[New] Guide Your Visitors
Guide Your Visitors

Help Visitors Make Better Buying Decisions

Promote Return Policy

Ease shoppers’ minds by highlighting your return policy with a well-timed popup.

Offer a Size Guide

Use size guides on product pages to minimize returns and maximize customer happiness.

Explain With Video

Simplify complex products, introduce new collections, or embed tutorials into popups.


Guide Visitors to the Right Products

Send first-time visitors to your bestsellers. Direct returning visitors’ attention to new arrivals. Use product recommendation popups to guide the right group of visitors to the right products.


Highlight Deals and Offers

Running a Black Friday sale? Hosting an on-site competition? Welcome new and returning visitors to your store and send them to the pages they need to see.


Offer Explainer Guides

It’s not always easy to explain an item in its description. Use popups to offer explainer guides and help new buyers make the right purchase. Add videos to explain complex products or send visitors to detailed guides.



Make Important Announcements

Whether you need to give critical delivery information or make a service announcement on your site, use a well-timed popup to share important updates with your visitors—without disturbing their shopping experience.

2,000+ Smart Marketers Use Sleeknote to Guide Their Visitors

Guide Shoppers to the Right Products

Bestsellers for first-time visitors. New arrivals for returning customers.

Show the right product recommendation popups each visitor group needs to see. Integrate Clerk, Hello Retail, or Raptor with Sleeknote in seconds, or add your Shopify product feeds directly into your popups.


“We use Sleeknote to direct our visitors to certain campaign pages like competitions. This drives a lot of traffic for the campaign page.”

Janni Mørch Iversen
Communication & Community Coordinator, Hummel

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