Connect with visitors

Get the Information You Need to Close Bigger Deals

Give visitors the product advice they need, when they need it, using personalized on-site messages

Malene Stenholt Hansen

Web Manager, Falck

“We use Sleeknote to tell on-the-fence buyers that we are ready to help and would love to call them to answer all their questions.”

Connect with Visitors

Capture, Qualify and Close Potential Buyers

Time Scheduling

Schedule, in-advance, when to show your campaigns. Have them active during working hours and inactive when you’re out of office. Perfect for holiday-specific campaigns like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Capture, qualify and route potential customers using tablet and mobile—without hurting the user experience (or violating Google’s interstitials policy).

Page-Level Targeting

Decide where and how your campaigns appear to visitors using Advanced Page-Level Targeting. Show the right messages to the right visitors to maximize engagement and increase sales offline.

Use Cases

Create Branded On-Page Messages

Create beautiful, eye-catching on-page messages without the need for a developer. Use one of our conversion-ready templates or make it your own to match the look and feel of your site. No coding required.

Add or Remove Input Fields

Use our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to add or remove the fields you need to get the information that matters.

Create Device-Specific Campaigns

Use our mobile editor to create separate mobile-friendly messages. Preview how they look before publishing and improve their performance based on real-time analytics.

  • Create Branded On-Page Messages
  • Add or Remove Input Fields
  • Create Device-Specific Campaigns
Targeting options

Make Your Message Count

When it comes to personalization, timing is everything. Choose an appropriate trigger to show the right message at the right time (without hurting the user experience).

Triggers for Every Occasion

Show page-specific messages for referral paths, UTM campaigns, cookies and more.

  • Timed Trigger
  • Scroll Behavior
  • Exit Intent
  • Javascript Trigger

Advanced Display Rules

Show page-specific messages for referral paths, UTM campaigns, cookies and more.

  • Show Count
  • Newsletter subscriber
  • New visitors
  • Visitors Path
  • Specific Pages
  • Cookie Settings
  • Query Detection
  • Referrals
  • UTM Campaigns

Target and Filter Specific Devices

Just because you can show a campaign on both desktop and mobile doesn’t mean you should. Use device-targeting to show your on-page messages to desktop visitors and hide from mobile or vice-versa.

Integrate Sleeknote with Zapier

Studies show that contacting potential buyers within an hour of hearing from them means you’re seven times as likely to qualify that customer than you are an hour later. Integrate Sleeknote with Zapier to quickly and easily get the information you need and route it to the right team member.

Use case

Offer A Quote

Do you offer custom products or services where their prices need estimates? Offer bespoke quotes to customers looking to buy large quantities of a product or looking for more information before making a purchase.

Malene Stenholt Hansen

Web Manager, Falck,

“We clearly see that the volume of leads have increased when our SleekBox is active.”

Use case

Schedule a Meeting

Invite shoppers to schedule a meeting or book a product demo—without leaving your site. Capture the information that matters like name and contact details and route to the right team member with our seamless Zapier integration.

Rolf Andersen

Marketing Manager and Co-owner, Løbeshop,

“It’s super simple to set up, the templates cover our needs well, and the option to set up different SleekBoxes on specific pages is great. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the features and ease of use.”

Use case

Answer Product Questions

If you sell complex or varied products, it’s likely prospects have questions about which is right for them. Give buyers the information they need and remove barriers to purchase by answering frequently asked questions—before they come up.

Diana Belea

Head of Marketing and Communications, Woolspire,

“It was such a great option for us. Easy to manage, and to communicate these important pieces of information to our customers.”