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Grow Your Furniture Store With Popups

Sleeknote has everything you need to grow your email list, recover lost sales, and more. Read on to learn how Sleeknote can help you grow your furniture store.

The #1 Popup For Furniture Stores

Meet Sleeknote: A Popup Builder for Smart, Savvy Retailers

There’s more to website popups than growing your list. Sleeknote makes it easy to create multiple popups based on where visitors are on their journey. Whether you want to offer visitors a discount to incentivize orders (without hurting margins)… or drive more sales during peak season… Sleeknote has everything you need to manage and grow a thriving furniture store. Don’t take our word. Try Sleeknote, risk-free, for 14-days. (No credit card required.)

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Make Eye-Catching Popups—Quickly and Easily

Busy marketers love Sleeknote’s user-friendly popup builder. With our drag-and-drop editor and 120+ conversion-ready templates, you can create brand-centric website popups in minutes—both for desktop and mobile.

Recover Lost Sales (The Right Way)

No two visitors are alike. Convert abandoning shoppers the moment they’re about to leave with personalized incentives based on their basket value, number of items in their cart, or any other visitor data. Invite shoppers to spend more to qualify for free shipping, offer discounts, and more.

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Furniture Popup

Go Beyond a Name and an Email

Get more details from subscribers, such as interests, so you can send better, more personalized emails, and drive more sales. Use our Multistep feature to learn more about new subscribers’ preferences—without losing conversions.

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Guide Shoppers to Better Buying Decisions

Popups also double as digital shopping assistants. Help visitors find what they’re looking for and increase your customer’s average order value with our range of premade templates. Showcase trending products, Shopify bestsellers, and more.

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Provide Localized Shopping Assistance

Target website visitors based on where they’re located. Promote local brick-and-mortar stores. Display localized shipping notifications. Use countdown timers to drive urgency and scarcity for time-sensitive deals. The possibilities are endless.

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Sleeknote is a brilliant tool for making quick and elegant campaigns, but also specific, segmented, and detailed campaigns.

Pernille Bager Ganderup
E-Commerce Manager, Livingshop

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The Features You Need to Grow Your Furniture Store


Go beyond asking website visitors for a name and an email address. Use our signature Multistep feature to get more details from new subscribers, such as interests and preferences, without losing conversions.

Custom Fonts

Create intelligent, eye-catching popups that match the look and feel of your website. Upload custom images and fonts, and personalize each campaign to your liking. Get started within minutes.


With our Geo-Targeting feature, you can target visitors based on where they’re located, and personalize your campaign(s) message to invite shoppers to pick up their order in-store.

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