How Blacksnow Increased Their Conversions by Adding Scarcity to Their SleekBoxes

About Blacksnow

Blacksnow is a Danish e-commerce company founded in 2011 by Christian Harboe, Lasse Kjær, and Martin Schøber. It is focused on selling ski and snowboard equipment to a niche segment of the market.



Online shopping, Ski, Mountain Bikes, Snowboard


Valby, Denmark

Staff members

2 – 10

What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

Blacksnow had a problem with getting new subscribers. They tested a lot of different tools but Sleeknote gave them the best results.

Why Did You Choose Sleeknote?

We always strive to test and implement the newest software that can take our company to the next level.

Newsletter marketing is one our most important marketing-channels to our company. It is easy to reach out to our customers and it creates a lot of brand awareness. The first years we had a problem getting new subscribers. We tried a lot of different tools but didn’t really find the best way to build up a large list.

We have tested a lot of different opt-in software, but after we found Sleeknote there was no turning back. With Sleeknote we got a tool with endless ways to customize and with a very intuitive and user friendly interface. You can create a SleekBox within minutes and start to build your email list – the only thing you need is visitors on your website.

What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

We have tested almost every feature in Sleeknote, and we have now found a golden way to collect a lot of emails. What worked best for us, was to create a “offensive” pop-up in a dark and catchy design with an attractive product (a core product), to catch the customers’ eye – and in the end add the relevant customers to our newsletter list.

When choosing an open giftcard we experience a higher conversion rate, but a lower quality in leads. Therefore we have chosen a strategy that gives us fewer leads but a much higher quality in leads. One of our most important parameters in Sleeknote is the conversion rate. We use the conversion rate to evaluate the effect of the campaign.

MailChimp Automation

In Mailchimp it’s possible to create an automated flow, which means when new subscribers sign-up to your newsletter, they will receive a flow of emails with different time-delays.

Our newsletter automation flow is primary based on lasts year’s best performing newsletters.

We always start with a welcome email: “YES, you are in the competition”, this email is often the email with the highest opening rate. In this email we show the product they can win and some additional information about the product. Our target with the first mail is to soften the new subscriber to the list and to promote the product from the competition.

After the first email we follow up with 4-6 emails with a 5-7 days interval.

With Sleeknote and the automatic flow in Mailchimp, we have found the way to a strong and low-effort marketing channel. We use a lot of effort to create the ultimate flow in Mailchimp in the start, but afterwards it takes no effort and it’s our Ultimate Sales Machine.

“We have tested a lot of different opt-in software, but after we discovered Sleeknote, there was no turning back. With Sleeknote we get a tool with endless ways to customize and with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.”

Christian Harboe Co-Founder

How Has the Collaboration with Sleeknote Been?

It has been absolutely great. The customer service is great and we have a feeling of importance, because they always welcome whatever feedback we might have. They are always willing to implement new features and strive to offer the best product on the market.

Blacksnow Sleekboxes
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