GDPR data


Data You Collect with Sleeknote

Using Sleeknote you will be able to collect two types of data.

Submitted data:
This is the data you collect with Sleeknote, for example, name and email fields on a SleekBox. This will in many cases be personal data.

Analytics data:
This is data you passively gather using Sleeknote, you can compare it to what you would gather with a service like Google Analytics.

Below is a list of data you will be collecting with Sleeknote in regards to Analytics and what you could be collecting in the various SleekBoxes or SleekBars.

Submitted Data via Sleeknote

Using Sleeknote you can collect various personal data.
Often this will include but not be limited to:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Ip address (Note this is always collected)

Basically, Sleeknote can be used to collect whatever personal data you wish, as long as it is not sensitive personal data.

Analytics Data

Using Sleeknote you are gathering analytics data that consists of

  • Time of visit
  • Geolocation of visitor
  • Browser language
  • Pages visited
  • Website referrer
  • User agent
  • Returning visitor
  • Device

Sleeknote specific data:

  • SleekBoxes and SleekBars shown
  • SleekBoxes and SleekBars engaged (Newsletter signup or links clicked)
  • SleekBoxes and SleekBars closed
  • Links clicked
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