How Hummel Got 24,000+ Leads Using Country-Specific SleekBoxes

How Hummel Got 24,000+ Leads Using Country-Specific SleekBoxes

About Founded in 1923, hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball. Previously worn by big soccer teams like Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspurs, Aston Villa and the Danish national soccer team and today sponsor of some the biggest clubs and players within handball. Operating in the sphere where fashion meets sports, hummel came storming into the 21st century by re-launching tracksuits from the 1970s and selling these old school styles through fashion shops internationally. hummel has always been known for and prided itself in doing things a little differently, with a twist and a bit of character. Values that apply to the company’s numerous sponsorships around the world. hummel believes in giving something back to people and organizations with the right and most commendable causes like the football associations of Afghanistan and Sierra Leone national football.

What Do You Use Sleeknote For?

1. Collecting Newsletter Subscribers

Our main purpose with Sleeknote is to get more subscribers for our newsletter. One of the ways we do this is by creating competitions. As an example, we have an opt-in saying “Sign up for our newsletter to win a year’s supply of hummel”. What’s really smart about Sleeknote is that we’re able to create boxes where the subscriber can choose what they would like to get news about. This helps us a lot in the segmentation process and ensures that we only send relevant emails.

2. Redirecting to a Campaign Site

We have also used Sleeknote to redirect our visitors to a certain campaign page. We created an opt-in with a competition saying something like “Click here to participate in the competition” with a link to the particular site. This created a lot of traffic to the campaign page where we promoted our, at that time, sponsorship with the German football club FC St. Pauli along with the club’s jerseys and footballs.

“The two countries where our sleeknotes perform best are Denmark and Turkey, where we’ve collected 24,000+ new leads.”
Janni Mørch Iversen Digital & SoMe Planner

What Is Your Favorite Sleeknote Feature?

It’s hard to choose one particular feature because there are so many features.

In general, Sleeknote is very user-friendly. It’s a great feature that you’re able to see your changes right away when you design your sleeknote. This makes the whole process of designing opt-ins much easier.

What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

We use Sleeknote in a lot of countries and they all have different conversion rates, but on average the conversion rate is around 2%. The two countries where our sleeknotes perform best are Denmark and Turkey, where we’ve collected 24,000+ new leads.

What Would You Recommend, if I Were to Try Sleeknote?

Don’t wait, just get started.

We used Sleeknote before I was hired, but it was very easy for me to put my personal stamp on the SleekBoxes we already had and to create new SleekBoxes later on.

How Has the Collaboration with Sleeknote Been?

Absolutely great. Your support has a short response time and is very good at solving problems.


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