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Get More and Better Leads with Intelligent Lead Forms

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A Smarter Way to Collect Leads with Opt-in Forms

Most opt-in form builders are made to target only new visitors. Whether you’re visiting a new website for the first time or returning as a subscriber, you see the same generic email form asking you for an email you already gave.

Sleeknote makes it easy to customize your opt-in forms for each visitor, regardless of where they are in their journey. Ask a new visitor for their name and email. Then, when they return as a lead, invite them to leave a review or refer a friend or submit a survey. The possibilities are endless.

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Introducing… The New Way to Collect Relevant Leads

Most lead forms are boring and off-brand, asking you for your name and email, again and again, on every page.

Others have multiple input fields with nothing for the visitor to do after entering their details.

No one likes seeing forms like that, especially if you’re a returning subscriber.

Instead, treat each website visitor as the individual they are, right now, in their journey.

If they’re a new visitor, ask them for their email. If they’re a returning lead, ask them to make a purchase based on their location.

Use our drag-and-drop builder to personalize each lead form by its goal. Add a countdown timer to drive urgency for giveaways. 

Use merge tags for promotions running in certain countries (that’s your country in the headline to the left, right?)

Promote your bestsellers of the current month in the succeeding step.

Get the details you need in multiple steps without overwhelming the visitor or losing conversions.

Use Cases

Use Case

Get More Details from New Subscribers (In Multiple Steps)

Go beyond asking for a name and email address. Learn more about new leads—their age, gender, their interests—without hurting your conversion rate. Try for yourself in the campaign to the left.

Use Case

Make Lead Collection Fun

Why offer a 10 percent discount like everyone else? Invite visitors to enter their email and spin a lucky wheel to win free shipping, a mystery prize, or more. The choice is yours.

Use Case

Use a Countdown Timer to Build Excitement

Add a countdown timer to incentivize visitors to enter their email. Perfect for driving last-minute interest for one-day sales, onsite giveaways, and more.

Use Case

Drive Online Bookings and Product Demos

Whether you’re inviting visitors to book a meeting or schedule a product demo with an in-house expert, Sleeknote makes it easy to collect key details and pass them to the right salesperson.

Use Case

Preview Lead Magnets With Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is priceless. Drive more leads by teasing a lead magnet’s content from within a form. (We’ve seen conversions as high as 10 percent.)

Use Case

Collect Post-Purchase Feedback

Get key insights by asking first-time buyers about their experience on a receipt page. Or invite returning leads to suggest product improvements. The possibilities are endless.

Use Case

Get Key Insights from Visitors

How did your visitors hear about you? Which brands should you promote in-store? Get the answers you need from the people that matter to help grow your business. Try for yourself in the form to the left.

Use Case

Help Visitors When Needed

Invite visitors to get in touch during business hours. And when you’re unavailable? Link to a resource like a buying guide or inform the visitor on how to get in touch outside opening hours.

Get a Free Lead Form

Try Sleeknote for free for seven days before becoming a customer and get immediate access to all our products and features. Then, if you decide to upgrade from a monthly to an annual plan, one of our in-house experts will make a free popup for your website. We’ll ensure it’s on-brand and supports your marketing (whether that’s getting more emails or driving more sales). We guarantee satisfaction—which is why we offer you your money back if you’re not happy after 100 days. Growing your online store has never been easier.

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