Increase Product Sales

Promote Popular Products, Upsell Similar Offers, and Re-Target Returning Visitors.


Abandoned Cart Detection

Minimize the likelihood of cart abandonment by capturing potential buyers the very moment they are about to leave and convert them later off-site.


Product Promotion

Drive more revenue from existing products by promoting popular best-sellers, upselling relevant offers, and much more.


Discounts and Giveaways

Combine discounts, competitions, and giveaways to reward customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and engage visitors on your website.


Use Discounts to Boost Sales

It’s no secret that offering discounts is a great way to acquire new customers. And with Sleeknote, it’s never been easier. Welcome new website visitors and reward returning customers with brand-driven incentives, giveaways and more.


Promote Popular Products

8.25. That’s how many seconds you have to capture the interest of a new website visitor. Add to that an impressive, yet exhaustive, product line, and it’s even shorter. Nudge new website visitors to pages that matter (like popular product pages) and recommend similar categories to repeat customers.


Free Shipping

Ever arrived at a checkout page only to learn free shipping isn’t available? Annoying isn’t it? We think so, too. Use Sleeknote to inform new visitors of important information like whether you offer free shipping, when to expect delivery during specific times and dates, and more.


Easily Segment and Filter Your Visitors

Use customizable input fields and radio buttons to get the contact data that matters. Segment your visitors by their gender, interest, country and much more, and build hyper-targeted segments from day one.


Triggers for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking to capture an abandoning visitor at checkout (exit-intent) or engage a new visitor reading a blog post (timed trigger), Sleeknote has a trigger for every conversion opportunity you can think of.

  • Timed Trigger
  • Scroll Behavior
  • Exit-Intent
  • Javascript Trigger

Advanced Display Rules

Show page-specific messages on referral paths, UTM campaigns, cookies, and more.

  • Show Count
  • Newsletter subscriber
  • New visitors
  • Visitors Path
  • Specific Pages
  • Cookie Settings
  • Query Detection
  • Referrals
  • UTM Campaigns

Target and Filter Specific Devices

Want to create highly-targeted campaigns based on specific pages on your website? Our page-level targeting allows you to target specific posts, pages, and categories of your website with our advanced URL matching feature.


Design It The Way You Want It

Create beautiful, eye-catching on-site messages without the need for a developer. Choose one of our conversion-ready templates, customize it depending on the goal for your campaign and away you go.

Customize All Elements

Customize everything from the font to the images and more so each campaign is consistent with the look and feel of your website (no coding required).

Get Started in Minutes

Sleeknote was designed with busy marketers in mind. In just a few clicks, choose one of our pre-made templates, customize it to your preferences, and begin engaging your website visitors. It’s really that simple.


Set Your First Campaign Live in Minutes

Sleeknote works seamlessly on every CMS platform. We even integrate directly with your favorite ESP.



“I love the editor. It’s intuitive, easy to use and anyone can use it. If I’m creating a SleekBox, I can easily have someone else come in and finish it without any problems.”

Morten Storm Lind
E-commerce Manager, 3


Prevent Cart Abandonment

According to research by Baymard, 69.23% of online shoppers abandon their cart before completing their purchase. Use Sleeknote to capture potential buyers the very moment they are about to leave and convert them later off-site. Perfect for email remarketing.

Anders Talbo Dahl
Anders Talbo Dahl E-Commerce Manager, Minimum
“We offered a discount in a SleekBox to help encourage abandoning visitors to complete their order (…) We got the email address for our newsletter, and we got visitors to complete their orders, so we got a lot of orders, too!”


Promote Popular Products

What if you could influence your website visitor’s behavior? Well, you can. And with Sleeknote, it’s never been easier. Whether you want to nudge new visitors to better buying decisions, redirect return customers to similar categories, or ask for reviews, Sleeknote makes it easy to show visitors pages that matter.

Thomas Haurum
Thomas Haurum Founder, We Market
“We close a lot of the leads that sign up through a SleekBox. So, we get a lot of qualified prospects.”


Get Customer Feedback

You probably already have a page with frequently asked questions on your website. But what if you could answer them the very moment they arise? Use Sleeknote to handle common objections or answer frequently asked questions (e.g. free shipping) on pages where they’re likely to occur—and address them before visitors abandon their cart.

Pernille Bager Ganderup
Pernille Bager Ganderup E-Commerce Manager, Livingshop
“We implemented a SleekBox with a survey on our checkout page where we ask our customers to rate their experience on our site. Doing so has improved the customer experience on our site.”