletter. And the only way they do that is by clicking the Call To Action (CTA) button.

Don’t be like the other sites that just write “Sign up for our newsletter.” I can guarantee you that your visitors will look at it and think, “Why the hell should I?”

A great way to overcome this is to make the text in the CTA fit with the content in the form!

Here are a few examples…

  • Get your free voucher now
  • Yes, please! Let me get inspired
  • Start your free trial now
  • Join the 2,000 other members
  • See how to…
  • Don’t miss out on the best news
  • Kickstart your weekend now
  • Don’t waste your time anymore
  • Limited offer right here
  • 10 % coupon code will be shown here

Another trick is brought to you by CopyHackers.com. Create button/CTA copy that completes this phrase: I want to ________________. The underlined part becomes the button copy.

If you want more examples and knowledge about CTAs, my colleague made this great post!

Just to give you some ideas how the combination of the above tips would look like – watch here.


From the CTA-button in the form, we move on to the colors.

It’s important that you find the colors that match your website in order to give a better impression that improves the chances that visitors interact with your form.

It also gives the impression that the email list form compliments the rest of the site when the colors match, and this increases the chances that visitors want to hand over their personal information.

“In an ocean of content marketing, color can help yours stand out,” says Ashton Wirrenga, a graphic designer for CoSchedule. Check out her Guide To Color Psychology In Marketing to find out about how color make you succeed with your content.

If you don’t know the color codes used in your website, you can use this html-color-tool.

Just take a screenshot of your site, paste the image into the tool, and then pick the wanted color.

Now you have the color codes that match elements from your site, and this allows you to design your opt-in form so that it better compliments the color scheme of your online presence.

Add an image to your opt-in form

Next, add an image to your form. Tests have shown that opt-in forms with images convert far better than forms without them. That means an image is essential when you want to have a high conversion rate.

The reason why we see this difference in conversion rate is because most people are very visual, and when you have an image in your form, it attracts more attention.

Images are very important for consumers and have a high value when they have to select and choose which product to purchase; the same idea also applies to opt-in forms.

A report has shown that sites with relevant images get 94 % more views than pages without, so it really makes a difference to add an image to your form.

The facts speak for themselves. That is also why we highly recommend adding a relevant image to your opt-in forms so that you may get more email subscribers.  

You can use your image as a background image, which gives you the opportunity to make your opt-in more graphic compelling. Furthermore, you can make the opt-in fit perfectly into the rest of your design, which means better user experience.


You can also detach an image in the form. This gives you a good graphical look. When you detach an image you make it overlap the opt-in and your site. When the Sleeknote slides in, it’s less obtrusive with a detached image, because it gives a smooth transition between the opt-in and the site itself.


Finally, you can embed an image in your opt-in form. An embedded image can make the opt-in more compelling because it complements the text in the form. Because the lines in the form aren’t broken by an image, it makes the form more powerful and works like an extra layer on the site.


As you can see, it gives different visual looks and it’s up to you to discover what kind of design would work best with your site.  You can use this Online Photo Editor (it’s free) to edit your images so they fit right into the Opt-in form.

Because of all of the reasons presented in this section, we highly recommend you to include an image in your form to generate more leads and give a better visual impression on your site.

Submission notification

Let’s not forget the thank you message. It’s the notification that your subscribers get when they have signed up for your newsletter in the opt-in form.

The thank you message is a nice way letting someone know that they successfully have been added to your newsletter.thankyou_note1

»Regardless of which opt-in process you use, you’ll want to have a ‘thanks for signing up!’ page to which subscribers are taken as soon as they click ‘subscribe’ (or confirm their subscription).«

Monica Hemingway, ITG Multimedia

If you are running a competition, you have the opportunity to let them know in the thank you message that the winner will be notified directly and that their voucher will be sent to their mail; you may also just give it to them directly in the thank you message.

Are you running a double opt-in it’s a good way to notify them that they need to confirm their submission in the mail they just received.

Wrap up Content – Best practices

Just to review, here are the most important tips when you make a form for your site.

  • Use an image in your form to give a better visual impression because it’s proven that this produces better conversion rates.
  • The time spent on finding a good image design is well spent.
  • Change the colors in the form so they match with your site.
  • Use the CTA textline to indicate what you get when you subscribes to your newsletter.

