How Psykiatrifonden (The Danish Mental Health Organization) Got 4,500+ Donors by Using Sleeknote

About Psykiatrifonden

Psykiatrifonden strives to improve the quality of life for people suffering from mental illnesses and their families. This NGO was founded in 1996 and functions exclusively based on private donations. The foundation has been endorsed by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary since 2005.




Hejrevej 43, 2400 Copenhagen

Staff Members

60 employees and 80 volunteers


Jan-Alexander Schmidt, Head of Digital

The Issue Psykiatrifonden Was Facing

Like any humanitarian organization that relies on private donations, Psykiatrifonden needed a way to promote their mission to attract donors. After working hard to get visitors to their website, they faced another issue. Jan-Alexander, Psykiatrifonden’s Head of Digital, explained: “We didn’t do a great deal to show visitors who we are and what we do. We needed to convert our new traffic into donors.”

Why Psykiatrifonden Chose Sleeknote

Psykiatrifonden looked at how other NGOs handled this issue and noticed that on-site messages were a popular solution. They decided to try Sleeknote with a “Trial-and-error mindset,” Jan-Alexander told me, “but what we found out pretty quickly was that it was right for us. It turns out that a lot of our visitors wanted to sign up for our newsletter.”

Sleeknote’s user-friendliness was another reason why Psykiatrifonden chose it. “Even though I’m a Digital Manager, I never learned how to code,” Jan-Alexander told me. “So I really liked all the step-by-step tutorials and the fact that the editor is drag-and-drop. Also, there are a lot of different opinions in the company about how things should look and the messages we should send. And if someone comes up with a new idea, it’s really easy to adapt the SleekBoxes without having to start over.”

At first, the idea of implementing on-site messages was not met with enthusiasm. Many within the company worried that it might hurt the user experience on their website. When asked about what these colleagues thought of Sleeknote after using it, Jan-Alexander said:

“They love it! There has been a big change from then to now. It has turned from being the “bastard” of the organization to being appreciated for the value it brings us.”

Jan-Alexander Schmidt Head of Digital

How They Used Sleeknote

Psykiatrifonden used Sleeknote to get subscribers for their email newsletter. They did this in two different ways. First, they used a simple SleekBox, where visitors could give their email address. This box stated that the newsletter was sent twice a month and would update them on news about mental health.

Second, they used a SleekBox to promote their quizzes. Previously, Psykiatrifonden used quizzes to get newsletter subscribers to contact their call centre. Seeing good results, they promoted them through Sleeknote to convert website visitors into newsletter subscribers.

This SleekBox has worked well for them, as over 4,500 of the leads generated through it converted into donors down the line.

While their main focus with Sleeknote was lead generation, Psykiatrifonden also used it to promote sales of their specialized books and guides for dealing with mental illnesses, which in turn have the highest lead to donor conversion rate for the company.


According to Jan-Alexander, visitors that take the quiz through Sleeknote convert to donors really well, being overtaken only by people who buy one of their books. But the much smaller number of the latter makes Sleeknote one of their best channels for getting new donors.

Thirty-one thousand visitors clicked through their Quiz campaign, out of which 25,000 completed the quiz. Later in the funnel, 4,500 of these leads became donors.

Final Thoughts

When deciding to implement Sleeknote, Jan-Alexander encountered an attitude towards popups that is far too common among businesses: worrying about how it will affect the user experience.

But Psykiatrifonden’s success proves that on-site messages can be a great tool to capture qualified leads from one’s website traffic if done right and unintrusively.

Want to Start Turning Your Visitors Into Leads?

Watch the video below to learn how to create your own SleekBox.

Psykiatrifonden’s SleekBoxes

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