Get More HeyLoyalty Subscribers with Sleeknote

Create beautiful, eye-catching campaigns that integrate with HeyLoyalty in minutes.

Segment Visitors with Checkboxes, Drop-Downs, and More

Segment visitors by adding radio buttons or drop-downs to campaigns. Or, add checkboxes to get consent from visitors before they opt in. Perfect for ensuring you’re GDPR compliant.


Capture exiting visitors into subscribers the very moment they’re about to leave.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time.

Mobile-Specific Campaigns

With our signature mobile editor, you can create mobile-friendly messages in no time.

Easily Connect Sleeknote to Your HeyLoyalty Account

Connect your HeyLoyalty account by adding your API key and your secret API key. That’s all. No coding required. Then all your new signups will be transferred directly to your HeyLoyalty account.

Get the Data You Need to Segment Your HeyLoyalty Lists

With Sleeknote, you can get the information you need to segment your signups and add them to the right HeyLoyalty list. Map the information you get from your campaigns to the right HeyLoyalty fields and you can target new signups based on that information.

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Looking for Another Integration?

We’re always adding new integrations. If you’re looking for one, in particular, check out our integrations page.