Target the right audience

Perhaps you can paint a picture in your head about the many different types of customers your shop has; therefore, you should target each one differently in order to give them better customer experiences.

One way to do this is by targeting your opt-ins using several parameters. This means that you can show different opt-ins to different visitors and thereby target specific audiences.

With a targeted campaign, you will be able to show different content to different visitors and also be able to make sure that it is relevant.

»Regardless of what combination of online advertising approaches you decide to use, in order to be able to sell anything online, you have to find the people who have the biggest chance of being interested in what you have to offer.«

Ivan Dimitrijevic, MyCity Web

Most eCommerce stores or websites have campaigns that consist of a variety of offers, and each offer is set up to match a specific segment on your website. That’s why we would recommend you make multiple opt-ins that target specific segments.

I will now go through some of the parameters that make it possible to target the right audience.

Relevant targeting (URL)

With URL targeting, it’s possible to show opt-ins that are made specifically for certain URLs, or you can make sure that they aren’t shown on certain pages.

In addition, our Exclude/Include feature makes it possible for you to give your visitors more specific offers or newsletters.

If you target your opt-in on relevant pages, there is a better chance that the email list form will fulfil your visitors needs. Instead of just sending them a general newsletter you now have the possibility to send them relevant and personal newsletters.

»Selecting a distinct target to pursue will drive their focus on your content and your efforts will be paid back.«

Fruzsina Markocsany, iAdvize

It’s really easy to setup a URL targeted Newsletter form. When you have made the Sleeknotes, you want to use our specific pages. You hit “Settings” and go to “Setup visibility options” when you are editing your Sleeknote.

Here, you paste the URLs where you want your form to be shown. Just copy the URL from the URL-bar and then you are ready to activate it.

An example about how to grow your email list with opt-ins that relate to specific product categories…

If you are a DIY-shop, you could have a newsletter on your pages for a “gardening’ section and another opt-in for your “tools” category. This way, you get a better segmentation of your email subscribers, and you can send them more relevant personal content.

The above example can be implemented with numerous shops.

We also have customers using our exclude/include feature for making language specific opt-ins with high conversion rates. Again, it allows you to be more personal and fulfill your visitors needs.

When you make these URL targeted opt-ins, you can often reuse the same opt-in and just change a little so that it better fits a specific category or language. You can also save a little time by using the duplicate function.

Press the “Duplicate” button you find under “Options” in My Sleeknotes. By doing this, you save time if you want to reuse the same Sleeknote with a few changes.

Language specific newsletter forms are another way to use the relevant targeting.

Here is some examples:

  • Target specific segments (Men, Women, Kids etc.)
  • Target specific product-groups or sections (TV’s, computers, headphones etc.)
  • On your Blog, your guide pages, and new in store.

When you want to make relevant targeting, we also recommend that you use the wildcard * after the URL’s you want to include, so you can include a whole product category at once. By doing this, the opt-in is shown on all of the pages for that specific URL.

For example, you would create a URL like this, https://sleeknote.com/inside-ecommerce*, and the specfic form will be shown on all URL’s containing  https://sleeknote.com/inside-ecommerce. So if you have a specific segment you want the Sleeknote to be shown on, you just ad * after the URL.

We also have the possibility to set up a more advanced targeting. The reason why you should use this is because it makes it possible to fulfill the different needs your different customer bases have and also gives you a better positioning to meet your visitors needs. Therefore, I’m going to continue to give you insight about how to target your customers.

Next up is exit intent…  

Exit intent – Catch them before they leave

I just clicked into your site, I can’t find what I am looking for (I only looked for two seconds), and the wife calls “There is food!” I’m outta here, so I move the cursor for the exit button, but wait a second, an opt-in pops up and offers me help. I was interested in the first place, so why not get help when it is so kindly offered.

Yep, it’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the picture.

The Exit-intent technology detects when your visitors intend to leave your site. When they move the cursor to the toolbar in the browser, the technology triggers a form that you have already set up.

»Exit-intent technology gives you a second chance to convert fleeing prospects.«

Catalin Zorzini, Ecommerce-platforms.com

The idea with Exit popups is to increase the lead generation and offer your visitors something that has value to them in order to make them stay on your site.

