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Tell us about 3

“3” was established in October 2003. At that time, we were the first mobile operator to offer 3G services to the Danes. Thereafter, the development of the mobile network continued and in September 2012, we introduced 4G services to our customers.

Our Danish head office is located in Copenhagen at Scandiagade 8 and we have a number of 3Stores in Denmark. We employ approximately 700 employees and operate in eight countries – Denmark, England, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Macau, Sweden and Austria.


Sleeknote is a simple tool to collect leads on your website. The system is extremely flexible, and at Sleeknote the service level is high. Moreover, Sleeknote makes it easy to implement and build campaigns.

Morten Storm Lind

Ecommerce manager, 3

What is unique about 3?

One of our most unique products is 3LikeHome. 3LikeHome means that you can use your smartphone or tablet abroad under the same conditions as in Denmark.

With 3LikeHome you can surf with the amount of data, you have included in your subscription, and you can call and text all Danish numbers from your phone at no extra cost.

We also recently launched a new product called 3Deling. 3Deling subscriptions have one common pool of data, which they can use for their smartphones, tablets or computers – no matter if they are at home or on the road.

What was your goal, when you started using Sleeknote, and what do you use Sleeknote for today?

Our primary goal was to generate leads for our telemarketing department who calls potential customers.

Today, we basically use Sleeknote in three ways.

First of all, we use Sleeknote as a contact box, where the visitor can give their information if they want to receive a call from our telemarketing department.

The second thing we use Sleeknote for is to get permissions. For example, we create a competition and when our visitors participate in the competition, we ask them if they want to give us permission to call them.

Here’s an example of the competition 3 runs on their website to get permissions:

3 - slidein example

Lastly, we use Sleeknote as an exit-intent popup. When our visitors are about to leave the site, we ask them if they would like to receive a call from our telemarketing department. That has actually been very successful.

On our website, Sleeknote has been viewed +7,000,000 times. Furthermore, we have acquired +127,000 leads, which gives us a 1,8 % conversion rate.

This is an example of the exit-intent popup on 3’s website:

3 - slidein example

What is your favorite Sleeknote feature?

I know it’s not a feature, but really like the editor, which is really intuitive and easy to use. Everyone can use it. If I start creating a Sleeknote, I could easily have someone else come in and finish it without any problems. One of the features I really like, is the rule-engine where you can include or exclude specific visitor segments based on different UTM parameters and cookies.This way we don’t overexpose our visitors to our Sleeknotes. It’s a relatively small thing, but is means a lot to the overall user experience on our site.

Describe Sleeknote with one sentence

Easy and flexible lead generation tool.

What advice would you give to those considering using Sleeknote?

Just jump into it! It is so easy to get started, and the Sleeknote team is super service minded and ready to help you with the implementation if you need it. Also, you should definitely use the A/B split testing feature. Test what messages work best; whether or not you should have a specific call-to-action button on your Sleeknote; if it should be a popup or a slide-in. What works for others might not work for you, so keep testing different things to make sure you always have the best performing Sleeknotes on your site.

We have acquired a lot of sign-ups for our newsletter and we have received permissions to call all those people who have signed up.

Morten Storm Lind

Ecommerce manager, 3

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

It has been great. We have a good working relationship. For example, when we write or call Sleeknote, then we get a response quickly. Furthermore, they are very flexible and we really appreciate that.

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3 acquired +23,000 more leads after adding Sleeknotes on their website. Do you also want to generate leads for your telemarketing department and get more potential customers?

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