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Grow Your Media Company with Popups

Sleeknote has everything you need to sell more digital subscriptions, suggest related articles, and more. Read on to learn how Sleeknote can help you grow your media company.

The #1 Popup for Media Companies

Meet Sleeknote: A Popup Builder for Smart, Savvy Marketers

There’s more to website popups than growing your list. Sleeknote makes it easy to create multiple popups based on where visitors are on their journey. Whether you want to collect a first-time reader’s email or invite a returning subscriber to buy an annual subscription, Sleeknote has everything you need to manage and grow a thriving media company. Don’t take our word. Try Sleeknote, risk-free, for 14-days. (No credit card required.)

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Make Eye-Catching Popups—Quickly and Easily

Media companies love Sleeknote’s user-friendly popup builder. With our drag-and-drop editor and 120+ conversion-ready templates, you can create brand-centric website popups in minutes—both for desktop and mobile.

Sell More Subscriptions

Not everyone is ready to buy a monthly or annual subscription on their first visit. Promote digital subscriptions to the right readers at the right time with a target upsell popup.

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Suggest Related Articles

Higher dwell time contributes to higher rankings in Google—meaning more website visitors (and digital subscriptions). Keep readers on your site longer by suggesting similar or related articles.

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Collect Emails with Gated Content

One way to drive paid subscriptions is to preview what’s on offer. Invite first-time visitors to opt in to access premium content and collect warm leads for your sales team.

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The great thing about Sleeknote is its simplicity. It has straightforward steps to follow, so you can quickly implement anything.

Natalie Bragg
Data Operations Executive, Haynes

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The Features You Need to Grow Your Media Company


Use our Geo-Targeting feature to target visitors based on where they’re located, and personalize your campaign(s) message to promote local newspapers. You can even personalize your popup copy based on location to drive further engagement.

Cookie Detection

Show campaigns based on the cookies in a visitor’s browser. Add a cookie to every user who logs in to read a paid subscription. Then, when that reader returns, use the cookie detection rule to invite them to upgrade to an annual plan.

Multistep Optin

Turns any image or link into a multistep optin campaign, with no coding required. Invite visitors to click on an image or link, such as in an article, then ask them to buy a monthly digital subscription.

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