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product recommendation popups

Make More Revenue From Each Customer

Add product recommendations to your popups and invite shoppers to spend more—on the right pages, at the right time.

Same Traffic. More Sales.

Make the most of your website visitors by showing them timely, relevant, and personalized product recommendation popups.

Integrate your favorite product recommendation engine with Sleeknote or add Shopify collections to your popups with one click.

Use case

product recommendation popup

Sell More at Checkout

You’re asking visitors to buy more at checkout, but are you giving them a reason to do so? Invite visitors to spend more to qualify for an incentive and help them find the right products they can add to their cart.

Ideal for preventing cart abandonment, the moment a visitor is about to leave. 😉

Use case

Make (Only) Relevant Recommendations

Nobody likes random, ill-timed, intrusive suggestions. Recommend products that complement what’s already in the visitor’s basket. Jackets for tops, bedding for beds.

Recreate the brick-and-mortar shopping experience with personalized popups. 🛍

Use case

Promote Your Bestsellers

Guide your new visitors towards popular items. Greet returning subscribers with top products of the day. Promote your bestsellers all year long.

Combine social proof and scarcity, to sell even more. 🚀

Use case

product recommendation popup

Welcome (and Inspire) Returning Visitors

Welcome returning customers with personalized recommendations and invite them to buy from you again. Make relevant recommendations based on the categories they’re interested in or promote your custom collections in popups.

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Integrate Your Product Feed With a Few Clicks

We teamed up with world-class product recommendation engines to help you make intelligent recommendations in your popups. Not using a third-party tool? You can add your Shopify collections to Sleeknote with one click.

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