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About Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures high-end audio products and televisions. Besides entertainment products for the home environment, Bang & Olufsen also creates high performance sound systems for the high-end car industry.

Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, whose first significant product was a radio that worked with alternating current at a time when most radios ran on batteries.

Today, Bang & Olufsen products are sold mainly by an extensive, independent retail network across more than 100 countries. The majority of these retailers are concept stores, which exclusively sell B&O products.

In 2012, Bang & Olufsen created a new brand called B&O PLAY that consists of an array of products from headphones to speakers and music systems. This is the brand they have an online store for.


What do they use Sleeknote for?

B&O PLAY mainly uses Sleeknote to get new subscribers for their newsletter. They use competitions as incentives, where they offer their visitor a chance to win a Beoplay A1 if they sign up for their newsletter. They have made the sleeknote time-based, which means that they show the sleeknote as a teaser at first, and after 5 seconds it shows up in the right bottom corner of the screen. This way, the sleeknote become less intrusive.

See an example of the sleeknote here. Notice how the sleeknote fits the design on the website:


Another way they use Sleeknote is to promote new products by directing their customers to a certain product page. In this case, they’ve introduced a new television called Beovision Horizon. If you click the CTA button, you’ll be directed to a page telling you all about the new television.

See the Sleeknote introducing Beovision Horizon here:

Lastly, They have also used Sleeknote for a mix of promotions and surveys. After releasing a new product called Beolit 15, they asked the visitors which color they liked the most. In this way, they found out what color their customers prefer and at the same time they promoted Beolit 15 and the new grey color.

See how they did here:

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

B&O PLAY uses Sleeknote for a variety of different purposes, but mainly to collect more subscribers to their newsletter.

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