Guide Your Visitors

Help Visitors Find What They’re Looking For

Nudge visitors to better buying decisions with a personalized digital assistant

Simon Øhrstrøm Willer

Digital Consultant, Red Cross

“We use Sleeknote to focus the user on something specific and lead them to the right page on our site. It could be asking them for help, become volunteers and more. (…) We use it as a way of getting attention.”

Guide Your Visitors

Create a Personalized Shopping Experience for Each Visitor

Campaign Scheduling

Create time-sensitive campaigns to run during specific times and dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Virtual Shopping Assistance

Guide visitors to popular products, similar categories, daily deals, and more.

Explain Complex Products

Offer resource guides for products that need further explanation.

Take Control Over The Buyer’s Journey

Everything you need to move visitors through each stage of your marketing funnel.

  • Campaign Scheduling

    Create time-sensitive campaigns to run during specific times and dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Virtual Shopping Assistance

    Welcome new website visitors and reward returning customers.

  • Show Similar Products

    Show relevant offers on page-specific category pages and more.

  • Advanced Page-Specific Targeting

    Display personalized messages to the right visitor on the right page.

  • Guide Site Visitors

    Guide new visitors to best-selling product pages, relevant offers, and everything in-between.

  • Social Proof

    Showcase customer testimonials and products reviews to gain trust from new website visitors.

A User-Friendly Editor Made by Marketers, for Marketers

In just a few clicks, create beautiful, eye-catching lead forms that are consistent with the look and feel of your website (without the need for a developer). Choose one of our conversion-ready templates and make it your own.

Drag ‘n’ Drop Editor

Create beautiful, eye-catching forms that guide visitors (no coding required).

Mobile Editor

Mobile web has overtaken desktop browsing. Design a mobile-friendly form and begin engaging visitors—without violating Google’s interstitials policy.

Customizable Pre-Made Templates

Choose from one of our many conversion-ready forms depending on the goal of your campaign.

Triggers for Every Occasion

When it comes to on-site engagement, timing is everything. Too early and you risk annoying visitors. Too late and you forfeit capturing new leads. Choose from several pre-built triggers to ensure you capitalize on every sales opportunity on your website.

  • Time based

  • Scroll

  • Manual

  • Exit-Intent

Trigger It Manually

Want to create your own trigger? No problem. Use our Javascript feature to trigger your message by event, action, and more. If you can code it, we can show it.


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Happy Customers

“We use Sleeknote to direct our visitors to certain campaign pages like competitions. This drives a lot of traffic for the campaign page.”

Janni Mørch Iversen
Communication & Community Coordinator, Hummel

Use case

Simplify Complex Products

It’s not always easy to explain an item in its description. Sometimes, a little extra help is needed before making a buying decision. Use Sleeknote to offer explainer guides to help new buyers make the right purchase. Perfect for reducing return rates.

Erlend Vognild

Marketing, Vertical Playground

“Besides getting signups for our newsletter, we also use Sleeknote to deliver messages to our visitors on certain pages. This could be whenever we have a new product or collection, we design a SleekBox with the text: “New collection just arrived, check it out here”. This is a good way to direct our visitors to another page and create awareness around new products.”

Use case

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

You probably already have a page with frequently asked questions on your website. But what if you could answer them the very moment they arise? Use Sleeknote to handle common objections or answer frequently asked questions (e.g. free shipping) on pages where they’re likely to occur—and address them before visitors abandon their cart.

Diana Belea

Head of Marketing and Communication, Woolspire

“Sleeknote was such a great option for us. Easy to manage, and even easier to communicate important pieces of information to our customers.”

Use case

Guide Your Visitors

What if you could influence your website visitor’s behavior? Well, you can. And with Sleeknote, it’s never been easier. Whether you want to nudge new visitors to better buying decisions, redirect return customers to similar categories, or ask for reviews, Sleeknote makes it easy to show visitors pages that matter.

Janni Morch Iversen

Digital & SoMe Planner, Hummel

“We use Sleeknote to redirect our visitors to certain campaign pages like competitions. This generates a lot of traffic for the campaign page.”