How Oberlo Collected 5,000+ Emails in Just 6 Days
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How Oberlo Collected 5,000+ Emails in Just 6 Days

About Oberlo helps entrepreneurs by providing access to millions of products from suppliers all around the world. The platform connects merchants with suppliers who ship products directly to consumers. This method, known as dropshipping, significantly lowers the entry barrier for entrepreneurs.

The Problem

Oberlo wanted to promote their valuable content to site visitors and collect relevant email leads. To do that, they needed a tool that offered full customization and advanced triggers that would enable them to target individual visitors with the right message. 

Oberlo didn’t have these options with their previous popup tool, but once they tested Sleeknote, they knew they had found the right tool.

Turning Visitors into Quality Email Leads

Oberlo provides access to a large number of eBooks, hubs, and online courses, and they wanted to use this content to build a relevant email list. 

One campaign offers a free eBook in exchange for an email address:

Sleekbox 1

The popup features an illustration of the eBook, which makes it possible for visitors to visualize the value of what they’re getting.

This popup triggers after visitors have been on the site for 10 seconds or if a visitor is about to leave the site. This ensures a better user experience,  as visitors get a chance to view the content of the page before getting the offer. 

By combining a timed trigger with an exit-intent trigger, Oberlo ensures that every visitor gets a chance to download the eBook before they leave the site.

With this specific campaign, Oberlo collected more than 5,000 unique leads in just 6 days.

“We put a lot of effort into our content to make it unique and useful for our visitors. By promoting this content with Sleeknote, we help visitors find new content and create a better user experience.”
Siva Sankar Email Marketing Manager

Oberlo has also excluded existing subscribers from seeing this popup, as these people have already given their email address once.

Lastly, Oberlo has excluded this popup from showing on their other eBook pages where the call-to-action is different, making sure that it only appears when it’s relevant.

From Visitor to Subscriber

Oberlo also uses Sleeknote to collect newsletter permissions on their individual eBook pages:


The popup is triggered with javascript, meaning it doesn’t show unless visitors click the “Download” button.

When visitors click the “Download” button, they don’t know they have to enter their name and email address. And yet, 96.92% of the visitors who did decided to follow-through and provide their details in exchange for the eBook.

That’s impressive, and it’s among the highest conversion rates we’ve ever seen for a campaign like this. 

The emails that Oberlo collects are segmented into different email lists based on what kind of eBook they have downloaded. By segmenting leads, Oberlo ensures that leads enter the most relevant email onboarding flow.

A/B Testing to Find the Best Performing Popup

To ensure that their campaigns are always optimized, Oberlo does a lot of A/B testing. 

They recently created an A/B test to see if a top bar without an eBook offer would outperform their slide-in with the eBook offer. 

This is the top bar:

top bar

And the slide-in:

Sleekbox 1

The results showed that the slide-in with the eBook offer performed 2000% better than the bar, underlining how important it is to offer an incentive in your popups.

Favorite Sleeknote Feature

Siva’s favorite Sleeknote feature is the teaser.

The teaser is a small bar that shows at the bottom of the screen when your popup has yet to be triggered or after it’s been closed. On mobile, the teaser will show first and the popup will only trigger if a visitor clicks to learn more.

“I strongly believe that the teaser is one of the reasons we have such a high conversion rate on our campaigns. It’s a great way to tease the content of the popup in a non-intrusive way. It just works.”
Siva Sankar Email Marketing Manager


Oberlo collects between 1,000-5,000 leads with each email popup they set live. They’ve understood how to combine intelligent triggers and conditions to target visitors at the right time with the right message and improve the customer journey.

In just one year, Oberlo has collected more than 39,500 leads for their email marketing.

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