Work at Sleeknote as a
Frontend Engineer

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Building products is your bread and butter. Javascript is your weapon of choice.

Job description

Sleeknote is growing at a rapid pace, and we’re looking for more talented people to join our team. At the moment, we’re on a wild goose chase for an extremely talented frontend engineer to help us develop the best product possible.

As a part of the Sleeknote team, you’ll be writing new code from the bottom up and play a decisive role regarding product decisions and directions. You’ll be responsible for the shape, look and feel of our product and we expect you to stay updated on any new technologies that can benefit our product.

Why would you want to work at Sleeknote? Here are five reasons

  • We’re a young, vibrant startup that, not only welcomes but pushes for new ideas and innovative mindsets
  • We have an energetic environment with frequent architecture talks but without eternal planning meetings
  • We’re rapidly growing, and our user-base is expanding internationally – so your product will reach millions
  • We’re a small, cross-functional team of highly skilled employees within development, business intelligence, design, marketing, and operations
  • We work proficiently in both business and software development

Skills & Requirements

What we expect of you

We expect you to have some code to show us and write some more in the interviewing process – no reversing a binary tree on a whiteboard, but something demonstrating that you will be a good fit for us. We expect you to learn our stack – if not used before, in a week or so.

Our development focuses on agility, speed, and ease of use – therefore you will not be expected to work with anything that transpiles into JS (CoffeeScript, TypeScript, etc.) or any big and monolithic framework (Ember, Angular, Meteor, etc.)

Current stack

Ampersand, Mustache style templates, RequireJS, SASS, Gulp, A lot of vanilla Javascript

Must-have skills

  • Expert knowledge of core front-end web technologies (JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3)
  • Ability to write high-performance, reusable code
  • Knowledge of version control systems – preferably GIT
  • Experience with web-application development
  • Standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible code

We would be amazed by – but certainly do not require

  • UI/UX design experience (usability concerns, visual design skills)
  • Experience with test frameworks
  • Experience with backend development (.NET, C#, Razor)

Are you interested?

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We value

Drive & Passion

We all have one thing in common: We're passionate geeks! We strive to do our very best at all times, and we love what we do.

We consider ourself

A vibrant startup

We encourage creativity and new ideas, and we love to find new and exciting ways to grow our business.

We do

Work that matters

Every single team member plays a key role in the success of our business, and we bring tangible results for our customers.

What we're all about

Sleeknote is a SaaS product that focuses on user engagement.
Our vision is to create the most effective, non-intrusive, and personalized engagement tool that helps online stores turn their visitors into customers. Email marketing and social platforms are referred to as the most effective marketing channels, but we’ve noticed that many companies struggle to convert relevant visitors into leads.
We want to solve this issue with an online service that both looks great and is easy to use.
Our product has had great success, and our company is constantly growing.

Come join us! Current openings:

If you're passionate, super-talented, and a geek like the rest of us, Sleeknote is definitely the place for you. Please don't hesitate to apply for one of the openings below. Don't see a perfect match? Doesn't matter. Send us an email and introduce yourself - new positions are always opening up.


Sleeknote HQ, Remote OK Aarhus, Denmark
Sleeknote HQ Aarhus, Denmark
Sleeknote HQ, Remote OK Aarhus, Denmark


Sleeknote HQ, Remote OK Aarhus, Denmark
Sleeknote HQ, Aarhus, Denmark
Sleeknote HQ, Aarhus, Denmark