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Tell us about Södahl

The concept was founded in Denmark in 1963 by designer and artist Hans Jürgen Schöbel and was based on the leading idea – to develop quality products in attractive designs. Södahl’s design center works all year around to spot and predict future trends in the field of furnishing and lifestyles products, which gives today’s customer classic, elegant, modern and super trendy styles choices. The very best ingredient in premium processing is a high design and fashionable colors which is the recipe for Södahl’s collections.


“Sleeknote stands out from their competitors quite clearly with their delicious and intuitive back-end interface, and that’s why it wasn’t difficult for us to choose the best “pop feature” for our website.”

Anders Vendelbo Christensen

Webmaster, Södahl

What was your goal, when you started using Sleeknote?

Our goal was to get more conversions in relation to newsletter signups. In addition we wanted to highlight the new collections and products, which are continuously added to the page.

What has Sleeknote helped you with?

Many of our visitors don’t enter through the front (door) like in a physical store, and because of this, we used Sleeknote popups on all of our subpages to create traffic to the desired campaign pages.

Here’s an example of a Sleeknote on Södahl’s website:

Södahl - slidein example

What is the result after using Sleeknote?

Our campaigns have gained greater visibility and most importantly we have directed more traffic to our beautiful collections and news, which of course helps us to inspire visitors and at the same time it focuses attention on our products.

“We have had great success with the Sleeknote in November and December, where we used it to highlight our campaign items and support our TV-marketing in the same period.”

Anders Vendelbo Christensen

Webmaster, Södahl

Why is email marketing important for Södahl?

Södahl has a large turnover on products, because we present a new collection 2 times per year – respectively a summer and a winter collection. That is why email marketing is an easy and great way to inform interested visitors about our new collections.

This is an example of a Sleeknote Södahl uses on their Swedish website:

Södahl - slidein example

Describe Sleeknote with three words

Flexible, awesome features and great customer support.

What advice do you have for those who consider using Sleeknote?

First of all, you just have to test it out. There are so many different possibilities besides collecting newsletter signups. You can use it across your entire website for different purposes. For example, we have begun using it a lot to display new products in order to increase awareness around these products.

Sleeknote is extremely flexible, which makes it so much easier to customize your Sleeknotes in exactly the way you want

Anders Vendelbo Christensen

Webmaster, Södahl

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

Absolutely fine. We started as a beta-test-customer and the few times we have had a problem, they have been extremely helpful. It is a really good product that is very flexible compared to several of Sleeknote’s competitors. For example you have the opportunity to design and customize your Sleeknote, so it fits to your page’s design and style. In addition Sleeknote has a back-end that is both beautiful and extremely user-friendly.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Södahl’s campaigns have gained greater visibility and they directed more traffic to their beautiful collections and news with Sleeknote. Would you also like to highlight new collections and products to potential customers?

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