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Go Beyond Generic Discount Popups

Promote Offers

Weekend-only free shipping, Cyber Monday specials, clearance sales… Promote your offers around your store with eye-catching popups.

Increase Average Order Value

Upsell and cross-sell at the perfect time. Personalize your offers based on each shopper’s location, cart value, interests, and more.

Recommend Products

Add dynamic product recommendations to your popups and show the right items to each visitor. Promote bestsellers, new arrivals, or discounted products with carousel popups.


Show a Teaser First

Preview your popup’s content with a teaser to ensure a better user experience. Give visitors a chance to look around before showing your full form. Minimize your teaser until the visitor decides to open it again.


Drag and Drop Any Element

Drag, drop, add, and remove input fields. Select from our several built-in elements, such as product recommendations, and customize your popup to match your website. All with a few clicks of a mouse.


Optimize for Mobile

Use our device-specific editor to create non-intrusive, SEO-friendly mobile popups. Customize your existing popups for mobile or create mobile-only popups from scratch. Use a teaser and never worry about getting penalized by Google.


Promote Sale Campaigns

Whether you’re running a Christmas sale or offering Black Friday deals, use eye-catching popups to promote your sale campaigns around your store. Drive urgency with a countdown timer and nudge shoppers to buy from your store.


Prevent Cart Abandonment

Combat cart abandonment the right way—with relevant, personalized exit-intent popups. Detect when visitors are about to leave their carts and convince them to finish their purchase. (Pro Tip: Customize your messages based on the visitor’s cart value, country, and more.)


Upsell and Cross-Sell

Nudge your visitors to spend more during checkout or recommend products that complement their cart items. Increase every customer’s average order value without sounding too salesy.


Promote Additional Benefits

Not a fan of discounts? Highlight your current offers and incentives around your store and turn visitors into shoppers. Use the visitor’s geo-location to personalize your offers and drive urgency by using a countdown timer.

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Product Recommendatıon Popups

Sell More to Each Customer 💸

Add your product feeds into Sleeknote popups and recommend the right items, to the right shoppers, at the right time.

Powered by Clerk, Hello Retail, Raptor, and Shopify, Sleeknote’s product recommendation popups are ideal for increasing average order value without hurting the shopping experience.


 “It’s just so easy to set when, where, and how often to show your campaigns. Without any technical knowledge, you can set up a campaign within five minutes.”

Kim Vile

E-Commerce Director, Booztlet

Meet Our Signature Personalization Tools 👋

No two website visitors are the same. Tailor your messages for each visitor and meet them where they are in the buyer’s journey. With Sleeknote’s built-in merge tags and dynamic product recommendations, personalizing your popups doesn’t take more than minutes.


Advanced Features With No Technical Setup 🧑‍💻

We created Sleeknote with busy marketers in mind. In minutes, you can create personalized popups—with no technical setup or background.

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