Exit intent technology is also one of the less intrusive ways to convert visitors into hot leads. It won’t appear until the visitor is actually about to leave the site. This allows visitors to do what they came for, without being disturbed by popups.

Don’t let your marketing efforts go to waste! Start converting abandoning visitors into potential customers! Want to learn more about exit intent? Check this post out.

When a visitors is about to leave your site, you use the popup to target them with relevant content.


The question you must ask yourself is, “What content matches my visitors’ interest and gets them to stay longer on my site and sign up?”

Here are some ways to catch your visitors before they leave:

  • Offer a discount if they sign up for the newsletter, like in this example with Sonofatailor.com.
  • Use a blank Sleeknote to give them a discount code or a special offer.
  • Use a contact Sleeknote and offer them your help to make the right purchase.
  • Respond to cart abandonment by deploying a popup to offer visitors a discount or free shipping.

With exit popups you will be able to convert 2-5 % of your bouncing visitors into leads or sales.

You find the “exit intent” option under “Setup visibility options” and “When should your Sleeknote appear.”

See here how it works… 

3 - exit intent

If you only want the exit popups to be shown on specific pages, use our “specific pages” option, and in general URL targeting, add the URL’s for these specific sites.

Get the perfect segmentation

When you are setting up a Newsletter form, it’s a good idea to have your existing subscriber base in mind or at least know what kind of subscriber base you want to grow.

If you are sending newsletters about specific product groups or specific customer segments, then you want to show this in your Newsletter form.

Segmentate your new signups perfectly with radio buttons or checkboxes. Radio buttons are a pair or more buttons that visitors can choose between when they are signing up for your newsletter. With checkboxes, they can choose some or all of the boxes you have set up. They could choose things like sports, fashion, footwear, kids, or different brands.

With these tools, you can get to know your visitor’s preferences and send them much more relevant content and offers.

By using this feature, you get a perfect segmentation based on your subscribers’ preferences.

»According to Customer Insight Group, 70% of consumers that follow brands on Facebook do so to receive special offers, which can be marketed much more efficiently through landing pages than cluttered Facebook walls.«

Fahad Muhammad, Instapage

Using radio buttons or checkboxes to segmentate subscribers has great advantages. If you want to segmentate on specific product groups, just add the appropriate amount of checkboxes or radio buttons.

You find radio buttons and checkboxes under “Add elements” when you are editing your Sleeknote. We have made a little clip showing exactly where you do this. Here are some examples of how checkboxes and radio buttons looks like.  checkboxairtamew As you can see in those scenarios, using radio buttons or checkboxes to segmentate subscribers has great advantages.

This can easily be transferred to your webshop or website and subscriber base if you want to segmentate on specific product groups in multiple locations. When you have set up the radio buttons or checkboxes, you match these elements with your mailing list system in the last step, “Settings,” and then you are ready to target your new subscribers.

Best of all, tests have shown that it hasn’t got any negative impact on the conversion rate, so without losing any leads, you will get more happy subscribers.

Extra tip: Use radio buttons for a competition where you want your visitors to choose between a number of answers to participate in the competition.

It’s a nice and easy  way to make your visitors interact with your form and awaken some interest.

Referral targeting

You also have the option to target your Sleeknote based on referrals like Facebook, Google, and Pricerunner.

That means you can determine which visitors are included or excluded from seeing a specific opt-in.

For example, if you are posting about a certain topic on Facebook, you can use the referral feature to make your opt-ins relevant and more targeted when visitors come from Facebook.

It is also important to note that if you are mentioned elsewhere on the internet, you could set up a referral, so when people come from a specific site, they will get a targeted Sleeknote, and this helps you convert more of your visitors into leads.

It’s simple to set up:

4 - referral targeting

The reason why you should show opt-ins for visitors who come from specific referrals is because it helps you convert more of your visitors into potential customers because you can show them more relevant and personal content.

UTM targeting

You can also setup UTM campaign triggers to include and exclude opt-ins based on different variables.  My colleague has already created this guide about how to set it all up if you already have created UTM variables.

However, I’m gonna give you a little taste of how it works right now…

Basically UTM parameters are tags that you add to your URLs. When a person clicks on a URL with UTM parameters, it is sent back to Google Analytics. That gives you the opportunity to dig deeper into the details and see what campaigns work the best for your business.

So how can this help you target your opt-ins?

