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Example of Usability Test Script (to

Small talk


You’ll now be part of our usability test, which basically means that you’ll browse a website and tell me what you experience. It’s neither complicated nor hard. Just imagine sitting at home in your living room, browsing the Internet.

The only thing different, is that you must think out loud while you browse. I.e. try to tell what you think works, what doesn’t work, what’s logical, illogical, etc.

The purpose of this test is to get a fresh set of eyes on the website and experience how others use it. You can’t do anything wrong during the test. If there’s something on the website you can’t figure out, it’s not your fault, but rather the website that isn’t built correctly.

Don’t be afraid to upset me. I’m doing this to optimize my website, so I need you to be completely honest.


Your bike was just stolen. You use your bike every day to work, so you’ll need to purchase a new one immediately.


Start your search on Google and enter the word or sentence that first comes to mind.

Scroll down the search results and decide which pages you’d click on first.

Browse the websites and try to find your new bike.

First-hand impression

Imagine that a friend recommended the online store and you decided to try and find your new bike there.

If you haven’t already been to the site, go to

Start by browsing the front page, and tell me what your first-hand impression is.

Assignment 1

Now, try to find a new bike that you like and fits your needs. Your budget is approximately $750.

Assignment 2

You don’t want your bike to be stolen again, so you’ll need a new lock that fits your bike as well.

Assignment 3

Buy the products, enter your information, but stop when you reach the checkout page.

More potential assignments

Potential final questions

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