Managed Solution Starter Pack

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Let our team of experts set up your first Sleeknote campaign, so you get the best foundation to grow your business.

Get The Best Possible Start

Our team of conversion specialists are ready to go above and beyond to make sure that your Sleeknote campaign generates results from day one. You tell us your conversion goals and your brand’s vision and identity.

Then we’ll do the heavy lifting and implement a tailored SleekBox to achieve (and surpass) your goals. It’s a Win Win. You get to see what Sleeknote is capable of and at the same time you get the best possible start with our software.

Meet Our Experts

At your service! We’ve put together the optimal team of Sleeknote employees to help you get more sales in less time. Their strengths lay within conversion optimization, brand communication, and design—and if we have to say so ourselves, the perfect people for the job. Let’s meet the A-team.


Client Advisor

Caroline will ensure you get the most out of your website traffic, turning visitors into leads and sales.

Julie Tholstrup

Client Advisor

Julie creates popups for every need and goal. She’ll make sure your popups are always optimized.


Julie Andersen

Dedicated Success Manager

Julie is our data expert. She knows which popups work for every step of the customer journey.

Rikke Thomsen

Dedicated Success Manager

Rikke knows how to get you more quality emails, leads and sales through targeted popups.

Mathias Christensen

Dedicated Success Manager

Mathias will help you with the strategic foundation of your conversion goals, and ensure a smooth process.

Customer Stories

Instead of us going on about what we can do for you, you can see what our customers have to say about the results we’ve helped them achieve and the difference we’ve made for their business.

How It Works

1. Start Your Free Trial

Start a free trial to access all our features without spending a cent.
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2. What’s Your Goal?

Want to collect more email leads? Guide your visitors or engage with your visitors?

3. 15 Minute Call With Client Advisor

Based on your choice in step 2 we’ll set up a quick call to get aligned with your visual identity, goals and KPIs.

4. Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Over the next month we’ll let the SleekBox do it’s magic

5. Evaluation

We will evaluate the performance of the SleekBox and discuss next steps.

Ready to Get Started?

Start your free Sleeknote trial and we’ll get back to you shortly, to get your free SleekBox up and running.

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