Full-Funnel Marketing Personalization (30 min)


Full-Funnel Marketing Personalization (30 min)

It’s estimated that the bounce rate for an average e-commerce site can be as high as 66%. This means that the vast majority of visitors are leaving without engaging with a brand’s suite of products. Watch this webinar presented by Johanna Eichhorst from AdRoll and our own Rikke Thomsen, to learn how to bring this number down and increase your on-site conversions.

In This Webinar You Will Learn

Here’s a little summary of some of the subjects we cover in this webinar

  • How to optimize your e-commerce site to convince first-time visitors to take action
  • How to leverage display marketing to convince users to revisit your products
  • Ways to personalize your ads to speak to users at different stages of the sales funnel
  • And more…

Meet the Hosts

In this webinar we’ve once again teamed up with an expert within the field

Rikke Berg Thomsen

Head of Email Marketing,

Rikke is Head of Email Marketing here at Sleeknote. Her expertise lies in copywriting, content marketing, and email marketing. When she’s not busy wearing down the keys on her keyboard, she loves getting creative in the kitchen, binging on Netflix series, and skiing in the Alps.

Johanna Eichhorst

Head of SMB Account Management,

Johanna Eichhorst currently head up AdRoll’s SMB Account Management team who works with smaller brands across Europe and helps them grow by leveraging full funnel, personalised display advertising.

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