By customizing these UTM parameters, you are able to get information about how people are interacting with your site. For example, it could be which source they are coming from, like a  specific banner, email, cost per click, etc.

When you have a URL with all of these UTM variables, you can target an opt-in for this specific URL.

As an example, you could have a specific form for people that are coming from a specific newsletter, or show a relevant newsletter form for people that are coming from a banner ad.

There are many ways to use UTM campaign tracking. In this post, Amanda Gant, Marketing Manager at Orbit Media, focuses on campaign tracking as it relates to email marketing.

Anyway, let’s say I am in your fashion store, and I click on “See the newest collection of jackets in store” in your newsletter that contains UTM parameters, then you may want to have targeted a form specifically for this URL that might say something like, “Buy a jacket and get a 20% discount on your next purchase.”

This way you can create forms that specifically target specific groups, making the content highly relevant and cohesive.

Hide your Opt-in from existing email subscribers

Why? There is no reason why you should expose your opt-in form for already existing subscribers. At Sleeknote, you get this option in the final settings when you are creating a Sleeknote.

A cookie exception is an opportunity for you to defer cases when you don’t want your Sleeknote to appear. By adding ‘?SNSubscribed=true’ to any given url/link, we automatically place a cookie on your visitors browser telling the Sleeknote not to appear.

5- hide from subscribers

For more info about the cookies based exception, check out this guide.

Wrap up – Target the right audience

  • You can determine which of your visitors are included or excluded from seeing a specific opt-in depending on which domain they are coming from.
  • Use URL-targeting for targeting relevant pages with specific forms.
  • Decrease the bounce rate with exit intent.
  • Get your subscriber base perfectly segmented with radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • Use the UTM variables to set up forms that trigger depending on various parameters.
  • Hide the forms for existing subscribers and make the user experience better.
  • Convert more of your visitors into potential customers because you are now able to show them more relevant and personal content.

A/B testing – Turn your theses into solid facts

A/B testing is a method for comparing two different things on your site against each other to see which one performs the best.

You should always be testing your marketing campaigns. Maybe you have mapped your target audience pretty good; however, you can always learn more about your customer base and how to increase your email list.

That is why you should use A/B split testing on your site not just for opt-in forms but also in general.

And just a little advice: Even the smallest changes with elements in your form can help you increase your lead generating.

»Sometimes small tweaks can work better for customers on a subconscious level and have a surprisingly big impact.«

Alexei Kouleshov, Your Easy Web Solutions

Running an A/B test that directly compares a variation against a current experience lets you ask focused questions about how to improve your website and then collect data about the impact of that change.

We have created a checklist of parameters you should test in order to grow your email list and you can get it for free here:

Free Downloadable Bonus
Download the complete checklist of parameters you should test when you do A/B split testing.

We have an integrated A/B split testing feature that can help you validate your theses by testing different messages, designs, positions, etc.

First, you create two new Sleeknotes you want to test against each other. If you already have a live Sleeknote you want to test against a new one use the Duplicate option I mentioned earlier.

It’s important that you don’t use a Sleeknote that already has data.

When you have two Sleeknotes you want to test, here is what you do:

Open the A/B split test, enter a name and select the two Sleeknotes you want to test; one in each column. Start the test and follow the results

6 - ab test

After the test is over, you will be able to track your results.

Most likely, you want to test which Sleeknote that has the best conversion rate to determine which one converts the most visitors into leads.

When you have found a winner, you can test that Sleeknote against a new theory you may have.

You can also A/B split test whether it affects your KPI’s negatively or not by testing your site with and without a opt-in form. Tools like VWO and Optimizely helps you test the effect of new implementations on your site.  

Wrap up – A/B testing – Turn your ideas into solid facts

  • You can always learn more about your customer base and what triggers them to purchase on your site; therefore, keep testing on your site.
  • Even the smallest changes with elements in your form can help you increase your lead generation.
  • You can test pretty much everything; here are a few examples: Content, CTA-text, Colors, different pictures, etc.

Mobile friendly: Increasing traffic on mobile devices

In 2015 over 50% of mobile users worldwide used their mobile for internet usage and in some countries in europe it’s over 70%. As a result of the above, many companies have developed mobile responsive sites that provide a better user experience on smartphones and other mobile devices.

