Convert Abandoning Visitors into Customers with Exit-Intent


Convert Abandoning Visitors into Customers with Exit-Intent


Why Use Exit-Intent?

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Convert 10-15% of your lost visitors with exit-intent

Catch abandoning visitors before they leave your site and show a custom message

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Turn abandoning shoppers into customers

Create targeted messages for abandoning shoppers and invite them to finish their purchase

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Convert website visitors into quality leads

Give every visitor a chance to join your newsletter before they leave your site

Exit-intent SleekBoxes captures your abandoning visitors the moment they are about to leave your website and invites them to finish their purchase or join your newsletter

Did you know that 98% of your visitors leave your website without doing anything?

They don’t buy anything; they don’t sign up for your newsletter—They simply don’t engage with you or your website in any way.

Even more concerning, about 75% of your visitors add items to their cart only to abandon before purchasing.

This is where the exit-intent technology comes to the rescue.

Exit-intent SleekBoxes capture abandoning visitors when they are about to leave their cart so you have a chance to invite them to complete their purchase.

With an exit-intent SleekBox, you can convert your visitors into email subscribers or customers, you can re-engage them with your site, and you can use them to collect valuable feedback.

The opportunities are endless.

The exit-intent works because you ensure that every single visitor is presented with the possibility to convert.

Exit-Intent In Action

Exit-intent is the only technology that can capture and convert abandoning website visitors.

Learn How You Can Capture Abandoning Website Visitors

Happy to see you checking out my favorite Sleeknote feature! Want to learn how you can use exit-intent and our other features specifically on your website? Book a free, personalized demo with me or one of my talented colleagues and we’ll give you a live tour of Sleeknote (including how and where you can use exit-intent on your site.)
Jens Head of Sales

What is Exit-Intent?

The exit intent technology is designed to detect the precise moment a visitor is about to leave your site, and trigger a SleekBox.

How is that possible you might think?

The technology tracks your visitors’ mouse cursor movements while they browse your site, and when your visitors move their mouse cursor to an exit option such as the address bar, a new tab, or the close button, the exit intent technology triggers a SleekBox on your visitors’ screen with a customized message.

Skyrocket Conversion Rates

Turn Abandoning Shoppers into Customers

Trigger an exit-intent box when people are about to leave their cart and give them an incentive to finish their purchase

Simple Setup

One-click Setup

In just one click, you can set your SleekBox to show on exit-intent. No complicated setup, just enable the exit-intent trigger in your SleekBox settings and you’re good to go.

Real-time analytics

Collect Valuable Feedback

Use exit-intent on pages with high bounce rates and ask visitors why they’re leaving, to improve the user experience.


Collect Email Addresses

Use the exit-intent technology to convert abandoning visitors into quality email leads for your email marketing.

Jesper Merrild
Jesper Merrild Marketing Manager, Højmark Rejser
“We use exit-intent SleekBoxes promote competitions and get permissions for our newsletter, collect leads to send of custom-made holiday offers to, and to get followers on social media.”

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Increase Product Sales

Increase average session duration with a smart exit-intent box. Try to re-engage abandoning visitors by showing them your newest products, or best-sellers.

Anders Nielsen E-Commerce Manager, Helm
“I remember the first time I heard about it and I thought it was pretty smart that when your visitors are about to leave, you get one last shot to make them stay.”

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Connect with Visitors

Get instant feedback from abandoning visitors. Learn why some pages have higher bounce rate than others.

Majbitt Lund background
Majbritt Lund Founder,
“I use an exit-intent SleekBox to offer my visitors 15-min free advice from me which has been a great success.”

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Ready to try Exit-Intent?

Exit-intent is the only technology that can capture and convert abandoning website visitors.

Now there’s only one thing left to do…

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