How Booztlet Drives Growth for Boozt Using Sleeknote
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How Booztlet Drives Growth for Boozt Using Sleeknote

About is the official outlet for, selling a wide selection of shoes, clothes, and accessories. is an online retailer for over 600 Scandinavian and international brands, including ECCO, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, and many others.

Big Brother has built a well-known brand in the Nordic countries over the last nine years, as a premium store. Three years ago, they started expanding into the mid-range price segment through a new outlet,

Over these three years, Booztlet’s massive growth has taken the company by storm. In fact, their current predictions place Booztlet as a growth driver for the entire company, over the next three-to-five years. This makes maintaining and accelerating growth a top priority for Kim Vile, Boozt’s E-Commerce Director.

Growing Pains

As a new company, establishing a fast pace of growth is natural, but maintaining it throughout the years is the real challenge. The common view of growth identifies two key processes: acquiring new customers and retaining old ones.

Booztlet tackles the mid-range price segment, so a big part of their sales revolve around special offers, discounts, and deals. At first, they ran weekly campaigns on their site, including special deals and discounts that all of their visitors had access to. While they had a positive impact on sales, these campaigns did little in terms of customer retention. To use them to their full potential, Kim Vile turned them into incentives for signing up to the company’s newsletter, by making them exclusive to subscribers. In doing so, he created a “low-key loyalty membership.”

Why Booztlet Chose Sleeknote

Booztlet uses their newsletter to create desire and interest through new collections and special deals sent to subscribers, as well as improving their on-site experience through direct access to their weekly campaigns. As of writing, it accounts for half of the company’s sales, making it a crucial part of their marketing strategy. The strategy for the newsletter is even more ambitious in the long run, aiming to introduce more personalized campaigns and on-site interactions for subscribers down the line. In either case, it plays—and will continue to play—a major role in Booztlet’s marketing strategy in the foreseeable future.

In order to increase newsletter signups, Kim looked for ways to engage visitors on-site and make opting in simple. “I’m using Sleeknote for its rules,” Kim told me. “It’s just so easy to set when, where and how often to show your campaigns. Without any technical knowledge, you can set up a campaign within five minutes.”

How Booztlet Used Sleeknote

Booztlet turned their weekly campaigns into incentives for signing up to their newsletter, by making the best deals and discounts exclusive to subscribers. They did this in two ways: by sending them newsletters about the latest offers, as well as using cookies on-site to differentiate between new visitors and subscribers. In doing so, subscribers were given access to the discounts immediately, while new visitors were shown the SleekBox below.


This simple concept proved to be extremely effective, generating leads for Booztlet’s newsletter on their international site, as well as their specific Danish, Finnish and Swedish sites.

Furthermore, they used Sleeknote’s cookie tracking capabilities to show on-site messages and offers only to their newsletter subscribers. One example is the SleekBar below they used to showcase a “Get 4, Pay only for 3” exclusive deal to visitors holding the “subscriber” cookie.


Through these unexpected offers, Boozlet goes the extra mile in adding value and creating a great experience for their subscribers, which is what turns one-off purchases into loyal customers.

“Our sales have grown quite a bit within the last 12 months. It’s been a big step up, both due to Sleeknote and the offers we used on the side.”
Kim Ville
Kim Vile E-commerce Director

Final Thoughts

Since implementing Sleeknote, Booztlet has been experiencing a steady weekly increase of 2% for their newsletter subscriber base. After one year of using Sleeknote, their subscriber base has grown four times in size, which resulted in a considerable boost to the company’s sales figures.

By tweaking a system Booztlet already had in place, namely their weekly campaigns, and turning it into a signup incentive, they were able to not only increase sales but keep their existing customers interested and coming back for new deals and discounts.

Boozlet’s position as a growth driver for a company as massive as Boozt proves how far leveraging your assets to their full potential can go. New traffic and sales are always a great place to start, but returning customers and loyalty are the pillars of a true market leader.

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