How Majbritt Lund Uses Sleeknote to Deliver Amazing Customer Service
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How Majbritt Lund Uses Sleeknote to Deliver Amazing Customer Service

About was established in 2007 as a one-man firm which it still is today. Majbritt offers webinars and one-to-one instructions but also have customers for whom she does all their online marketing. Her target group is everyone who needs help with communication and marketing, but especially SEO, newsletters, and business development. has around 5,000 sessions monthly, depending on the time of year.

Why Did You Choose Sleeknote?

I started using Sleeknote back when it was called Twami. People started talking about popups, and I had to try it out myself. I implemented Sleeknote on my website and have been using it ever since.

“I know there are other companies who also provides popups or slide-ins, but I know what I get with Sleeknote – Quality, service and a tool that simply works.”
Majbitt Lund background
Majbritt Lund Founder,

What Are You Using Sleeknote for Today?

1. Collecting Newsletter Subscribers

I primarily use Sleeknote to get sign-ups for my newsletters.

What’s most important is that the SleekBox is relevant to the page it appears on.

I used the same SleekBox on all my pages at the start, but now I have 7 different SleekBoxes that slide in on the most relevant sites. This means that if a visitor is reading about a SEO course on my website, a SleekBox appears and offers a free e-book about SEO. If another visitor is reading about newsletters, a SleekBox shows up and offers a webinar about newsletters and sales texts, if that’s what I’m offering at that point.

Here is an example of sleeknote from her website. The sleeknote has a conversion rate of 4,8 %.


2.  Providing Customer Service

I also use Sleeknote as a contact box, and that has actually been very successful. I use it as an exit-intent SleekBox and offer my visitors 15-min free advice from me. My visitors also have the possibility to write a question in the contact box, which shows them that they’re welcome to reach out to me without spending any money. The contact box shows reliability and openness, which is an important factor for my business and my customers.

What Is Your Favorite Sleeknote Feature?

My favorite Sleeknote feature is that it is possible to have different sleeknotes! If you customize your sleeknotes strategically to specific pages, you’re able to make your visitors do exactly what you want them to do.

What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

In general, my SleekBoxes have a conversion rate between 3 and 7%.

The best performing SleekBox on my website has a conversion rate of 6,5% and has acquired +300 leads.

What Advice Would You Give Me, If I Were to Try Sleeknote?

The first thing you should do is to spend one hour to be inspired by other great sleeknotes. Afterwards, you should book a best practice meeting with Sleeknote’s customer success team, and then you’re good to go.

Another advice is that if you have difficulties with IT and graphics, you should consider hiring a graphic designer to create your first sleeknote. You only need to do this once, because when the first sleeknote is created, it’s very easy to make changes and adjust the sleeknote, even if you’re not really into IT and graphics.

“I’ve always been helped the best way possible by your support team.”
Majbitt Lund background
Majbritt Lund Founder,


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