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Sleeknote: The Best Gleam Alternative

Sleeknote is an award-winning, all-in-one lead generation software that helps online retailers capture more emails—without hurting the user experience. Keep reading to learn why your favorite e-commerce brands are switching to Sleeknote (and why you should, too)…

Get Help from Our World-Class Customer Support

Customer support goes beyond replying to an email. We always go the extra mile for our customers, regardless of the plan they’re on. Having helped more than a thousand online retailers, our conversion specialists are available to help you with any query you might have.

A/B Split Test Your Campaigns (Regardless of Plan)

Not only do we give you unlimited sites and forms, we offer A/B split testing for customers on all plans. Create and A/B split test different headlines, images, copy, and more, to discover the best-performing messages that improve your conversions.

Customize to Your Preference (Without a Developer)

We don’t believe in billing by how many sites you have. Nor by the number of conversions you’re getting. We reward growth; not punish it. Create as many lead capture forms on as many sites as you want—without breaking your marketing budget.


Guide Site Visitors and Increase Product Sales

There’s more to growing an audience than list building. That’s why we offer all customers on all plans not one, not two, but four products to engage their visitors:

Collect More Emails to capture and convert visitors—without hurting the user experience.

Guide Your Visitors to help you nudge shoppers to better buying decisions.

Increase Product Sales to recommend users relevant offers, giving you more control of the buyer’s journey.

Connect with Visitors to help you get the information you need to close bigger deals.


Optimize Your Campaigns on Autopilot

Use our signature technology, Smart Triggers, to optimize your top-performing campaigns without lifting a figure. Based on 10+ billion page sessions, Smart Triggers continuously split tests your lead forms and optimizes the right trigger for the right messages on your site.

Create Unlimited Lead Forms on Unlimited Sites

Unlike other companies that increase your billing the more sites you use, Sleeknote doesn’t charge by the number of sites or forms. Create as many lead capture forms on as many sites as you want—without paying extra. We don’t punish growth; we reward it.

Happy Customers

“We needed a tool to help us increase the size of our email list and gave Sleeknote a try. Now we have 35,000+ subscribers and approximately 60% of them have signed up through Sleeknote.”

Pernille Bager Ganderup
Ecommerce Manager, Livingshop.dk

Target The Right Users at The Right Time

Lead generation isn’t about getting more email addresses. It’s about getting the right email addresses. Leads that are highly-qualified and ready to buy from you. Use our Advanced Rule Engine to close potential buyers and resell return customers.

Grow Your Business—Without Violating Google’s Interstitials Policy

On 2016, Google announced they were cracking down on “intrusive interstitials,” otherwise known as “popups”. So, we rebuilt our mobile editor from the ground up to ensure it was compliant with Google’s new guidelines.

You can now use Sleeknote to show mobile visitors a “teaser,” first, inviting them to read more about your offer before showing them your lead form. Sleeknote’s signature mobile editor makes it easy to convert visitors into subscribers—without hurting the user experience.

OptinMonster Alternative to Mobile Slide-in

Ready to Try Sleeknote?

Sleeknote is the user-friendly alternative to Picreel, OptinMonster, OptiMonk, MailMunch, Gleam, Unbounce, Bounce Exchange, WisepopsSumo, Spotler, GetSiteControl, HubSpot, Hello Bar, Privy, JustUno and Thrive Leads.

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