How Anodyne Collected 23,000+ Newsletter Permissions in Just 4 Months

About Anodyne®

Anodyne® is the European distributor of postural clothing from the American brand AlignMed, who’s the only producer of postural clothing registered by the American FDA.

The technology behind the clothing is inspired by kinesiology tape which is used by physiotherapists to adjust muscle function, improve blood circulation, and treat and relieve back pain and neck tension.

Anodyne® is present online in 12 countries around Europe and they’re moving towards opening retail stores as well.





Aarhus N, Denmark

Staff members

11 – 50

What Made You Choose Sleeknote?

We were facing a big challenge with people abandoning their carts. We wanted to send recovery emails and needed a way to collect permissions from the people who visited our site and added products to their cart but didn’t buy.

Someone in my network recommended Sleeknote, and I got in touch with Mogens and we very quickly set it up. The implementation was really fast and easy.

Also, we needed a quick and effective way to get more email signups. We did have our own signup option, but because we have a lot of information on our site, people tended to overlook our original signup option. So we needed something that would catch our visitors’ attention without hurting the user experience.

“In just four months we’ve gotten more than 23,000 new leads, and we have an overall conversion rate of 10%, which is amazing.”

Kamilla Knudsen Marketing Coordinator, Anodyne

What Do You Use Sleeknote For?

The main thing we use Sleeknote for is collecting leads for our newsletter so we have a broad reach through that channel.



Then we also use Sleeknote to collect permissions from abandoned carts so we can send recovery emails and get back some of that lost revenue.

Another example is when we have a discount that we want to give visitors. If you just have the discount on specific landing pages, visitors might not see it at first. And then when they pay full price for a product and see the discount afterward, our customer service has to spend a lot of time reversing orders.

So by adding a popup with the discount code, we ensure that all visitors see it before making a purchase which saves our customer service team a lot of time. Plus, showing a discount code increases our sales as well.



Lastly, we use Sleeknote to convey important information to visitors.

For example, at Christmas, we have a SleekBox that lets visitors know when they need to place their order if they want to receive it in time for Christmas Eve. And also, how long they can exchange Christmas presents for.

That way we eliminate the concern people may have about this, and again, it saves our customer service team a lot of time so they don’t have to spend time answering these questions over and over again.


What Have Your Results Been?

In just four months we’ve gotten more than 23,000 new leads, and we have an overall conversion rate of 10%, which is amazing.

This means we have 23,000 more potential customers to reach out to whenever we run a new campaign.

“Sleeknote is such an easy tool to implement. You just add a simple script on your site and it’s up and running.”

Kamilla Knudsen Marketing Coordinator, Anodyne

Did You Have Any Concerns About Using Sleeknote?

You always have concerns when trying out a new product. Is it going to work? Will it be annoying for our visitors? Will it have an effect on our Google ranking with the new rules?

So I reached out to your Customer Success team and told them about these concerns. I was quickly reassured and they answered all the questions I had. It was very helpful.

Hear Kamilla explain how Anodyne® uses Sleeknote in this video:

What’s Your Favorite Sleeknote Feature?

I really like the split testing feature. We’ve played around with a lot of split tests and we typically see a 30-38% increase in performance when testing different versions of our SleekBoxes.

For example, we’ve tested offering a t-shirt vs. a gift card to see which type of incentive our visitors preferred. That way we can see exactly what to include in our SleekBoxes to get more leads.

Would You Recommend Sleeknote to Others?

I definitely think others should use Sleeknote, especially if they’re struggling with generating leads on their own.

Sleeknote is such an easy tool to implement. You just add a simple script on your site and it’s up and running.

It’s so easy to use, and you can customize all elements to match the design of your website so it compliments your brand perfectly.

Anodyne SleekBoxes
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