»This year, mobile will grow up. With eMarketer predicting that over two billion people worldwide will have a smartphone in 2016, brands will have to move beyond basic mobile-friendly websites to creating mobile experiences.«

Duff Anderson, iPerceptions

So why shouldn’t your opt-in forms be optimized for mobile sites?

Sleeknote is designed to be responsive, that means your visitors can subscribe to your opt-in form on all mobile devices.

Why is this important?


Your Sleeknote will be adjusted to a conversion-optimized format that works on all mobile devices.

Create a signup form in Sleeknote, and it will automatically be responsive on mobile devices, so your mobile visitors can interact with the form.

It is easy to fill out and easy to close as well. Your visitors don’t have to scroll or do anything to find the close button.

Whenever you create a Sleeknote, you get the opportunity in the last step, “Settings,” to select “Show on mobile,” if you want the Sleeknote to be shown on mobile devices.

We highly recommend it, so you don’t miss out on valuable leads.

In Google Analytics, you will also be able to see the source your visitors came from when they signed up in the Sleeknote form.

This gives you a good impression of how much value a signup form on mobile has to your business.

Wrap up – Mobile friendly

  • Create a signup form in Sleeknote, and it will automatically be responsive on mobile devices so your visitors that come from mobile can interact with the form.
  • Don’t miss out on valuable leads. You know that you get a lot of traffic from mobile devices, so use the platform actively.

Analytics – It’s all about the numbers

When you are a part of a business, you most likely putting a lot of time, money, and effort into making you visitors into returning customers. So how do you know if all of your resources work?

Different analytical tools like Google Analytics and other analytical tools integrated in software you use, help you get insight about marketing campaigns that work and ones that don’t.

All the data basically helps you to see what doesn’t work, and where you could improve your marketing and customer experiences.

Check out this infographic from Litmus and see why you for sure should use email marketing actively:
Email has higher conversion rates per session than search and social combined.
Email: 4.6 %, Search: 2.64 % Social: 0.48 %

reign-of-email-infographic 2

For example, if you have insight in the keywords that drive consumers to visit your site, you know what your potential customers are looking for and this knowledge can be used to get insight into how your customers behave, and what different kind of customers you may have.

This way you can allocate your resources right and make better data driven decisions that will convert your visitors into customers.

Sleeknote gives you all the data you need for tracking your submissions, views, and conversion rates.

By doing this, you will be able to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly performance results.

7 - analytics sleeknote

Your data will be updated every night; this insures that Sleeknote is as effective as possible when you use it.

In addition to Sleeknote’s built-in tracking, you will also be able to track a bunch of data in our Google Analytics integration. Check out this guide in order to learn more about how you can use all the data.

Paul Koks, founder of Online Metrics, gives you 25 reasons why you should use Google Analytics right here.

Furthermore you can download a CSV file with a lot of information about your new subscribers. This includes things like which page they signed up and when they did so. Basically, you can analyze your leads in Excel.

Another helpful tip is to see when you get more subscribers than usual and look at the signup page in the CSV-file to see what caused this activity. This way you can understand your visitors better and increase the number of leads generated.

Wrap up Analytics – It’s all about numbers

  • Gain valuable insight about what marketing campaigns work and the ones that don’t.
  • Allocate your resources right and make better data driven decisions that make your visitors convert into customers.
  • See if you did something on your other marketing channels that led to more subscribers in your form.

The most important takeaways

I’m just gonna sum up the most important takeaways and things you should have in mind when you want to get more email subscribers.  

  • First of all make sure your visitors know what they get from subscribing your newsletter because this improves the chances that they actually sign up in your form. 
  • Promote your best offers, get in contact with your visitors, and gain knowledge about their user experiences with your site. These different forms make it possible to interact with your visitors in an unintrusive and personal way.
  • It’s important that you make the forms fit with the rest of your design on your webshop or site. 
  • Take your time to target the right customer bases through the many different tools. 
  • Use A/B testing tools actively. Combine it with your analytics and make better data driven decisions that makes your visitors convert into customers.

All the above tips and insight can help you increase your sign ups remarkably. If you have any tips or tricks share it with the rest of us in the comments. 

Jeppe Mikkelsen
Customer Success at Sleeknote. Helps companies gain badass conversions with Sleeknote.

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