Picreel vs Sleeknote

Sleeknote is a simple Picreel alternative.
Keep reading and learn why you should make the switch…

Are you trying to figure out which Picreel alternative to choose?

We know that it’s can be difficult to compare the many different features and tools of Picreel and Sleeknote, so we’ve done it for you.

The following guide gives you an overview of the differences between Picreel and Sleeknote, and hopefully helps you decide.

1. No limits on customization

Are you tired of having to pay extra to be able to fully customize your opt-in forms?

Picreel only allows for full customization of your opt-in forms in their higher priced packages.

Sleeknote does not have any limits on how much you can customize your opt-in forms. No matter what pricing plan you choose, you can customize your opt-in form exactly how you want.

In our drag-n-drop editor, you can edit and customize every single element of your opt-in form just as you please. Try different colors, fonts, texts, images, sizes, triggers, timers, shapes, and much more, and see which works best on your site.

Our editor has so many different features and options for you to choose from, and it’s still one of the most user-friendly editors you’ll find.


2. Sleeknote is more affordable and includes more

Don’t let the price determine how many sites you can use your opt-in forms on. Picreel’s pricing plans include less than ours, and at a higher price.

For instance, all of our pricing plans include an unlimited amount of opt-in forms, on an unlimited amount of domains.Here’s a comparison between Picreel and Sleeknote, so you can see for yourself. Picreel:

50.000 visitors 300.000 visitors
Picreel $149 / monthly $399 / monthly
Sleeknote $69 / monthly $319 / monthly
Yearly savings $960 / yearly $960 / yearly

With Sleeknote, you also get more monthly visitors for a much lower price, along with a variety of different features and tools.

Sleeknote is a simple tool to collect leads on your website. The system is extremely flexible, and at Sleeknote the service level is high. Moreover, Sleeknote makes it easy to implement and build campaigns.

Morten Storm Lind

Ecommerce manager, 3

Today 17% of our total subscription database come from Sleeknote. Before we started using Sleeknote our subscription database grew with 1-3% per month, but after we started using Sleeknote the growth has been around 6-7%.

Jacob Fusager

Online Coordinator, JYSK

3. Advanced cookie settings

Don’t want to annoy your existing subscribers with signup forms? Now you don’t have to!

We want you to make your opt-in forms as personalized as possible.

Add your existing cookies from your website to our rule-engine and exclude your existing subscribers from signup forms. You can even show them an opt-in form specifically designed for them.

4. Better targeting with Sleeknote’s rule-engine

Your visitors are not the same, so you should treat them the same.

With our amazing rule-engine you can target your visitors based on a variety of different conditions. These conditions include: new visitors, visitors from specific UTM campaigns, visitors who have already seen your opt-in a number of times, visitors from specific referrals, visitors who have followed a specific URL path, etc.

You simply choose a condition and decide whether this visitor segment should be included or excluded from your opt-in form.

Sleeknote also has the leading exit-intent technology, far surpassing Picreel’s exit-intent.

Picreel Alternative - Rule engine

5. Advanced cookie settings

Don’t want to annoy your existing subscribers with signup forms? Now you don’t have to!

We want you to make your opt-in forms as personalized as possible.

Add your existing cookies from your website to our rule-engine and exclude your existing subscribers from signup forms. You can even show them an opt-in form specifically designed for them.

During the last 3 years we have tested a lot of different opt-in software, but after we discovered Sleeknote, there was no turning back. With Sleeknote we got a tool with endless ways to customize and with a very intuitive and user friendly interface..
Christian Harboe

Co-founder, Blacksnow

We needed a quick and effective way to capture value from all the visits we had on our website. Sleeknote did that, and more. We were really impressed by how easy it was to get started and connect to other services we use.
Steffen Hedebrandt

Head of Marketing, Airtame

6. Convert without worrying about bounce rate

When you pay to get more visitors to sign up through your website, you don’t want your bounce rate to increase.

With Picreel you might experience that your bounce rate increases when you add popups to your website.

At Sleeknote, we don’t want that to happen!

We test our opt-in forms continuously to ensure that you can use our opt-in forms without having to worry about your bounce rate.

We’ve proven over and over again that our opt-in forms have no negative effect on your bounce rate.

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7. World class customer service

When you have a problem – we fix it!

That’s how our customer success team works. There’s nothing that they can’t help you with.

Our customer success team consists of lead generation experts, and they are more than willing to share their knowledge with you.

Thus, we offer free best practice meeting for everyone. You don’t even have to be customer to book a meeting. We tell you our very best tricks and hacks to list building and we are sure that you will be much wiser, after this meeting.

7. Avoid Google Punish – Mobile optimized Sleeknotes

Picreel promises opt-in forms optimized for mobile conversion, which means that the opt-in forms you create for your website can be seen on mobile devices as well.

However, with Google’s requirements for mobile interstitials, you risk that your Picreel mobile opt-in forms get blocked.

So how do you avoid Google blocking your opt-in forms?

You switch to Sleeknote, and get a mobile editor that enables you to fully customize your mobile opt-in forms to meet Google’s requirements.

Now you no longer have to worry about blocked opt-in forms!

Picreel Alternative to Mobile Slide-in

9. Explore the many possibilities of Sleeknote

Use your opt-in forms for much more than lead generation.

The main purpose of Picreel opt-in forms is to collect emails, and Sleeknote opt-in forms are no exception. However, we also want you to be able to do much more.

In our drag-n-drop editor you can create contact forms, information boxes, etc. You can even create your opt-in form completely from scratch and decide exactly what you want it to do with our blank boxes.

If you use an opt-in form to link to one of your landing pages, you can implement our goal tracking to track how many of your visitors sign up through that landing page.

This is yet another feature that Picreel doesn’t have.

Picreel Alternative - Exit intent

Integrates with all  websites and e-commerce platforms

Sleeknote works everywhere with every CMS and e-commerce platform. All you have to do is to copy paste a simple pixel/tracking code once. When you have done this, your Sleeknote will be up and running, and you do not have to do anything else.

You can easily integrate Sleeknote with your email marketing software. We have made sure that Sleeknote can be integrated with all major email marketing software so that all of your new email subscribers automatically will be sent to your email list.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Looking for the best Picreel alternative? Look no more. Because we love testing so much, you should have the possibility to test us out before you make your final decision.

Start your 7 days free trial today, and see how easy it is to create unique and effective opt-in forms.

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