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Want to Write for The Sleeknote Blog? Read This First…

Hi, there! Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Sleeknote blog. We’re always looking for original e-commerce blog content that’s rigorously-researched and above all, highly-actionable. If that’s of interest to you, keep reading


The Basics

Read through this entire page before pitching.

There’s nothing worse than getting a pitch that doesn’t follow our guidelines.

We only respond to pitches we accept.

If we like your idea, you’ll know within a week. We’re a small, but busy team, so follow-up emails are ignored.

Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before.

If you can’t check to see if we’ve covered a topic before, we’ll assume you can’t research and write a good post.

If your post was written before you pitched us, we will not publish it.

We want new content written just for our audience. We don’t accept syndicated articles.

If we accept your idea and you blow your deadline, your post won’t be published.

If you need an extension, let us know at least a day or two ahead of time. We’ll work something out.

Why Should You Write for Sleeknote?

Whether you’re an up-and-coming writer or a seasoned professional, there

are many reasons to write for Sleeknote.

Get a Link Back to Your Site

You’re allowed one do-follow link back to your site in your author profile in the footer of the post. (Though please don’t submit a post for the sake of a backlink. If you do, we’ll know).


Build Brand Awareness

Our content is often featured in leading marketing newsletters like GrowthHackers, Hiten Shah’s, among others. We also do outreach to promote our content which means your work will be introduced to tens of thousands of new readers.

The Content

What Topics Do You Cover?

We like to go “an inch wide and a mile deep” with our content. With that in mind, we limit ourselves to only write on the following five categories:


Who Do You Write For?

Our audience includes mostly e-commerce managers, marketing beginners, and SaaS/agency marketers. With that in mind, please consider the following when pitching:

Avoid Content Marketing and Social Media

Our audience is NOT interested in these topics.

Use E-Commerce Examples Often

Yes, linking to influencers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean is easy, but it’s not always helpful for our audience. Use example others haven’t used. It’s what gets you noticed.

Write In a Professional Tone

If your post is accepted, write in a witty, engaging and professional tone (think The Atlantic as opposed to Buzzfeed).


Submission Requirements

If you only read one section of this page, make it this one. In order to make life easier, both for ourselves and for you, our potential guest author, we have several guidelines we need you to follow.

Your post must be comprehensive.

Your post needs to cover its topic in full with no missing details.

Your post must be actionable.

People don’t want to know what to do. They want to know how to do it. Be specific. Explain what the reader should do, step-by-step.

Your post must be at least 2,000 words.

Yes, we all know long-form content tends to rank better in the SERPs, but that’s not why we require the above length. If you want to go deep on a subject, be prepared to talk about it at length.

You must propose a target keyword.

It doesn’t necessarily need to have high search volume. It just needs to be aligned with your topic and relevant to our audience.

Your final post has to follow through on your pitch.

If you tell us you’re going to write 9 strategies and you only give 5, we won’t publish your post.

Submit Your Pitch 

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