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Grow Your SaaS With Popups

Sleeknote has everything you need to drive more demos and free trials, upgrade software users to paying customers, and more. Read on to learn more about how Sleeknote can help you grow your SaaS.

The #1 SaaS Popup

Meet Sleeknote: A Popup Builder for Smart, Savvy SaaS Marketers

There’s more to website popups than growing your list. Sleeknote makes it easy to create multiple popups based on where visitors are on their journey. Whether you want to invite first-time visitors to start a free trial or invite returning customers to log in to their account, Sleeknote has everything you need to manage and grow a thriving SaaS. Don’t take our word. Try Sleeknote, risk-free, for 14-days. (No credit card required.)

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Make Eye-Catching Popups—Quickly and Easily

SaaS marketers love Sleeknote’s user-friendly popup builder. With our drag-and-drop editor and 120+ conversion-ready templates, you can create branded website popups in minutes—both for desktop and mobile.

Drive More Free Trials

Invite first-time website visitors or returning subscribers, through a popup, to start a free trial for your software product. Use our Cookie Detection feature to exclude existing customers and create a better user experience.

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Collect Warm Leads

Grow your list by offering lead magnets such as eBooks and whitepapers. With our Multistep feature, you can enrich your leads to learn more about their company size, budget, and more—without losing conversions.

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Upgrade Free Trials to Paying Customers

Upgrade free trial users to a paid account the moment they log in to their account. Or, drive traffic to a landing page to learn more about customer-specific offers.

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Promote Product Updates

Announce new features on transactional pages and invite users to learn more. Personalize a campaign’s copy based on audience (e.g., customers versus non-customers) to drive more free trials and lower churn.   

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Collect Customer Insights

Target returning customers based on their cookies and survey them about your product to glean helpful product insights. Use the data to better improve your software product and satisfy customer needs.

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We want to make the experience as seamless as possible, and Sleeknote removes the need for the visitor to go through a long marketing funnel.

Ida Kirstine Hansen
Digital Marketing Assistant, Arono

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The Features You Need to Grow Your SaaS

Multistep Campaign

Go beyond asking leads for a name and an email address. Use our signature Multistep feature to enrich your lead data to learn a prospect’s budget, availability, and more. Get the details you need to close bigger deals without losing conversions.

Cookie Detection

Hide or show campaigns based on the cookies in a visitor’s browser. Add a cookie to every user who logs into your system. Then, when the user returns, use the cookie detection rule to invite them to upgrade to a paid plan.

SiteData Merge Tags

Use SitaData Merge Tags to personalize a campaign’s copy based on any visitor data. Get more leads by adding a visitor’s industry to the campaign’s headline. Welcome back a returning subscriber by mentioning their name in the campaign’s copy.

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