Powerful Features for
E-Commerce Marketers

Analytics & Insights

Get the Data You Need to Improve Your Conversions

SleekBox Performance Comparison

Review your campaigns’ performance against the goals you’re tracking to see which are driving the greatest conversions.

Goal Tracking

Create goals for your SleekBoxes (such as how many visitors see a SleekBox and then buy during their visit) and get actionable insights into your campaigns’ performance.

Split Testing

Create and A/B split test different headlines, images, copy, and more, to discover the best-performing messages that improve your conversions. The possibilities are endless.

Analytics and Summary Reports

Categorize conversations into topic-based message channels (e.g. refunds, feedback, etc.) for setting expectations or for routing to the right groups.

Google Tag Manager Events

Connect Sleeknote with your favorite third-party applications via Google Tag Manager to get greater insight into your online marketing efforts.

Google Analytics Events

Sleeknote automatically integrates with Google Analytics so you can track and measure your campaigns’ goals at any time.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Build Beautiful, Eye-Catching Messages Without The Need for a Developer

Customizable Templates

Create beautiful, eye-catching forms that are consistent with the look and feel of your website (without the need for a developer).

Multiple Positions

Catch visitors’ attention by showing your SleekBox in different screen positions (without hurting the user experience).


Ensure your SleekBox is user-friendly by showing it to visitors as a preview, first, before showing them the full-size version.


Show visitors the full content of your SleekBox. Customize everything down to minute detail to ensure it meets your conversion goals.

Success Message

Increase the user experience on your site by thanking visitors who sign up for your newsletter, answer a survey, or otherwise engage with your SleekBox.


Create a Google-friendly campaign for mobile-only. Show visitors a “teaser”, first, before showing them your campaign’s message.


Use our signature desktop editor to create beautiful, eye-catching campaigns that align with the look and feel of your website.

Unlink Events

Want a different SleekBox for mobile. No problem. Unlink the elements you want to look different for mobile and customize the two versions independent of each other.

Interactive Elements

Radio Buttons

Invite visitors to choose one of a predefined set of mutually exclusive options when completing a survey, submitting a booking, and more.

Customizable Input Fields

Choose the information to collect such as name, email address, gender, and more. Add or remove as many elements as you want depending on your engagement goal.

Numeric Input Fields

Capture important numeric information from visitors such as telephone number, company size, and more.


Give visitors the option to mark checkboxes when completing a form such as signing agreements and more.


Too many options to choose from? Use our drop-down menu to save valuable space on your form.

Text Area

Collect actionable feedback from visitors by adding a text area to your SleekBox. Perfect for collecting qualitative data.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Invite visitors to join your newsletter, browse best-sellers, and leave product reviews by adding a beautiful, eye-catching call-to-action to your form.

Design Elements

Close Buttons

Ensure your SleekBox is user-friendly by giving visitors the option to close it at any time with our customizable close buttons.

Text Elements

Communicate what matters with our design-friendly textbox. Decide character length, font, size, color, and other styling preferences for maximum engagement.

Background Image

No two SleekBoxes are alike. Give yours a branded touch by adding an image that matches the look and feel of your website.


Enhance the look and feel of your campaigns by separating or connecting elements using spacers. Create wider space between elements for great readability.


Group elements in columns or rows to customize background colors or images for specific parts of a campaign.

Floating Image

Catch your visitors’ attention by adding a floating image to your SleekBox and placing it where it’s most relevant.


Made a mistake when designing a SleekBox? No problem. Undo any accidental changes you make in the editor and rest in the knowledge your progress is always saved.

Display Settings

Segment Your Visitors Based On Behavior

Smart Triggers

Increase your conversion rates on autopilot by enabling Smart Triggers: our signature algorithm that continuously tests—and optimizes—the right trigger for your website (based on 10+ billion page sessions).

Exit-Intent Trigger

Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers the very moment they’re about to leave (and convert them into customers off-site).

Time-Activation Trigger

Reduce your bounce rate by activating your SleekBox moments before visitors achieve your average session duration.

Manual Trigger

Use JavaScript to create custom trigger events that suit your specific needs. If you can code it, you can create it.

Scroll Trigger

Trigger your SleekBox based on the exact percentage a visitor scrolls a page. Perfect for reducing wasted ad spends.

Show Count

Keep returning visitors happy by limiting how often they’re shown a SleekBox.

Newsletter Subscriber

No one likes an invite to join a newsletter when they’re already on it. Hide SleekBoxes from existing subscribers to avoid annoying your returning visitors.

New Visitor

First impressions count. Welcome new visitors with personalized, branded messages to create a memorable first impression.


Trigger messages based on journey-specific pages. Perfect for showing SleekBoxes to visitors who go through a specific URL path like a referral page.

Page-Level Targeting

Want to hide or exclude a message on a certain page like a checkout page or a blog post? Then page-level targeting is for you.

Specific Referral

Expecting a ton of referral traffic from another website? Create a personalized on-page message for only that traffic source.

Specific Cookie

Target cookie-specific segments of your audience such as retargeting visitors who abandoned their cart before checking out.

Specific Query

Show or hide your SleekBoxes based on specific URL queries.

UTM Campaign

Specify UTM parameters your visitors should follow to trigger a SleekBox. Enjoy unlimited parameters for all your specific needs.

Advanced Rule Engine

Use our signature rule engine to show/hide conditions independent to each other (such as “show for referral traffic; hide for existing subscribers”).


Show relevant campaigns based on users’ locations to personalize your offers.

Lead Management

Capture The Data That Matters


Sleeknote integrates with your favorite third-party applications and automatically sends new leads to your preferred email service provider (ESP).

Custom Integration

Not using one of the major email service providers? No problem. Set up a custom integration of your own.

Fields Mapping

Got a new lead? Sleeknote will send the form field data to the mapped fields in your integration to your specifications.

Custom-Fields Mapping

Send custom data from your SleekBox to your integration. Perfect for determining popular signup sources on your website.

Store in Sleeknote

Get instant access to your lead data at any time. Log in, download a CSV file of what’s needed, and away you go.


Manage Your SleekBoxes to Your Specifications

Tag, Search & Filter

No one likes a cluttered dashboard. Tag SleekBoxes for better organization and sort by the number of leads, conversion rate, number of views, and more.

Additional Users

Got a big team that needs access to your account? No problem. Add and remove users for each account as you please.

Premium User

Work for an agency? Manage all your customers’ Sleeknote accounts in one place with our Premium user account.

Partner Program

Earn 25% commission for life on all Sleeknote referrals for users who become customers. Win. Win.


And If That Wasn’t Enough…

Custom Z-Indexes

Have an element on your website that appears on top of your SleekBox? Add a higher z-index value to the form and we’ll take care of the rest.

One-Page Support

Got a one-page website? Use specific URL rules by enabling our URL Change Event Listener.

Email Notifications

Get email updates on new inbound leads. Perfect for responding to sales inquiries or customer feedback.

Scheduled Activation

Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time. Leave the laptop at home on vacation. We got you covered.