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Here are the features that make Sleeknote the most powerful lead generation tool.

Converting website Visitors into E-mail Leads and Social followers
Beautiful optin form designs

Sleeknote builder

Customize all elements in our user-friendly editor and create beautiful opt-ins.

Unlimited sleeknotes and websites

No limits

Create an unlimited number of Sleeknotes on an unlimited number of websites.

Targeting options

Advanced targeting

Target specific segments of your audience with unique offers to match their interests.

Sleeknote analytics

Track your results

Use Sleeknote analytics to see which pages and popups yield the best results.

Exit intent technology

Exit intent technology

We detect user behaviour and show them a targeted Sleeknote at the precise moment they are about to leave your site.

Responsive design

Responsive design

Sleeknote is optimized for high conversion on all devices: desktops, tablets and smart phones.



Sleeknote integrates with all website- and e-commerce platforms and with all major e-mail marketing software providers.

A/B split test

A/B split test

A/B test different designs, content, positions, etc. to ensure you always have the highest performing opt-ins on your site.

Beautiful optin form designs

Visibility control

Choose between different positions, templates, timings, or customize everything yourself.

Cookie settings

Cookie settings

Don’t want to annoy your existing email subscribers with opt-in boxes? No problem!

Targeting options

Time activation

Schedule the exact period of time you want your sleeknotes to be active with our time activation feature.

Page level targeting

Page level targeting

Show targeted messages or opt-in forms on specific pages or within different categories.

Customize everything

With Sleeknote you can build a popup or a slide-in all by yourself without help from a developer. Building a Sleeknote is super easy – you just have to pick a template, adjust and customize the template so it matches your needs, and activate it. Then you’re good to go.


In our intuitive and user-friendly editor, you can customize every single element of your sleeknotes down to the last detail.

Customize all elements

Customize everything from colors, texts, dimensions, input fields, images, checkboxes, radio buttons, positions – all to match your website perfectly.

Five minutes

Create your first sleeknote in just 5 minutes with one of our ready-made templates, or explore the many possibilities and customize everything yourself.

All Sleeknotes are born responsive

Responsive all the way

Every sleeknote is born responsive and is fully responsive on all devices. We adjust your sleeknotes to a conversion-optimized format that works on all devices.

All devices

Use Sleeknote on all mobile devices knowing that they will not affect your overall conversion rate.

Optional setting

It is completely up to you, whether you want your Sleeknote shown on mobile devices or not.

Conversion optimized

All mobile Sleeknotes are conversion optimized for mobile devices.

All Sleeknotes are born responsive

Integrate with all e-mail services and cms

Sleeknote works with all website- and e-commerce platforms and with all major e-mail marketing software. You simply have to paste our tracking code and you are good to go.

E-mail services

We have a direct integration with all major e-mail marketing software providers – and if you don’t use any of them, we also do custom integrations.

Custom integration

If you don’t see your favorite e-mail marketing service you’ll be able to use our custom integration.

CMS or open source

Sleeknote works with all CMS systems or open source sites – you’ll just have to copy our tracking code into your header once, and then everything is set.

Integrate Sleeknote with all systems

A/B Split testing

Test, optimize and improve your results. Use our built-in A/B split testing tool to test your theories about designs, messages, call to actions, etc.

Remove guesswork

Remove the guesswork and make your decisions based on data-driven tests.

Multiple metrics

Ensure that every change produces a positive result and measures the impacts the changes have on your metrics.

Simple way to test

You get an unlimited amount of split tests – test all your hypotheses with two simple clicks.

A/B split test your popup or slidein

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Advanced targeting

Target specific segments of your audience with unique offers to match their interests. Target your customers based on specific referrals, UTM campaign triggers and hide your sleeknotes from existing email subscribers.


Include or exclude your sleeknotes based on specific referrals such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

UTM trigger

Setup UTM campaign triggers to include and exclude your Sleeknotes based on the variables.

Hide from email subscribers

It’s possible to hide your Sleeknotes from existing email subscribers.

Advanced targeting

Visibility control

Choose between a number of different positions and templates to match your website and message perfectly. Set up advanced triggers and visibility options to control when, who, and where your sleeknotes should be shown.

Templates for you

You don’t have to start from scratch. Every template and position is fully browser supported (even Internet Explorer).


When should your Sleeknote appear? Set up your own timings and entries. Choose between time-based, exit-intent, scroll-based, etc.

Multiple positions

Choose the exact spot on your visitors’ screens where you want your sleeknotes to appear.

Advanced targeting

Track your results

In Sleeknote analytics you can monitor all the data from your sleeknotes such as submissions, views, impressions, and conversion rates. This makes it easy for you to track your results over days, weeks and months.

Google Analytics integration

In addition to Sleeknote’s built-in tracking, we automatically transfer all data directly to Google Analytics.

Track progress

Track your progress as you go and learn along the way. We update all your data every night.

CSV export

Download a CSV file with all your new leads and analyze them in Excel.

Stats in Sleeknote

Exit-intent technology

When your visitors move their mouse cursor towards an exit option, our technology will detect it immediately and trigger your sleeknote. Use the exit-intent to convert or re-engage abandoning visitors. Read more about Exit-intent.

Cart abandonment

Convert your abandoning cart visitors with Sleeknote exit-intent technology.

Engage with your visitors

Entice visitors to take action before they abandon your site, with a special message.

Use opt-in

Convert your abandoning visitors into e-mail leads with an opt-in form.

Exit intent Sleeknote

Grow your e-mail list

Sleeknote is the perfect tool to grow your email list. From day one, you’ll be able to see your list grow with valuable leads and potential customers. Your email list will never be of higher quality and relevance, as they all come directly from your own website. These leads have already shown an interest in your website and your product, and your chances of converting them into customers are much higher. We continue to see incredible results from our customers, and we’ve even seen 600-800% increases in our customers’ conversion rates.

Convert visitors into customers

With Sleeknote you can convert your visitors into customers with our blank template. The blank template makes it possible for you to focus your visitors’ attention towards a specific product, a campaign, an offer, or something else. When building your sleeknote using a blank template, you customize everything yourself. With a CTA-button you can send your visitors to different pages on your website. The blank template is perfect for creating awareness about an offer, a new product, or a discount. It can also be used for cart abandonment in an attempt to keep your visitors on your website. Let your imagination run wild with a blank template.